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  1. ((Oh no, OH NO, YOU STUPID IDIOT /headdesk WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU ANIMALZ?! HOW COULD YOU FORGET ABOUT THIS?!?! HMMMM?! *sigh* I am so sorry to every single person in this RP, especially if you were waiting on me to reply. I *gulp* honestly forgot about this, and I'm ready to beat myself with a book because of it. My apologies, I cannot express how much I regret and guilt I feel for fogetting this... If you will give me just a little bit of time to go back and read what all I missed, I'll edit this with a post, ASAP. Again, I apologize to everyone for disappearing )) EDIT: Domino was still glancing at Cathleen from time to time during class, but when Mr. Raymond said his first and last name, his attention quickly snapped back to the teacher. He stood and accepted the Crystal Raigeki card from him, and gazed at it momentarily before saying, "Thank you, sir." Sitting back down, he pulled out his one and only deck that stayed in one of the pockets on the the inside of his jacket, mixing it with the other cards of his deck. Though he already had two, one more just made one more trap he could play on his opponent. His Familiar smiled at the teacher, then hopped from the empty seat next to the young man into his lap. Ruby then began to purr quietly and contently as he stroked her back and rubbed her ears. "I think I've spoiled you, you're rotten Ruby," he thought, faintly arching an eyebrow at her, but was smiling lightly. "Purrrrhaps." Marine blinked, and turned his head when he heard someone beside him. A girl, but, she hadn't been with the class, were did she come from? And she was in danger because of the battle going on, that and she didn't know entirely what was going on. But, how had she gotten here to begin with? He tapped Chansi on the shoulder just as she was about to object to breaking the rules, and said, "We have a visitor." She turned and gazed at the girl, suddenly a bit confused. Where'd she come from? Stella noticed her as well, so she didn't bother to say something too, and quickly turned her attention back to the battle, thinking it through again. This was not her first year of the Night Class, she would go along with what the others decided to do. And she was relieved when they decided not to cheat or break the rules, that would just have meant more trouble from Jinjekkai. There was a pause and the next think Chance and her familiar knew, they were back in a classroom. She blinked, and then shook her head. Shame that class time was up, that battle was one she would have liked to have finished. Hearing Mr. Jin's comment about visiting the graveyard, she had to resist flinching because she knew he must have been joking, the Graveyard was the most unpleasant place in the Shadow Realm. And Marine instinctively stepped closer to her, something that was comforting and she half smiled at him. Then he suddenly hollered 'Class dismissed,' and she waved good bye as she hitched a ride on her Familiar's right arm. He nodded to Kainama, his own silent bye, and walked out of the class room, carrying Chansi seemingly effortlessly. Since she had never known her father, Marine, being a wise and what she has imagined a father to be like, had over the past three years somewhat filled that role. So the two shared a unique and special bond.... "Who wants an evening snack before we get to our next class?" she asked, question aimed at her new found friends as she pulled a bag of sugar cookies she had in her purse.
  2. ((#*&$, I am so sorry, I never even replied *bangs head against a wall* I honestly forgot about this, and I'm so ashamed. If you'll forgive me, do you think we could keep this RP alive with three?))
  3. Lin stayed on Breeze's back as the dragons conversed, neither speaking out loud because Ryoka and Mordekasier seemed to be handling it fine without them. Breeze had now figured out what a Skyclan was however from hearing the conversation. It was a group of dragon who had a territory she gathered, and wondered if there were other clans as well. Probably. She spread her wings again, nodding in thanks before flapping a few times and getting airborne as she followed the guardian. Then she glanced Scrap when he spoke, the Ridgewing flying gracefully without almost a sound.
