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  1. Cantelli-- Write That Description!


    Here's Audentia Mango's:

    Many dragons think of Audentia Mango as a arrogant know-it-all, but he insists it's not true. He says he is merely classy, and if he happens to come off as a know-it-all, it's because he is. Occasionally, he makes an effort to socialize with his "mentally inferior" cavemates, but it normally ends badly, as he simply cannot resist the temptation to show how smart he is. Many dragons wonder how his mate, Wetfrills puts up with him. However, the secret to their relationship, is the simple fact that Wetfrills is hard of hearing and just nods along happily to her mate's long lectures.

  2. I always spazz-click chickens when I see them in the cave, then usually release them a few hours later. I've mostly broken my cheese clicking habit, but it still flares up occasionally.


    In the AP, I am unable to resist goldfish, blunas, suns, seasonals, blacks, and vines. Oh, and, of course, hellfires, but I'm breeding them, so at least I have a reason for that.