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  1. Got 4 extra shiny poipole codes + 1 zerora code. Please use them/share with friends!
  2. I've been holding my breath for days waiting for this Marrow to gender because I pulled his egg out of the extreme ER wall. Thankfully he's a boy because I already have a perfect mate for him. This Shadow Walker was another lucky gendering and I really like his lineage.
  3. Oh these guys are very fun! Love the color scheme and how it looks like they have witch hats!
  4. I really dig the egg hatching sequence on these guys. The color scheme reminds me of the Goosebumps books. Can't wait to see the adults!
  5. Has anyone had a successful kill withing 24 hours of a dodge? I think TJ said he was going to shorten the dodging period and I'm trying to decide if I should keep trying with my first set of zombie candidates or just move on to backups.
  6. I got 1/5 for adults (will try more later when my kill slots come back) and 4/18 for hatchies. Would have liked to have had better odds for the adults but oh well I guess.
  7. I don't mind small updates, like many of the ones that olympe listed, but I am strongly opposed to updates that significantly alter the "feel" of a dragon. The Val 09 update was a heart breaker for me. Comparing the two sprites, the new one doesn't look like it is about to fall over and has more realistic anatomy in general. However, I liked the old wings (even though they were kind of a mess) and pose much better. The new sprite fits the cave better but I would take the old one back in a heartbeat if I could. As I said, minor updates don't bother me, but it feels like a lot of people are suggesting updates that are closer to what happened to the Vals than to the Purples. I understand what people mean when they say that some old sprites are outdated, but I just can't see it as a problem. Sure many older breeds have anatomy/shading that wouldn't be acceptable today, but people collected them and enjoy them the way they are. And yeah, I don't like every older breed, and maybe I would like some better if they had an update, but I also don't like every newer breed. If you don't like a breed, you don't have to collect it, whether it's old or new. There are fans of every breed, even the old, anatomically incorrect ones.
  8. I don't like Dorsals all that much, so I personally would be unlikely to be very bothered by an update. However, I really like some of the older sprites, and I completely understand why people wouldn't want a change. I love the Guardian sprite and also appreciate the freakiness of the Albinos, and I'd be very sad to see either updated. Some of the updates we've had have been fairly minor (like Whiptails, f. Purple, and arguably the Hollies), but several other updates have changed the poses/colors of sprites in more major ways (GOLDS especially, but even things like Silvers). I know that technically the new updates are "better", but they come at the cost of old sprites that I am already attached to and have built lineages with. It's absolutely possible that the criteria used in Dragon Requests is too strict/frustrating for artists, but as a collector and lineage breeder I don't see why that should have any impact on the sprites that I have already collected. I have 84 Guardians (and there are people who have MANY more than me) because I like their sprite, and I straight up do not care if it wouldn't meet today's release standards. Dorsals aren't really my cup of tea, and I'd honestly probably prefer an updated version, but I wouldn't want to ruin what could be someone else's favorite. If the original artist wants to update their art, that's one thing, but I am not in favor of updates just for the sake of consistency or whatever.
  9. Great release, I love both breeds! I'd seen the Pipios in DR, but the Aethers are new to me (and even better than I was expecting).
  10. I'd be in favor of this. I also like the suggestion of shards as a consolation raffle prize for people who didn't win. Maybe increasing amounts (up to 100 or something?) for every month you don't win.
  11. Free Xenos: 2nd gen Astrapi from bolt 2nd gen Pyro from Desipis 3rd gen Pyro from Desipis all gone
  12. Nice, new release! I'm also very happy to see pagination on the trading hub! I like to browse through occasionally and this will make that a lot easier.
  13. I've only used the trading hub for when I wanted to make quick and simple trades so it has worked out well for me. However, after reading this thread, I've realized that a lot of stuff that I thought was fine is actually bannable. I get that putting song lyrics isn't acceptable, but I wouldn't have thought that putting your forum username for PMs would be a problem, especially as it is apparently fine to have a dragon on your scroll named "My Forum Name is X". I also see no problem with things like asking for offers from newbies only. Also the fact that we are allowed to put "haves" in the wants box makes it seem like the rules are less strict than I guess they actually are. The current description of the rules (and the allowance of "haves") give the impression to me of a very loosely regulated market, which is consistent with things like the previous Holiday events where we could send pretty much whatever we wanted in our cards. If there are actual rules that are being enforced then they definitely need to be spelled out much more specifically, because that's not the message that I got from "Enter a message to help others understand what types of offers you are looking for."
  14. Maybe it's based on the number of hours? Like Blues can only hatch if its even (like 4d or 3d 22hr) and Greens hatch if it's odd (3d 23hr) or something. No idea where Purple would fit in though.
  15. The new sprites are cool. I really like the bright colors on the Pyrovars, and I think the Truffles could go great in a lineage with Witchlights and Alt Blacks.
  16. I use rainbow sort for my scroll and for some reason all of my purple florets stay at the top of my scroll with the eggs and hatchlings. The gold ones sort themselves just fine, possibly they are coded to sort and the purples were accidentally left out or something? It's not a huge issue but I wanted to mention it because it's been around ever since the release of the florets.
  17. I'd also like an anniversary badge more than a birthday dragon. I know we already have the join date up in the stats section but a little badge could be fun too. My birthday is right at the beginning of the Halloween breeding period so I would be miffed if I had to save a spot for that while people with birthdays in more empty parts of the year never had to deal with that hassle. If the dragon just appeared already grown like the Sinomorphs I'd be okay but I think I'd still prefer a badge. angelicdragonpuppy's idea for a kind of special spot is also fine but seems more complicated than the ideas that TJ normally goes for, so I'm not sure something like that would ever be implemented.
  18. Very excited to see the adults on these guys! Also, on the sprite change: I think that the spriters who did these revamps did a very good job and clearly made an effort to keep the new sprites similar to the old ones. Overall, I just don't like sprite replacements, so there isn't much more that they could have done to make me happy. I think once I get used to the new sprites I will like them.
  19. I'd like it if the notification page displayed recent notifications, maybe grayed out or something. I've had it happen to me a couple times already where the bell says I have notifications but when I click it it says I don't have any new notifications. I'm guessing it was trade offers that I had already dealt with, but I'd appreciate being able to see a brief history on the notifications page just to make sure.
  20. The view v. lineage link thing was what I came here to suggest so I'm glad someone else agrees! I'd also like a better way to browse all trades, or to be able to select multiple things to look for at one time. Overall I think this is already a really good feature, and I'm especially happy with the freedom of having a text box.
  21. Cool new eggs! I think I know what the speckled one might be but we'll see what hatches I guess.
  22. Thanks you, sure enough they came back when I turned adblock off.
  23. Are Guardians of Nature not showing up in lineages for anyone else or is it just me? Wondering if it's an adblock type issue on my end or if it is a wider problem.
  24. Lovely new dragons! Hard to put it into words but I think the pose and anatomy on these guys are very nice.