  4. The Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin glanced at the students, impressed at how quickly they started working together and had already figured out how they were going to whip this... maybe even draw Jinjekkai from his hiding place and inflect a little damage on his Life Pionts. Not that he wanted him to be actually harmed fiscally. No, certainly not, but finding out where exactly he was might be of assistant in some way, maybe he'd even have a chance to be useful and activate his effect. But either way, right now he just stood and watched, seeming undisturbed by the two towering dragons even though he knew either of them could certainly annihilate him with one blow. But despite his low attack and defense, his loyalty and heart made up for along with his protective nature of Chance. Chansi listened without a word, a smile forming on her face and her eyes flashed as they always did when she had a planned formed when she battled and knew it would pull her out of a rut. "Sounds like a good plan to me," she said and nodded, even if the Ultimate Blue-Eyes did come out, she and Stella could handle it before he got to attack while everything else was out of the way thanks to Ryza and they didn't have to worry about a trap being sprung and countering.
  5. Marine instinctively stepped in front of Chansi, shooing her behind him as the two huge dragons loomed over them. Chance tensed when she saw the shadow of what Future Fusion was going to summon, especially after the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons had been sent to the graveyard. She recognized the shadow itself, and knew exactly what it was when he sent the three mighty dragons to the graveyard. "Oh my God, he's planning to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! If he does we're dead!" Chance thought and her heart beat faster. The Neo-Spacian in front of her glanced over his shoulder, hearing her thoughts. "Chansi, you may know that, but telling them may only cause panic. Calm down, and think this through. Focus... and think..." he replied, and smiled. Between that smile and his voice in her head, her heart rate slowed and her eyes narrowed. "Right," she nodded and walked over to the others. "Okay, I know how we can whip this pretty quick... or would you like to offer your plan first Mana?" she said, then paused and decided to give them a shot at figuring it out for themselves. She had already gone over her idea with Marine, and he just smiled again, crossing his arms. Her plan would certainly work, perfectly in fact, but perhaps the others could figure it out on their own. They were freshmen while she and he had been in these situations before, this was not the first time they had played this game. A chill suddenly went up Hibiki's spine as he entered his dorm room. He suddenly felt like a pair of blue eyes were gazing at him, the familiar eyes of his favorite card that he had gazed at so often. The black haired young man glanced around, wondering why he had this strange feeling. But shrugging it off as only his tiredness making him see things and feel things that weren't real, he entered his room and shut the door behind him. What he didn't know is that there was a pair of blue eyes, that of the crazed Blue-Eyes White dragon who wondered through D.D., who he had somehow slowly developed a small spark of connection with. And that dragon happened to sense it..and who it came from...
  6. "Hey, I Don't see why you're Rushing to get few Phantoms out of the way. It's not not like they're a big threat, especially with their backseat friend's driving Skills." Chance shrugged, but caught on quickly. Marine smirked, but knew he couldn't even take on the Witty Phantoms, his ability was more his strength or when Chansi attached Horn of the Unicorn to him. But she couldn't use that card right now, he'd sit this one out. "Big fella, yeah you in the back, time for you to be face down in the dirt for a little bit." And with that, she held her card out and closed her eyes. A large book with a crescent moon on the front appeared in front of her on the wasteland field. "I activate Book of Moon, it's target being Ancient Crimson Ape. Your turn Stella, and why don't we let the boys take care of the Wittys once Mr. Ape gets out at the Grave street," she said with a smile. This game was fun, yet one had to use the mind and strategy making it even more interesting. Jin sure could find ways to make someone enjoy class. ((Sachi, can a duelist have more than one familiar? I know they can summon their cards in reality in D.D., but I mean so they are in the real world too))
