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  1. I'm a university graduate with a master's in Engineering & Naval Navigation, currently working on my town's dock as a cargo operations manager. The scrap of paper on my wall cost me so much that I think I would have been better off being a regular sailor instead. The money I lost earning this thing far outweighs the benefits I enjoy now. Make of this what you will.
  2. Otto's scowl grew deeper when Crusher suspected he had some sort of ties to the crazed nhiostrife. He was never one to deal with zealous loons like her, let alone conspire with them. One thing was perfectly clear, though. If ever there was a bad time to confront the inhabitants of this peek, this was it. Even so, Otto cared not for the petty squabbles of these lowly randoms. All he wanted was to check the mountain peak out, and see if there was anything worth seeing, or taking from it. Glancing between Crusher and Zeditha, he huffed in discontent and grumbled: Only one thing to do with a mad dog... Moving his stare away from the wyvern, he lumbered towards the cave entrance, noting how it was barely large enough for him to pass through without having to duck down. To his disappointment, the insides were not what he'd expected. No gold, no treasure, no food, nothing. Just a meager pile of resources to sustain a group like them for a while, which amounted to barely half a meal for a brute dragon. Such scarce gains were not worth the effort of getting into a scrap over, so the disgruntled dragon exhaled some fumes, and proceeded deeper into the cave, somewhat curious about its contents further down, disregarding any of the other dragons within it in the process. The place seemed to stretch down towards the base of the mountain through a stairway-like spiraling downwards path, into a dark and cavernous underbelly that wafted of many unpleasant things. The stench of decay was prevalent, hints of rotting wood and uncleaned waste from sources unknown were evident with but a few sniffs. Pests. -the brute thought, then took another big whiff...
  3. It was at the point of constantly having to blink his eyes clean of his own blood did Otto realize, it was time to engage in one of his least favorite pastimes of all; bathing. The water simply did not agree with him, nor did h with it. He felt slow and vulnerable in it, unable to effectively put enough momentum into his swings and charges to really do enough damage, should he have to defend himself while submerged. Letting off a growling sigh, the brute reared up to take a look around for the nearest visible body of water. No such luck... Just trees and distant hills in all directions, save for the steep mountain nearby. Muttering a cuss under his breath, Otto resumed his trek towards his goal. It would take him a little while to get his bearings, but eventually he made out the sounds of a bubbling stream along the winding mountain path. Taking his time, he found a comfortable spot, where the water cascaded down from a steep drop onto the ground below, and thoroughly cleaned the blood off of himself, leaving only the slowly healing cuts and scrapes in its wake. Thankfully they had clotted, and weren't dribbling any more crimson. Once he was sufficiently cleansed, the brute turned his attention towards the top of the mountain. Although he was unsure of it, he thought he could pick up faint ramblings from somewhere up there. Hallucinating voices was something the brute had never had to deal with, so he assumed that there was in fact someone up there. Great... squatters. -he grumbled as he stomped up the narrow winding path, leading to Shatterpoint Peak's entrance. As the cave entrance came into view, he saw the commotion. "REPENT YOUR SINS! Before the rest come for you..." -yelled a bizarre-looking wyvern, pinned securely under a magi's forelimbs. Suddenly, it released a jet of flames, clearly aimed for the magi's head, only to miss by a hair. The fire shot past Crusher's head, then went right on... engulfing the better part of Otto's head and neck as the flames fanned out with distance. Not fast enough to duck out of the way, Otto was at least able to blink and avoid injuring his eyes. When the scolding heat of the blast evaporated, he coughed out a bit of smoke, and observed the kerfuffle, with a bemused grimace on his face. He was too large to hide, anyway...You wanna try that again? -he growled, eyes locked on the wyvern.
  4. Cool. Posting. Also, I dunno what you have planned for Zed, but I am very curious about it.
  5. Thank you Booo, I'll wait for a window to jump in, rather than just drop in and interrupt you guys. I remember that happening to me once, it was quite annoying.
  6. Meanwhile, far off in the distance, away from the dense forests and winding rivers, standing out in the open, a large and frightening figure lumbered towards it's set goal, the safety of the local mountains. It was not unlike brute dragons to travel by themselves, as they were a prideful and hard-headed breed, who's physical prowess was matched only by their own tenacity and stubborn attitude. Though, it was difficult for this one dragon in particular to keep his head up, given the fact that in the short breaks between the sounds of his large feet compressing the earth beneath themselves there was the drip drip dripping sound, ever so faintly but quite clearly reminding him of the severity of his own injuries. The cuts and gashes upon the brute's thick hide oozed blood, some more than others, staining the earth beneath their host, forming a long straight crimson trail, marking the path he'd taken like some sort of gory map marker on the face of the landmass. Despite remaining mobile, the brute couldn't help but grunt and groan in discomfort from time to time, sorrily regretting yet another one in a long line of blunders caused by his very bad judgement. Sodding whiptails, grrrh... -he cursed under his breath, as he trailed a blood droplet rolling down his nose, and out of view. Were Otto an optimist, he would at least be happy for his success in handing the situation and procuring a meal for himself, but the brute was not a jolly giant. His was a small but skeptical and pessimistic mind, focusing primarily on the negatives and the "what if's" ...unless his cavernous stomach starts growling, reminding him of the large amounts of flesh it demands each and every day. He begrudgingly made yet another mental note never to try and take on several of those dodgy whiptails at the same time ever again. T'was a mental note he would inevitably forget, yet his tussle with the whiptails would ultimately always stay with him, reminding him of what to expect when facing off against them. It was in a brute's nature to forego basic things like common sense, substituting them with more information on bettering themselves in combat, and Otto was no different. His thick head housed a small brain, that knew little more than how to keep the rest of him going, and how to better crush things that stood in the way of his desires. Well, there was ofcourse that small part of him that was never spoken of. That tiny bit responsible for one of the brute species' most fearsome trait yet. For you see, in a twisted way, despite complaining and grunting in discomfort, Otto kind of enjoyed his injuries. To him, pain was a strong reminder that he was, in fact, still alive. He hadn't been in perfect health since that frightful day he is always reluctant to speak of. Were there no ache, no sing, no pain of any kind anywhere for him to experience, he felt wrong on some strange and difficult to describe level. He felt inadequate, like a shell with no purpose, unsure of his own vitality. This disturbing complacency drove him into recklessness, much alike that of his kin. Yet for a solo brute dragon, it was always a risk. Quietly blinking another droplet of blood away from his eyelids, he sighed and reassured himself, that it was always a risk worth taking... and so, he continued on his way, towards his set destination.
