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  1. No eggs this hour I guess? It seems like there are a lot less eggs this year overall. Usually by this point in time there are eggs just sitting around, which is good because I like to pick out a few with nice codes. May not end up getting to do that this year.

  2. Have:

    Male CB Gold Tin available to breed to any female Halloween (also open to breed him after the holiday if you'd prefer)



    2nd gen Arcana from Male Gold Tin x Female Arcana.


    I'll be breeding him to a zombie fodder dragon on the 29th if I haven't gotten an offer by then.

  3. Really liking all the new breeds, they are all excellent! I think the Kovos is my favorite, which was a surprise because pygmys aren't usually the type I gravitate towards. Their sprite is just great, and it suits their description. They really do look like (very cool) little demons and I like them a lot!

  4. I'm excited for the new games, but I also really love this period before we know the final evos of the starters so everyone is drawing what they think they will end up looking like. I'm not going to make any predictions but I think I like the rabbit best so far. Also if we don't get some fake leaks and drama about them I will be disappointed. Actually probably the funniest possible scenario is what happened with the unova starters where the actual evos were leaked but people thought they were fake for a while and were talking about how that was good because they hated them but then surprise! Real emboar, lol.


    Given the title art it looks like we are for sure getting some kind of wolf, which is fun since there is a surprisingly low level of wolves so far. I've seen some people say that they think we might also get a corgi pokemon, which would be excellent. Hopefully we get a lot this time! I liked most of the alola pokemon, so I have high hopes, but I was disappointed by how few there were. I'd also like to see some evos for older pokemon like dunsparce or maybe a steel evo for eeevee.

  5. I don't think that I would use a hatchling incubate very often, but it would be nice to have as an option. No stacking with egg incubate is totally fine by me. I'm lazy/not super active so it's pretty common for me not to incubate, and having the chance to take a day off at hatchling stage would be handy if I decided I did want to speed things up after all. I could also see it being handy for breeds like Suns and Siyats that you might want to avoid incubating in order to hatch the variety you are going for.

  6. Could we please get the option to not have text smilies autotransform at all? I do like the emoji smilies better than the default forum ones but it still feels incredibly patronizing to have my "c:" turn into 😄. I know what I'm doing and if I wanted a picture I would have put one, thank you very much. The new forum software really thinks it knows best in general, and personally I think the smilies are the most annoying example.

  7. The new dragons are absolutely lovely! The hatchlings had me thinking that they would have a lute or something at the end of their tails, but I really like the tail fluff instead. I always love long tailed dragons!


    The event is very fun also and it is clear that a ton of work went into it. Thanks to everyone who contributed! I am very slowly spelling out my username but I have been busy with the holidays so I'm not done yet. I'm also very impressed by some of the forts that other people have posted in this thread.

  8. I get what you are saying but I use my vamps to kill, or at least I don't give them any eggs that I am not okay with dying. If I get the wrong egg from pairs that are especially special to me, or if I do some kind of embarrassing misbreed, or if I have an egg from a zombie fail parent, I give the egg to my vampires in order to make sure the bloodline does not continue. And yeah I want them to bite gently, but for me the main point is that the egg won't grow up into a normal dragon and if they weren't around to do the job I probably would kill at least some of the eggs myself.


    Also people definitely used EQ as a mass kill type action to clear the AP, so I think it's reasonable that it does count too. However, if the 24hr slot block stayed, I think it would be fine to remove the penalty on the kill action. EQ has basically been useless ever since the 24hr slot lock was applied to it so I think it's fine to make it suck slightly less by pretty much whatever means necessary. I'm less sold on vampire bites, but it wouldn't negatively affect me so whatever I guess.


    I'd be more enthusiastic about a separation of kill slots based on age (egg/dragon/hatchling) or more kill slots based on trophy level. I do agree that it's weird that vampire kills stop you from killing an adult, but for me it comes from the fact that it's weird that killing an egg is the same action as killing an adult. Also I feel like I should be more competent at killing dragons by now and have more kill slots, in the same way that I am more competent at raising dragons and I have more eggslots.

  9. On 12/19/2018 at 10:22 AM, purplehaze said:

    No, it just gltiches for some unknown reason occasionally. I have 3121. The extra 21 came a couple of weeks ago and I didn't do anything unusual that week.

    Wait, what's the actual non-glitch max for this week? I'm at 3200 and I thought that was normal but maybe not?

  10. On 12/10/2018 at 6:08 AM, Din85 said:

    Just one Little Thing,


    Just read it in a few threads. There are no refusals for breeding with Hollidays during their Holidays, is that right?


    So I wouldn't need to spare my fertilize BSAs^^


    This is true, but I'd still fertilize any first time pairs that you want to breed outside of the holiday. I'm pretty sure this topic was discussed in previous years and the theory was that holidays will never show a refusal during their season, but they can basically have a hidden "refusal" that you will only see if you try to breed them later. Using fertility on new pairs during the holiday season doesn't have any visible effects but it prevents hidden refusals. If you use fertility after the holiday season, you won't be able to change refusal odds, because the dragons have already refused (or not) but you couldn't tell because of the holiday. (I think this is what happened with @missy_'s pair.) Basically schrodinger's refusal when it comes to breeding during holiday time.


    Of course this is only true if the theory is correct, and I don't know that it is. It is just something that has come up before and I think it seems plausible.

  11. I'm a big fan of Thai food in general. My favorites are any kind of stir fry with a nice fishy savory soy sauce, with or without noodles. Anything with peanut sauce is also a big hit with me! Having a good sauce really makes the meal for me and I'm almost always satisfied with Thai food. I haven't tried as many curries because I am a bit of a spice wimp and I am afraid to risk it. However I've made this recipe a few times at home, with a bit less spice than it calls for, and it's turned out very tasty. It's almost even better as leftovers too.