  7. ((Sorry for taking so long to reply, busy day yesterday ^^* Wait, was that something about a Blue-Eyes...Maybe Hibiki will get his wish later on...)) As she was given the Book of Moon, Chansi accepted it and gazed at it, reading what it was capable of and already thinking and planning, as usual. That just came natural, she was always thinking. Then she noticed Stella drawing in the dirt, maybe a plan. She walked over by her and looked over her shoulder, watching. Marine did as well, and thought that it was a good plan. He wasn't half bad at having strategies himself. "Sounds like a plan to me," she said, smiling at how quick the newer students were catching on. That was good. But then she thought about something and decided to ask Hera, just in case. She walked over to the Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, Marine watching but stayed where he was because he didn't expect that anyone here was a threat. "One question, are we allowed to use some cards from our deck if we run into trouble, and I don't mean what the Professor sends at us?" Chance asked, gazing up at the large familiar. She wasn't afraid of her, and had no reason to be. Hera was actually one of the nicest, despite her size, familiars she had ever met to the students. She was also wise and calm, and Chansi had never seen her get mad. ((Yes Armityle, sorry I didn't reply to your question sooner And it's fine Saikachan)) Ruby had her ears pricked and was still sitting with her tail around in front of her. Something wasn't quiet right... But maybe it was just her and she decided she should be happy someone was speaking to her person. So she shook off the feeling and looked at him, then her again. When she said he would be cute, Domino blinked blushed very lightly though it vanished within just a few seconds. "Well whatever the reason, thanks... I haven't gotten to speak with anyone besides her in some time," he said, and smiled, her good eyes brightening. When he did, the Carbuncle looked at him again, and purred, rubbing against his waist and chest til he stroked her back. She was glad to see him smile again. But then the vice principle came in and spoke. Domino didn't speak up because he knew about traps. He glanced at the girl again when she sat by him, before turning his attention back to the teacher. But he was distracted, thinking move about her than what the vice principle was saying. She was cute...
  8. ( I am so sorry, I honestly forgot about this *facepalm* I'll try to write a decent post to make up for it...) The horse continued galloping, racing through the forest while the Ridgewing soared just over the tree tops, wings every now and then barely brushing them. But Lin stopped thinking about getting away and he heard a voice that sounded familiar but hadn't spoken. He just heard it in his head. "Testing, testing. Can you heard me?" He quickly realized it was Breeze, recognizing her voice even though she wasn't speaking. Trying to reach out and connect to the invisible telepathic line, he thought, "Breeze, can you heard me?" "Clear as a bell," was the reply he received and he smiled lightly. Breeze glanced at Mordekaiser when he asked if she'd spoken with Lin mentally. "Yep," she replied, smiling to reveal a few rows of sharp little teeth. But then as she saw Ryoka get off, she slowed down and then dropped, landing nimbly and sitting down. Lin felt the grip around his waist loosen, and then vanish. He quickly pulled on Blue's reins, slowing her to a halt and then turning around, walking her back to them and by the Ridgewing. She was a little tired, not usually running so hard, and he got off of her. While Ryoka tended to the green dragon, he took the bags off the mare's back and then the saddle and halter. Lin tossed the bags on Breeze's back, and the saddle in front of them, tying it down though not to ride her on it. Sighing, he stroked the mare's nose one last time before patting her rear and she trotted away. It would be better for her to be free than running her to death, and he had Breeze to ride now. At least she had a better chance than some. Then he hopped on Breeze's neck right above her shoulders, and she took to the air again as Mordekaiser did. As the Lin rode her for the first time, he felt more free than he ever had on the horse. There was nothing like flying, especially flying with your dragon. But after they had soared for a while, Breeze had slowed down and was hovering as she saw the dragon approach and Mordekaiser reply to them. Skyclan? What's a Skyclan? she wondered to herself, but didn't ask. She had a feeling they were important and now was not the time for questions. So she coppied the green dragon and dipped her head in respect as well.
