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  1. CB skywing up for grabs. Has "Dan" in the code (mJDAN) Claim my egg!
  2. Happy Anniversary, Feesh! I hope you had a good hiatus. Entered! Thank you.
  3. Awesome. I was wondering if there was going to be a release. I'm glad I waited before breeding. The eggs are going like hotcakes! I just went to grab them and despite being pretty fast, only caught one. Good thing I have time today to hunt.
  4. CB stone with code OSoRu (a quick Google search turned up a politician in Africa with that name ) Free to a good home.
  5. One of my projects is finished! Behold my guardian X shimmer checker! If anyone wants a sibling, message me and I'll make a list. No promises on the breed. I was pretty much given all the eggs for the project so I'm giving the siblings away.
  6. Commons refusing. No interest or no egg from common pairings. Seriously. I have to use fertility on my guardians, sometimes, to get eggs.
  7. @Lantean_Pegasus Hmmm. You are on to something there. They possess sufficiently similar coloring and I do have plenty of lunar heralds... Many thanks to @angelicdragonpuppy to accepting my offer and request around the Christmas holiday breeding season (I bred, influenced, and hatched two mistletoes, in case of refusals and teleported them over). Thanks to that I am now able to incorporate a mistletoe alt into my guardian X mistletoe checker.
  8. 4th gen guardian X shimmer checker kin up for grabs. Claim my egg! Gone.
  9. Entered! I love these raffles. But I think it's because there people here are so sweet.
  10. Just looked in on this thread and decided to join in. There is now a 2ng gen silver from an alt sweetling in the AP along with ash, boreal, black truffle (a couple of refusals there!), white and black zyumorph, Scimitar-wing Wyvern, dark lumina, celestial, magma, frostbite, Falconiform, black, black stripe (from a pair of white stripes ), turpentine, albino, pillow, stone, geode, ember, white, storm, dorsals, howler, dark myst, pipio, mariner, silver shimmer, ultraviolet, and black tip. (about 90 eggs to the AP) Was tempted to breed my guardians but they are really a greyish blue color. So, that'll probably be something for tomorrow.
  11. Now I actually have to learn how to use Discord? So far, I haven't won that battle. 😛 Guess I will have to try again!
  12. While I wait to breed a shimmer sibling to this 4th gen guardian, I find myself wanting to breed it to something. Any suggestions on a possible pairing?
  13. Congrats, MoonShark. I was too distracted by RL to get on the forums in the last couple of days. 😝
  14. Oh, nice! Thanks, TJ. ❤️
  15. I just caught a nice AP 3rd gen guardian that is the granddragon of a pair of my guardians.
  16. I didn't realize there was a new release until now. Good thing I didn't go breeding before noticing it. Managed to get one of each egg and I'll have to wait until tomorrow to grab two more. I'm not abandoning my bred eggs. I have plans for them. 😛 Such a pretty rainbow assortment of eggs. Thanks for the new release!
  17. Broccoli! Good raw and steamed. Ooo, broccoli and cheese soup. *wipes drool off*
  18. I bred something like 60-70 guardian pairs today and most of them produced an egg. At least they are "light" oriented so they'll count towards the raffle this month. 😋 All of them are even gen PB guardians 6th gen or higher and none in the same generation are related so people could have fun breeding.
  19. I just bred the gold shimmer I need for a project I'm doing! *does a little happy dance*
  20. @Ruby Eyes, they're missing because I didn't breed any this year. It's not that I don't have any. It'll take planning and work to bring it out to 6th gen.
  21. *runs into the room with a battle cry, a pillow swinging from each hand only to promptly trip and faceplant into a pile of pillows*
  22. Ytak

    Keep, Abandon, Kill

    Keep: any SAlt? I'd want the one for the shimmers. Abandon: Paper Kill: Cheese Hellhorse, Two-finned Bluna, Soulpeace