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  1. Yeah, I've been getting a lot of lag...and I'm still wondering how people are posting pictures of their candy. Also, does anyone know how much candy there is? Because I saw someone say they had 88 or something. O.o
  2. Different pumpkin baskets? That's something new.
  3. dolphin79

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    On the drop day, I got 2 nebulas, 1 fellfire, and 1 sunsong. The nebulas are just so pretty!
  4. dolphin79

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    As for me.... Nebulas are my favorite. But the other sprites are pretty epic-looking too though.
  5. dolphin79

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I second that, I was hoping for a long time for the Nebulas to be released. I didn't help with the sprite or anything but I saw it in the completed dragons list both sprites are really awesome! Though I like the male better because of the coloration.
  6. AP White with YulexWhite parents CB purple AP Water (old) AP Magi
  7. my first rare was the first egg i caught, a white egg w/ yulexwhite parents. *looks fondly at Soulflight*
  8. How about after the hatchling has hatched you have an option to piece back the egg?
  9. I recently registered too. Click plz? Squiby Scroll