  9. "JIN?! You've got to be joking!" Chansi facepalmed, sometimes he did go very overboard. But her cry went unheard as their teacher had already entered the other dimension, and she was being pulled closer to it. Marine however reached her side and wrapped his arms around her as they went through, it was just instinct, he was always protective of her. When they appeared on the other side, he was still holding her til he blinked and looked around, loosing his grip and letting her go though still right by her. "Oh no, not the wasteland..." she mumbled and rubbed her head. Her familiar hated the wasteland and dessert, he was better in humid climates and even in watery areas. But a dessert was one of the toughest things on him. "I'll be fine, from what his familiar says we won't be here long..and it's not like I haven't been in a wasteland before, I can tolerate it." Understanding was she was getting worried, Marine spoke and smiled lightly. But he knew that very long here and he would start getting a dry mouth and have to have some water to get rid of it, and then his skin would start shriveling and he'd have to have more water to get rid of that. But that took like, four or five hours, and they weren't going to be here that long..... hopefully. Chance sighed and nodded. She was calm and back to her usual self again, just like her familiar except he had been calm the whole time.
  10. Chansi watched almost like a hawk, listening to Mana and how he reacted and responded. He didn't even take advise from his familiar and had an ego large enough to boot. What really turned her gut was when he said he didn't think any but maybe one or two could beat him. Why you arrogant hypocrite! Chansi almost hissed but kept her thoughts to herself. "Wanna bet?" she grumbled to herself instead of saying what she thought and crossed her arms. Marine glanced at her, and said mentally, "Easy Chance, calm down." She sighed and nodded, knowing he saw it because the Neo-Spacian was gazing at her. "I know, I shouldn't get rilled up so easy over a full of himself boy," she replied. "No, you shouldn't."
  11. Since practically the rest of the class had their hand up, Chance saw no reason to raise hers. And after all, she was not new like the rest either. She watched as Mana was called up, though she had a hunch he was going to be getting into more than he expected. Jin was known to do some crazy things from time to time, but he probably wouldn't ever hurt a student on purpose. Chasi did blink once when he spoke her name and asked her to tell what a quick spell was. "Well...Quick-Play Spell Cards are a type of Spell Card that can be activated striaght from your hand during any phrase of your turn, and can also be activated during any phrase during you opponent's turn if it is set on the field though not from your hand. An example would be...Rush Recklessly," she said, pausing a few times to think about it.
  12. Chansi let the door close as the two entered, blinking as Jin revealed the rest of the room and knowing Marine probably needed to be here. She closed her eyes and focused, and a few moments later the Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin started appearing beside her. At first he was transparent almost, but then he filled out and become whole and looked around the room, and he gazed at their teacher, remembering him. It was kind of hard to forget someone like him. He smiled when he looked at Chance before they walked over to the other part of the room and she sat down in the seat on the end. He glanced at the blocks, then walked over and sat down on one. Marine continued to look around the room, listening as the girl and boy spoke before glancing over at the seats when it was Chansi's turn, and listening more intently to her. "Well, I've used spells many times in this world and duel disk dueling here at the academy, and a few times in the spirit realm though not is much." The girl paused and thought about her spells cards. "But I would have to say one of my favorite and the one that has pulled me out of a jam more than once would be Common Soul, and Cocoon Party right behind it. They both can help me turn a battle around or backfire someone's plan." "Hello! I'm Cathleen. Who are you? Both of you!" Domino jumped and Ruby's fur stood on end when the girl was suddenly by them and spoke. The young man was the one more surprised, was she speaking to him? Why would a cute young girl want to speak to someone with an eye patch? Pushing the questions away he turned his head and the patch became even more visible. "...Domino, I'm Domino. And this is Ruby the Carbuncle." He felt odd talking to someone besides his familiar in so long. But his voice was much kinder than he looked, and if you could see past the eyepatch, he was actually a rather handsome young man. "But why are you speaking to me? Most don't because, well because of this," he added a few moments later and Ruby pointed to his cover bad eye with her nose. But then she hopped of his shoulder and into his lap, her four ears open and curious while her tail was curl around her, the round ruby jewel in front of her. Her beady red eyes gazed at her and it was obvious she was interested to know exactly who she was and why she shown interest in them of all the people in the room.
