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  1. Yes I'm caught up with all the episodes, if you don't want to spoil it for others, I suggest using the spoiler code.
  2. Oh My Gosh! I do! I've been to two Teen Wolf conventions and have met over 12 of the cast members so far. I'll be going to another convention this June with my mom. I even got kissed on the cheek by Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry
  3. I can't get on the forums (it won't allow new sign ups) but I would like to speak to Rhynn or Kristhasirah, I have you guys on skype if you could answer me ASAP please.
  4. Stories by: Central story by: Fiona BlueFire Entry painting and closing painting by LadyLyzar Food booth by Thuban Graveyard scene by Shajana ----- Items: Crystal ball - Mysfytt - Food - Mysfytt - Cage of light - Mysfytt - Spell - LadyLyzar - Final Reward - Mysfytt - ____________________________________________________________________ Ground Dragon Story by -anon- Cabin scene by Thuban Pond scene by birdzgoboom ---- Items: Blue tie: Shajana - Beetle - Mysfytt - Torch - Mysfytt - Vial of purple liquid - Mysfytt - Walking stick - Shajana - Roc
  5. Can you figure out the maze!?! I decided that I wanted to have a maze inside my fort. It was inspired by a maze I made on Minecraft.
  6. Woot! ... have to have javascript on? uhh... right I won't be catching these anytime soon then.
  7. Congrats to winners, I didn't win tho.
  8. I managed to get 2 adults this year. One male and one female. The male is Jeapers: http://dragcave.net/lineage/2BnJC and the female is Shadowed Dragonair: http://dragcave.net/lineage/N17bI I hope to figure out how to get a 2nd gen to mate with the Shadow set, but I am set with the Marrow lineage If anyone wants whites from it, shoot me a PM. I don't mind breeding whites from the line for people.
  9. I have been waiting and waiting for the credits to be posted to comment and now I finally can! Thank you everyone who has commented about my "Scrump" doll. He is surly a true creepy Halloween doll to add to the festivities (Next to Chucky, but he's terrifying). Scrump even managed to troll a player and get stuck on their screen for a few hours, he is sure living up to his mischievous ways! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this year's Halloween and I know I surly did with the kind words.
  10. Is the bottom right taken from this? If not, could I haves?
  11. I believe the reason the Turps lasted longer was because the drop wasn't exactly expected so users weren't around to get them right away. Most of the users know when the DC Birthday is so they were expecting a drop so they went a lot faster.
  12. This has been suggested every new release or in some thread relating to rares. I am almost positive it will never happen. It would take away from being "rare" then. You slow clickers just have to keep trying plus if it did drop for a solid hour, who's to say the fast clickers won't fill up on the rares too?
  13. I have been watching this thread from day one and it was pleasant and nice at first. Everyone was like OMG Congrats and such and that was very nice to read. After awhile some people felt bad they didn't win but you have to realize that the raffle had hundreds of people entering to win. The chances of winning are prolly even less than getting a GON or making it incave. The congrats posts kept coming in but were rather short and less abundant. By now about 5 out of 50 winners have posted and they have prolly received several messages about being on their lists. It was expected for this to happen
  14. That is my Holly's sibling! I was trying to catch that for a friend. http://dragcave.net/lineage/2v0lD
  15. He codes the entire site, so he can practically make his dragons hatch/grow at any time.