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  1. If my commons wouldn't refuse when I bred them, that would be great.
  2. I caught an egg with the code "Cops" in it.
  3. Have: CB moonstone with code ATAXI (all caps, A TAXI) Want: I'd really like a 2nd gen tinsel from a CB guardian X CB tinsel (don't care about the color) Offers (I do make use of "decline" so if it hasn't been declined I am 1. considering it or 2. haven't seen the offer yet) Make an offer on my egg! Have: CB Morphodrake with code T00LU (tool you?) Want: Offers Make an offer on my egg! Also, I don't know if people still collect "TJ" coded eggs but here are a couple of free CBs. Claim my egg! Claim my egg!
  4. Seeing as I have a female neglected, I will not participate this time and let others have a slightly higher chance of getting the baby. Great to see you back. Hope you had a good break, Feesh!
  5. Have: CB nocturne with "pie" (6zPiE) Want: CB guardian Make an offer on my egg! Have: CB royal crimson with "Ben" (9rbEN) Want: CB guardian Make an offer on my egg!
  6. Have: bright-breasted wyvern hatchie with code (7UPU1) 7Up You One Want: 2nd gen guardian or tinsel from CB guardian X CB tinsel or offers (I want to do something like this but with tinsels instead) Make an offer on my hatchling!
  7. 'Tis beautiful! I like the random yellow undines in there. It's like watching a recessive trait pop up. I hope everyone had good holiday breeding. Mine went pretty well considering that I didn't realize until the first day of that one of my intended mates was the wrong gender. So disappointed that I'm going to have to wait until next Christmas to get the next gen (oh well, that's life). And, since I had more egg slots than expected, a new project idea hit me. Why don't I make an aegis X guardian checker with alternating pacified and enraged aegises? So, yeah, that's a thing now. Anyone want to breed me a guardian or two as mates for these two dragons? I also wouldn't mind the same but with garlands (misgendered mates messed up these plans). 4th gen guardian checkers I'm happy with: Mistletoe Whatitscalled (escapes me right now ) Snow angel (white-winged) Mistletoe with SA Anyone else doing a holly X guardian checker? I've got a 3rd gen and would love a swap. I think 4th gens are my goal now. Because, apparently, one can never have too many projects.
  8. Guardian X shimmer checker with all the sprites Guardian Please name. Even if it is a really goofy name.
  9. Good hatchie for freezing (long lineages or messy) Holly Snow Angel
  10. This 4th gen checker ribbon dancer hatchie (guardian X ribbon dancer with a spriter alt) is looking for a home.
  11. I just realized that I influenced a dragon incorrectly earlier this year and now I can't breed a 3rd gen garland from a guardian X garland checker this year (unless I get really lucky and catch one in the AP or get one in trade).
  12. Looked at my stats today and realized that I've been on the forums ten years as of yesterday!
  13. Ytak


    Mine are kind of a greyish-green color. Sometimes look kind of blue when I wear certain colors. Up close, I have some gold flecks, not nearly enough to make my eyes hazel, however.
  14. I've had a number of gerbils (and I can tell you I had adventures catching them when they got out of their habitat somehow!). My last pet was a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach I named Cuca (short for la cucaracha). She was a good hisser and I had her for a couple of years. My mom liked to call her the most spoiled cockroach. I was generous with fresh fruit and veggies. I'm petless right now and probably will be for some time. I have other obligations and calls for my attention right now and I don't have the energy to devote to a pet.
  15. I feel like I need to start caroling now. Holly dragons deck the halls Fa la la la la la la la la! Also, your headbanging holly is entertaining.
  16. Have: 3 CB of the "sand dune" egg Egg 1 Egg 2 Egg 3 Want: The other new egg, "vibrant scales" (I didn't have much luck catching them...)
  17. Have: 3 CB of the "sand dune" egg Egg 1 Egg 2 Egg 3 Want: The other new egg, "vibrant scales" (I didn't have much luck catching them...)
  18. I miscalculated hours and timing and wasn't able to fill all my egg slots with the new release. I'm going to be busy next year trying to get those few I need! 😛
  19. 4th gen shadow walker from shadow walker X guardian checker (with some spriter alts)
  20. Shadow walker X guardian checker with SA in base twice Gone
  21. I think this is the best I've done. The red was my weak spot and they got in that way. Not the most zombies I've had. I once had 47!
  22. The zombies look like they are doing a huddle. Haven't lost any dragons yet. We'll see what it looks like in the morning.
  23. Very nice! I'm pleased with my stair step black marrow. The CB dates to the first Halloween I participated in (the first Halloween was a few days after I first started playing and I didn't know about Holiday drops yet, so I didn't get any pumpkins from the original release) and I've bred another gen out every year.
  24. Some fun coded CB dragons. 4UgSS PJs03