  13. Chansi blinked, then shook her head a little, trying not to laugh. He hadn't changed a bit, still to the point of almost being a little crazy. But when he called her pretty followed by cute her cheeks turn faded red or pink as she blushed slightly. She quickly pushed it away though and waited for the two to step through the door and meet their... very cheery and carefree teacher who was also very intelligent. Perhaps because he was so intelligent was why he spoke a little confusingly. Dang, now she was the one starting to counter her own thoughts with hers, just wasn't speaking them. A young man with light blond hair had sat pretty much by himself as the speech was being spoken. On his shoulder perched his familiar, Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle with fur a little darker then normal. She was actually cute and seemed a bit odd to be his familiar, but yet she was. Why was he alone and did Ruby seem to be a bit odd for him? Well, because a black band circled around his head partly under his hair and covered one of his eyes; in other words he wore an eye patch to hid the scar that stretched across his eye while the other one was fine and actually pretty, its color being a glassy teal color. And because of his patch, most just seemed to not go near him or just plain avoid him because they found it creepy or scary one. When the speech ended he stood and walked out without much problem, very few got in his way if they saw him coming and quickly moved if they didn't. So, it wasn't very hard for him to reach the stairs and go up them since most took the elevators. He walked to the floor that his first class was on, and the Crystal Beast on his shoulder smiled lightly and tried to cheer him up because she could tell he was a little sad, not exactly liking the being avoided and people being afraid of him. "Maybe you can make a few friends this year Domino," she suggested and purred. He smiled lightly and tickled her chin. "Perhaps, but probably not Ruby. No one really wants to have anything to do with me, not anymore..." he replied and opened the door to the third floor as he got to it and stepped out. Ruby sighed before rubbing against his head and neck like a cat. She was glad Trapsetting was next, at least it would help take his mind off it. Domino walked toward room number 304, and once again no one got in his way even though he offered to hold the door for one of them, but they wouldn't go through. Shaking his head he went on in and sat in a seat on one of the far sides, about four rows back...alone again.
  14. "Exactly, Spell casting is on floor two and that is where this elevator is stopping right about....now." Chansi timed when it would open almost perfectly, just a few seconds after she said now, the door opened and she walked out. "And if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Jinjekkai is going to be teaching it. A nice man," she said as she walked toward the door to the room they needed to be in and opened it, holding it open for both Ryza and Stella. Well, looks like he is," Chance added as she held the door and saw the professor. Noticing the writing on the chalkboard, she quickly read it and dismissed it. She wasn't a new student since this was her second year here. "Good evening Professor Jinjekkai," she added a little more loudly, looking at him with a small smile despite the devilish look he had on his face. There wasn't an evil bone in his body, though perhaps his personality sometimes caused a little trouble, or a lot depending on the situation. She just gave a mannerly greeting since he may or may not remember her.
  15. As Stella made it to the elevator, Chansi noticed a younger boy on crutches heading toward them and the same elevator. She held one side as the other girl held the other, waiting til he reached it and got inside before letting it go. With their monsters also in the elevator, except Marine, it was pretty much full, and if her familiar had been there as well it would have been cramped. So, in a way, she was glad he wasn't. Seeing that she as holding out her hand after speaking, Chance smiled lightly and shook it before looking at Ryza and his familiar. Whoa... Such strength for one his age, perhaps that was why he had crutches? Well, it didn't really matter to her except that unlike how most kids could take the stairs to their floor, it would be a lot harder for him to and if anyone deserved the elevator it was him. "Hello, I'm Chansi, or Chance if you prefer," she said with a nod in greeting. Then she looked at both of them, still smiling lightly. "Well, who needs to go to which floor? If you aren't sure, what's your first class and hopefully I know where it is floor-wise. Who knows, we might even be in the same class."