  7. I sometimes come back to this thread to learn a new term or two.
  8. Writing sheets now. Let's get this RP moving. Thank you for the kind words, but consider the brother drama shelved. I've made my peace and kindly request to not be reminded of it.
  9. I love Christmas. I just hate how much of the year Christmas gobbles up. My friends have already started decorating. ...for Christmas. -.-
  10. Dwarves. Stout, tough, jolly. No windy locks of flowing hair, no fancy silk robes and dresses, no condescending 'tude. Just armor, a weapon, a lot of muscle and a straight-to-business attitude.
  11. There is something that I've been mulling over since the event that transpired about two weeks ago. I would like to share my experiences since the event, the things I've re-discovered, and the conclusions I've made. In conclusion, I would like to ask a question. First off, let me re-state my position on the god debate: Evidently I asked way too many questions to stay religious as a young child. I stayed on the sidelines and watched as both my late little brother, and my cousin were both indoctrinated into the religious belief system. I found it absolutely disgusting how my religious relatives would use the naivete of a small child to propagate their ancient hokum, as the easily impressionable minds of children are not critical enough to demand evidence in order to accept a claim as reputable and true. Thankfully, I managed to teach my late little brother how to be a critical thinker before he could be indoctrinated. Needless to say part of my clan, so to speak, didn't like the fact I was encouraging him to think for himself, and seek answers on his own, so tensions in my family grew. Needless to say, I am not on good terms with part of my family any more. When I denounced faith, I had to come to terms with my own mortality. The inevitability of simply ceasing to exist at some point in time. as cold and foreboding the thought of permanently ceasing to be is, I came to terms with it, and found even greater value in the life I live right now. However, I never really considered how I'd deal with the experience of losing a close family member. It was a harrowing reminder of what would befall all of us one day, in one way or another. I felt that familiar feeling of dread I experienced those many years ago, when I was struggling with my own mortality. Yet no matter how many times people kept telling me that little bro is "in a better place", I knew better. He was gone, all that was left of him was a cold decaying corpse, and a whole lot of memories. Now, it got a lot worse, as since little bro's unfortunate demise, the religious nutters in my family are blaming me for "sending my brother to hell" by "turning him against god". I've had the same tired old argument again and again with them several times already, but you just can't talk to these people. They're like broken record players. It further disgusts me how they're trying even harder to push their faith on me and my religiously neutral parents by using my little brother's untimely demise. The event itself was awful enough, but they're just making it worse. Although the truth doesn't always please us, and sometimes it may well horrify us, that doesn't mean you're right to plug your ears and go "lalalalala" when you are reminded of it. This is exactly what I see in those aforementioned family members I spoke of earlier in my response. And now, to my question. The thing I've been pondering is, is it really right to subject people to the "better place" theory, regardless of what their religious inclinations are? I can think of upsides and downsides to both a positive and negative answer, but I'd like to read what you think on the matter.
  12. If you're restarting, I'd love to re-join. I remember bailing on this, or was it the other Wolf RP because of being jerked around town by the bureaucracy here, at the time. EDIT: It was the other one, I think hosted by 20mia08? I'm not sure if I ever entered this one. I just hope you'll be around for that, Shiny.
  13. Thank you all for the kind words. I'm feeling much better after two days spent as sober as a judge. Speaking of judges, I have a court case to focus on right now. @rampaging_wyvern There's no reason to feel embarrassed about that at all. Da' and myself go out from time to time, hit the bar and chat like regular folks most often. We have gone to Convention Centers, and seen soccer games as so called "situational friends". It's a special kind of bonding experience that makes it all worth while to see your old man happy to have raised you for more reasons than just your other successes in life. Same can be said when I help mum do the shopping, or drive her around town. She gets nervous driving da's huge-arse 4x4 land rover, so I am usually called to take his place when he isn't available. I wish your father a speedy recovery, and good luck in your upcoming endeavors.
  14. Irritable, and still slightly hung over.
  15. I lost my little brother, about two weeks ago. He was a victim of medical malpractice after a reportedly successful appendectomy. I won't go into detail, but we are pressing charges, and hard. Since the incident, I've been too out of it to get into work, or my university responsibilities. I just always seem to be either fuming with rage about what happened, or unable to stop thinking about the loss. I've picked up the horrible habit of ending almost every night wasted or flattened on the wacky backy. Yesterday my family intervened, and now I'm trying to get it together with their help. I saw this thread, and wanted to ask those who have gone through such a thing, how did you get over it, and more importantly, when?
  16. Apologies. I've been neck deep in new problems concerning my family. I regret to inform you that Brotato is no longer going to be joining us. I need another day or two to get my head on straight, then I'll get back to you. I would also like to urge the others to rekindle the RP.
  17. Edited out the eye-sore small font. Seriously, that's a really annoying thing. I'm also currently waiting for the reset-skip to jump in.
  18. Frustrated. Reasons private.