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  1. Is there a list anywhere of all the dragons that have gotten sprite changes over the years? The new sprite replacements got me thinking about building a lineage exclusively of dragons that have had their sprites replaced at some point and it would be handy to have a full list.
  2. I remember the blazebacks from way back when, and I'm glad to finally see them in cave! The hydros are excellent also!
  3. Got an all caps Z code Plated Colussus prizefail looking for a new home (free): Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Sunfeathers

    Z Project

    Got an all caps Z code Plated Colussus prizefail looking for a new home (free): Claim my eggs/hatchlings! I also have a Z code new heavy striped egg that I'd be happy to swap for one without a Z code Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. 2nd gen diamondwing from gold tinsel looking for new home: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. I'm usually pretty strongly against sprite updates but I think these were well done and fairly minimally disruptive. The only new sprite that I am a little iffy on is the Thunder, but even then I can tell that the new sprite is better made. My issue is that the horns are kind of messy/confusing but looking at the old sprite it seems like that's always been a problem. I think the gap between the neck and the body on the new sprite (that didn't exist in the old sprite) draws attention to that area and that might be why I am noticing the horns more now. I'm also a little sad about losing the top ramen looking lightning of the old sprites but I admit that the new sprite is overall more realistic and I do like the blue lighting.
  7. I'm pretty thrilled with this release overall. I'll probably become frustrated by the color mechanics of the bsa sensitive species if I ever decide I want to breed them, but for now I think it's pretty exciting. I'm also very hyped about the Guardian hybrid! Guardians are one of my favorite species and I think it's great that they are getting a hybrid. Can't wait to see the adults for both of these!
  8. Having fun with the cookie decorating, and I can't wait to see the new dragon! I'm assuming that the candies from last year carried over because I started with ~1600, not that it is improving my cookie art skills at all. I'm kind of enjoying how everything comes out kind of messy, I feel like it's a more realistic experience.
  9. Have: 2nd gen Snow Angel from Gold Tinsel and Tri-Wing Want: Bloodswap (must be from same color snow angel also) or a Garland from Gold Tinsel. The Garland can be 2nd or 3rd gen, but must be unrelated to this Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. Sunfeathers

    Z Project

    2nd gen z-code Kohraki from Gold Tinsel looking for a new home 😄 : Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. I have a CB male Gold Tinsel and I would be happy to breed him to a CB Halloween mate if anyone needs that. I'll probably breed all my Halloweens in a couple days so offer is good until then. Edit: Tentatively claimed
  12. Wow what a great release! I totally forgot about the anniversary so I'm glad I happened to log on by chance and grab some of these guys. All of the adults are amazing, great job artists!
  13. No eggs this hour I guess? It seems like there are a lot less eggs this year overall. Usually by this point in time there are eggs just sitting around, which is good because I like to pick out a few with nice codes. May not end up getting to do that this year.
  14. I'm guessing that these guys aren't supposed to be invisible? Pretty funny either way though. I've really enjoyed this year's event and I'm hoping we get some great dragons too!
  15. Have: Male CB Gold Tin available to breed to any female Halloween (also open to breed him after the holiday if you'd prefer) Want: 2nd gen Arcana from Male Gold Tin x Female Arcana. I'll be breeding him to a zombie fodder dragon on the 29th if I haven't gotten an offer by then.
  16. Sunfeathers

    Z Project

    Z code rift wyrm from gold tin looking for a new home Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Sunfeathers

    Z Project

    Z coded water prizekin up for grabs Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. Really liking all the new breeds, they are all excellent! I think the Kovos is my favorite, which was a surprise because pygmys aren't usually the type I gravitate towards. Their sprite is just great, and it suits their description. They really do look like (very cool) little demons and I like them a lot!
  19. Sunfeathers

    Z Project

    Got a Z coded Sapphire from Gold Tinsel that I think would fit right in with this project. Feel free to grab it if you want it! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. I'm excited for the new games, but I also really love this period before we know the final evos of the starters so everyone is drawing what they think they will end up looking like. I'm not going to make any predictions but I think I like the rabbit best so far. Also if we don't get some fake leaks and drama about them I will be disappointed. Actually probably the funniest possible scenario is what happened with the unova starters where the actual evos were leaked but people thought they were fake for a while and were talking about how that was good because they hated them but then surprise! Real emboar, lol. Given the title art it looks like we are for sure getting some kind of wolf, which is fun since there is a surprisingly low level of wolves so far. I've seen some people say that they think we might also get a corgi pokemon, which would be excellent. Hopefully we get a lot this time! I liked most of the alola pokemon, so I have high hopes, but I was disappointed by how few there were. I'd also like to see some evos for older pokemon like dunsparce or maybe a steel evo for eeevee.
  21. This year's adults are very pretty! I like the patterns on the wings. They look like they will go nicely with sunsongs, and I can't wait to see what else they will look good with.
  22. I'm absolutely cracking up at this year's event, thank you to everyone who worked on it! I haven't gotten very far yet but I can already tell that it is a blast!
  23. I wasn't going to keep any eggs from this pairing but I thought Alian was too good of a code for a sweetling from nebulas to get rid of.
  24. I don't think that I would use a hatchling incubate very often, but it would be nice to have as an option. No stacking with egg incubate is totally fine by me. I'm lazy/not super active so it's pretty common for me not to incubate, and having the chance to take a day off at hatchling stage would be handy if I decided I did want to speed things up after all. I could also see it being handy for breeds like Suns and Siyats that you might want to avoid incubating in order to hatch the variety you are going for.
  25. Got another prizekin (GW from Gold tin) available to anyone that needs one for their giftee. Just offer a dummy egg: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!