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  1. Cantelli-- Write That Description! Here's Audentia Mango's:
  2. I always spazz-click chickens when I see them in the cave, then usually release them a few hours later. I've mostly broken my cheese clicking habit, but it still flares up occasionally. In the AP, I am unable to resist goldfish, blunas, suns, seasonals, blacks, and vines. Oh, and, of course, hellfires, but I'm breeding them, so at least I have a reason for that.
  3. Wow! I'm really impressed by the adults, great job spriters! I think my favorite would be the brown ridgewings, but I love them all.
  4. I caught my first BBW in this drop, so I'm happy. I'll catch the new eggs later. Also, did I miss the announcement about the Nocturnes, because my females all have pretty new sprites?
  5. There's no dragons with my username, but there is a female split with my real name. She even has a nice description, too.