  16. As she had almost made her way to the exit, Chansi heard a girl's voice not far from her say hello. She slowly down and looked around, blinking as she saw the ritual monster next to the person who had spoken to her. Then she looked from him to Stella. "Hello, first time here right? Well that being the case, you deserve a proper welcome. Welcome to the Night Class of TIGS, I'm Chansi Tisdale the Neo-Spacian nut, or Chance if you want...and that is quiet a familiar for earning respect from people. I don't see many ritual monster familiars, especially with his power," she responded with a smile to the girl who was about the same age as her. Though she was a little younger, she was about an inch taller in height. "Come on, let's get out of here so I don't have to yell over all the noise," she added and motioned for her to follow before jogging out the door and holding an elevator for her and Stella.
  17. The Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin continued to scan the area even as the principle started speaking while Chansi leaned back and listened. Her Familiar, hardly missing anything when in surveillance mode, saw a young bond haired girl with a Quillbolt Hedgehog as her familiar attempt to sneak in because she was late. But he said nothing and continued to look around, attention going elsewhere. His attention did turn to the Vice Principle a few moments when he started speaking, and just shook his head when he slightly spooked some of the students. The peachy haired girl in front of him chuckled faintly when she heard and noticed their reaction to his words. She knew better, and even if she did end up lost accidentally, Marine wouldn't let anything happen to her. When Raymond seemed to finish speaking, Chansi stood up, stretching her legs a bit and the Marine Dolphin glanced at her, arms still folded. then they both glanced around to spot the girl who had been pointed out, even though Marine wasn't surprise because he had seen her when she first came in. But then they looked at each other and she spoke. "I suppose you need to disappear for a little while..." He nodded in understanding, but said something in reply. "Just summon me if you need me." Chansi smiled and nodded before hugging him and he did the same to her before slowly becoming transparent and eventually disappearing. Bye Marine, I'll see you later, she thought before starting to make her way out of the area and trying to get to one of the floors that were above it for her first class. Still standing on the shore, Hibiki sighed. He had been standing here long enough and needed to go the boys dorm and get some sleep, but he wasn't quiet ready to leave just yet. A cool sea breeze brushed by him, causing his black hair to sway some with it. He breathed it in and opened his eyes, pulling his deck from the closed duel disk on his arm. He flipped through them til he found one in particular and then put them back in the slot where it usually stayed, the card he had picked out in his hand. It was a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, his favorite and the rarest card in his deck. He silently looked at it before reading the text in the box beneath its picture but above its attack and defense numbers. "This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale." "If only you were real...perhaps I'd at least have friend who'd listen to me and not just stare at me the whole time," Hibiki mumbled, mostly to himself. But then he blinked, unsure of what he thought he had just seen. He thought the blue and white dragon had just..looked at him... Nah, he must have just imagined it. "Alright now you know you need to get some sleep when you start thinking a card looks at you and start talking to yourself," he grumbled, shaking his head and putting the card back in his deck before turning and walking back toward the dorms.
  18. ((Badump, now for the intro of my other char~)) The sun had set about thirty minutes before, and now the stars and rising moon where out. Their silvery light and white glow shimmered on the waves of the ocean that bordered the west side of the Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students, blending the waves' white foam in with the salty water. The crashing of the waves on the beach's white sand could be faintly heard from the dorms, but only if one was right outside them and listening very carefully. But it was peaceful, the sound of those waves calming to a black haired young man on its shore. He was just standing on the sands, hands in his jacket pockets, about a yard from where the highest wave landed before pulling back into the ocean. His black hair seamed more of a silvery color because of the moon and starlight, and his unusual light brown eyes glistened with their glow as he gazed up at them. The young man almost always came to the shore after dark. Why? Well, not only because he found it beautiful, but also to get away from a few pestering girls who just refused to leave him alone. One of them even hung around the outside of the University's door just waiting for him, which was why he had gone out a different one that day, only to be spotted by another one. At least they never came down to the shore at night, probably chatting with someone in one of the girls dorms or just outside them. He didn't know, or really actually care. Why was it half the girls in the school liked him, Hibiki Kunitomo? He didn't know, and personally thought he looked more dangerous and one not to be trifled with than handsome. But apparently many girls found that attractive rather than threatening, even though he honestly wouldn't hurt anyone unless it was a bully picking on someone. Why couldn't he just find someone he liked and they could like him not because of his appearance but because of his personality? Hibiki rubbed the back of head and decided to stop thinking about it. At least he found peace here and was undisturbed.
