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  1. The new event is very cute! I love collecting and sending out flowers to everyone. Haven't picked up one of the new eggs yet because I'd like to get one with an especially nice code but I'm sure I'll find a good one soon. Thanks to everyone who helped with this event!
  2. I don't think you need to worry about potential reverse engineering because TJ has straight up said that some pairs were less compatible than others. Unfortunately I can't remember what thread he said that in and I think it was a while ago, but what you said is a good summary of the issue.
  3. I just had my vampires give 8 eggs a go and got: 5 kills, 2 successful turns, and 1 repulse. Maybe that's a little high on the kill side, but I still feel like those are fairly reasonable results. 8 is a pretty small sample size though so I don't think I can really draw any conclusions about the behavior of all vampires based only on my results. I've definitely had periods where I get very lucky and periods where they kill every egg.
  4. Forgot that I still had these guys around, but they might be useful for someone here: 3rd gen Golden Wyvern hatchling from Spriters Alt: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3rd gen Harvest hatchling from Spriters Alt: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I thought that the HMs and picking your own code were the most exciting parts of the old raffle and I was very sad that neither of them were carried over into the new system. I would have picked one of the hybrids or a CB alt over a prize if I had the opportunity and I spent a decent amount of time thinking about what my ideal codes would be. It would be cool if there was a special raffle or something that would be for HMs, maybe around DC's birthday.
  6. I'm pretty sure they will like each other again next holiday because that has also happened to me before. I can't remember exactly which pair though, and it happened a while ago, but I'm pretty sure that I was able to breed them during the holiday even though they had refused before.
  7. @cerimonster @The Dragoness I saw that you guys also offered on the SA egg, so I bred a couple more eggs: one and two. Ping me if either one of these would work for you guys!
  8. Anybody need a 3rd gen from spriters alts? Just offer a dummy egg and I'll send it over. (Going to bed soon though so there may be a delay.) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Taken!
  9. What a beautiful sprite! I love the flowing pose!
  10. Looking for 3rd gen Yulebuck from checker with winter unrelated to this, this, and this. Will trade 2nd gen Gold Tinsel from your choice of mate in exchange! Found, thanks!
  11. I love this Holly's lineage! I like the way the two halves match up but aren't quite the same. Thanks @Robot Chimera
  12. Turns out that headspace is "Wow I forgot how bad I am at puzzles!" I thought the easy was pretty easy so I went to hard. It's HARD. Need some hint coins up in here.
  13. I like the puzzle game! I put on some Professor Layton music to get myself in the right headspace, lol.
  14. Yay! Egg looks great! Maybe a St. Lucia day (or whatever it is called?) dragon?
  15. Have: CB Gold Tinsel ready to breed -CB Mistletoe or CB Solstice or CB Snow Angel (tricolor) available as mates Want: 2nd gen from Spriter's Alt (if you'd rather have a Tinsel egg/non-holiday mate, that can also be arranged)
  16. The Holiday biome sure is very competitive! I bet it will feel great when I finally manage to grab something. I've been finding some neat stuff in the AP though so I can't be too upset.
  17. Sunfeathers

    Dead Hatchi Gender

    That used to happen frequently with zombie hatchlings until TJ changed it. If they had enough views they would eventually gender, so I'm guessing the same thing happened to your hatchling.
  18. Have: 2nd gen Aegis from Enraged Aegis x Caligene Want: Bloodswap. Other offers will be considered but a bloodswap is top priority. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Just want to confirm that EATW is still getting insane views. I put some messy lined holiday eggs (that I didn't mind losing) in about 10 minutes ago and they have over 1,000UVs. If you want your eggs not to die, don't put them in. On the other hand, great opportunity for ND makers.
  20. I am someone that has previously frozen CB Holiday hatchies (and sometimes still do) and I wouldn't support changing the CB limit to not include hatchlings. I'd be fine with some sort of unfreeze option if people really wanted their original 2 CB adults but it's not something I'd be likely to use myself. It's understandable that people are attached to their old CB hatchlings, but I don't think that it's a problem that DC itself needs to fix.
  21. I'm excited that old holidays are coming back but I feel like the Holiday biome is going to be clogged up with newer holidays that no one can pick up for most of the time. Still, I am hopeful that I will be able to pick up a couple Yulebucks and maybe even a Holly.
  22. I Want to Sign Up! Forum name: Sunfeathers Scroll name: Sunfeathers Wishlist: 1. 2nd gen Thuwed/Spriters Alt, Any 2nd gen Prizekin from m. Gold Tinsel, CB Silver 2. CB Copper, 3rd gen Spriter Alt offspring (ideally with an arrowhead pattern like this with the alts on the inside, but I would happily take anything!), 2nd gen Silver from Shadow Walker, f. Hellfire, or Sweetling, 2nd gen gold from Caligene, Soulstone, f. Blusang, or f. Teimarr, or really any 2nd gen metal from any paring that looks nice 3. CB Blusang, CB Aeon, CB Chrono Xenowyrm, CB Almandine Pyralspite, Dino 4. CB Gold Wyvern or GW from grey or stripe (would also be happy with Stripe offspring), CB Red Firegems or Blue or Hellfire offspring from m. Red gem x f. Hellfire(like this), CB Tan Ridgewing 5. CB Lunar Herald or a Blue 3rd gen to match this, Magma from Magma x Magi genders don't matter (must not be related to any of these) 6. Thunder or NEW pink from m. Thunder x OLD pink/aria, 3rd gen grey from m. Marrow x f. Grey, 3rd gen Ember from Marrow x Ember both pairings fine, any gen of hellfire from m. Marrow x f. Hellfire 7. CB Kingcrowne, CB Sun (would love sunrise hatchlings because they are a bit of a hassle in my timezone), CB Sunsong, Any cool even gen lineage, In general I prefer even gens but I'd be happy to take any lineage with an interesting pattern. Breeding abilities: Can breed 2nd gen Prize, 3rd gen Spriters Alt lines, 3rd gen Thuwed checker Catching abilities: Not great at catching. Can get things like Trios/Coppers/Xenos but my luck varies. Trading abilities: I have a CB prize so I can trade for most things. Teleport abilities: I've got lots of Magi.
  23. I didn't personally use this feature, but I liked that it was around. If I wasn't attached to the avatar that I already have, I would definitely have used it.
  24. 3rd gen Purple Thuwed looking for a good home: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  25. I've had a couple of really surprising and delighting finds this year: First I found a SW grandchild of a pair that I bred last year (Silvery Shadows x Kezed). I love recognizing my dragons in a larger lineage like that. Thanks @Laura-Lana ! Then just now I found a perfect match for a Marrow pairing I bred with kind of a weird pattern, not originally intending to continue the line. My jaw dropped when I checked the lineage on this one. Thanks to whoever bred it, it's perfect!