  19. ((Dudadudaa! Animalz present and accounted for, reporting in with an intro for one of her characters... Sachi, where's Hibiki's form? I can't find it on the front page, so I'll hold on his intro)) Ring! Ringg! Rinngg! RIINNGG! RRII- click. "Shoot! I'm late!" A young lady with peachy colored hair and bright mango-colored eyes hit the top of her alarm clock after limping over to it on one leg trying to get her skirt on. She quickly started getting dressed faster and put her hair up in the simple way she often did, and raced out the door. If only she could let out her familiar, but some of the day class was still around and they would be wondering how she was flying since they wouldn't be able to see him, so she had to run after getting on her usual school attire(in other words right now she looks like her pic). When she finally reached the building she was panting and about ready to collapse, but summoned her Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin first. He was different than any other of his card, because instead of red rubies being on his chest, they were deep blue sapphires. And size wise, he was bigger and stronger than any human unless they were an abnormal giant. Quickly realizing the situation, he picked her up in his arms like a father would their tired child to take them home. He didn't say a word, which he usually didn't, but his small gray colored eyes did as he looked around and then walked over to where some of the students who had been here before were, setting her down in an empty seat and standing behind her, his arms crossed. "Thanks Marine," the girl said and wasn't a bit embarrassed, she would never get embarrassed of something he did. He was smart, wise, and quiet. But he did say something in reply to that, faintly smiling. "Your welcome Chansi..." Even when he did speak, his voice reminded her of the sound of sea waves crashing against the beach sand because it was a rough but strangely soothing rumble and not as loud as how some spoke. Chansi and Marine, her nickname for him instead of his entire title, turned their attention to a small commotion in the first year section. The vice principle was speaking to an interrupting young man, a teacher actually. The girl shook her head and her familiar just started looking around again, scanning the area almost like a solider guarding something. And in a way he was guarding something, her.
  20. Lin nodded and lightly kicked the mare's sides, causing her to go into a trot then canter and finally a gallop. He went in the opposite direction of where Mordekaiser's roar had sounded, Blue's hooves thumped against the ground as she ran with two people on her. The young man couldn't help glancing behind him, just to see the farm once last time where he had the best memories and lived for a few years. No telling what would become of it now, and the milk cow and chickens...but his, Breeze's, Ryoka's, and Mordesaiser's lives were more important. So the horse at her fastest gate raced through into and through the woods, jumping over something from time to time. Breeze curved her head around as she heard his roar, and was about to go check when he landed by her. Seeing the arrow she sniffed it, then growled in anger at the humans for hurting a friend. The young dragon had half a mind to go rain a little fire on them, but there wasn't time as her person began leave at a gallop on that horse. The Ridgewing took to the sky again, soaring over head though she was constantly looking at Mordekaiser to make sure he wasn't bleeding to bad.
  21. Khan had gotten a customer some time later who wanted to be taken to another section in the galaxy. He nodded after he agreed on the price, receiving payment before he took the man to his spacecraft and firing it up. It soon hovered into the air before darting out of the space port and exiting the planet's atmosphere. Stars dotted the large galaxy as he eased along before preparing to make a jump to lightspeed. The engine flared and the Ponderer speed forward faster than most ships that existed, swirling through space while Khan hardly drove.
  22. Khan glanced behind him as he heard a small commotion out side. Then what could have been a bounty hunter, especially by the red helmet and other armor he wore, came stumbling through the door. The pirate moved over to another part of the bar that was shadowed, not wanting to be caught for a reward. Half the bounty hunters in the galaxy knew who he were after the price on his head. Then he sipped some of his drink again, continuing to watch the bounty hunter out of the corner of his eye. He seemed...drunk, or stunned one.
  23. ((Ya, and thanks, I liked the ship too Now for a lengthy post...)) A sleek and obviously fast ship landed in a small to-itself port on Coruscant, suspected to be where pirates turned in their smuggles to the persons that paid them. The side door and only entrance or exit on and of the spacecraft opened and a young man walked down the short ramp and onto the ground. He had dark brown hair and eyes the same color and wore a white shirt with a black jacket over it and a pair of black pants. Around his waist hung a brown leather belt and holster, and in the holster was a Blaster Pistol. A cloaked person met him as he waited for a few moments and said, "You're almost late." huskily. "Hey, I'm not late and your stuff is fine, don't press your luck. I finished dodging a few security force ships because I didn't go through a check point, but they weren't fast enough for this girl's lightspeed, that's why I'm a little later than almost late," the man said in irritation. Then he added, "Get your stuff," and the cloaked creature nodded and walked past. "and pay me," the man added. Suddenly the creature spun around and was holding a Blaster on him, then chuckled. "How about I turn you in, collect your reward, and don't pay you?" The pirate smiled, yes, a gun was on him and he smiled. Khan Segaro, wanted by numerous previous employers. "If I had a credit for every time I heard that. Fine, shoot me, but you're not going to get my ship open without me," he said and lifted his left hand to motion toward his ship. The hooded person's red eyes flicked to his hand and gave him just enough of a distraction and time to pull out his own Blaster with his other hand and shoot the gun out of the threatening person's. Now he was the one with a Blaster on him. "Credits." Grumbling, the person that had hired him took a box out of his cloak before tossing it to him. He caught it with his left hand and reholstered his Blaster. "Now you can have your items," he said and entered his ship again to press a hidden button inside. A section under the ship lowered and opened to revile the things he had smuggled. Then the man re-exited his craft and looked at the person to make sure he wasn't still planning on firing at him, but instead waved his hand to signal some other persons that went over to and carried off the stuff. When the items were completely unloaded, the hidden compartment rose back into the ship and seemed no longer a compartment but just part of the ship. The ship, or Ponderer, once again rose into the air as it's owner turned it's engine back on and left. Khan landed her again at a main spaceport of the rocky and magma planet before he shut her down once more and lowered its door. He stepped down from the ship to the ground and started walking, stopping in front of a place where many ruffians like him went, and were hired. He entered the place and looked around to see if anyone he knew that would like to kill him were inside, but he didn't think there was and went over to the bar counter. ((Since your three seem busy already and Eria doesn't really need to be interacted with, I'll just let Khan take a break for a while))
  24. ((Okay Danni, I can understand that, changing... And... Done ^-^))
  25. "Agreed," Breeze said and banked to dodge another arrow. Then she flapped her wings a few time to get higher into the air before pasting them around her and diving forward to move a heck of a lot faster though she dropped rapidly too. But she opened her wings again before she hit any trees and gained altitude again. A few moments later she landed not far from Lin's home and started looking upward to see where Mordekaiser was. Lin felt himself faintly blush as Ryoka wrapped her arms around his waist, and blinked in surprise at her comment. I now have a grown Breeze, this should be interesting. I just hope she doesn't get hit with an arrow though... And why the heck did I blush? he thought as he made a clicking noise with his tongue and lightly kicked the horse's sides. She walked then sprinted forward only to stop again as he pulled back on her reins in front of the house. The young man got off and quickly trotted into the house, rooting around to get the most important things he had including a sword, its sheathe, and belt that he put on along with a cloak that he wrapped up the few things he dearly needed such as water and extra clothing. When he exited the house he looked quiet different with a ashy black cloak on and long sword at his side. He the got back on Blue and stroked her neck to calm her down as she backed her ears when Breeze landed not far off. "Which way do we need to go Ryoka? North, West, or in between?" His voice was amazingly calm as he glanced behind him.