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  1. Free Dorkface egg http://dragcave.net/teleport/0945a83de7b24...3e09588442da586
  2. Have Two CB eggs Shimmer? Offers? Make an offer on my DAYDREAM eggs!
  3. Woo hooo. Just got home, have a severe headache, and just need to chill. I caught my first egg a minute ago.
  4. I would love flowers in return Scroll name: yawndream Please take only one. Thank you. All gone. Thank you.
  5. I can't send any flowers. All I get is an error.
  6. OMG Grabby hands. *dies* Must add this to signature. And in keeping on topic so I don't get dinged, yes, people will be falling all over themselves asking for 2nd gens. It's great to sit there with a bowl of popcorn. Perhaps we should use something like that as a raffle in itself.
  7. I quite agree. I think many folks have forgotten this is supposed to be a game of skill and chance. To collect certain breeds and lineages, etc. If you don't have the game pieces required to trade for equal or better game pieces, work harder. Make friends. Have patience.This game works better if you make connections. Folks get excited and forget themselves when new dragons come out. It's to be expected. As a newbie I managed to catch a GB gold. But it bounced because I was egglocked and didn't know it. I still don't have a CB gold. After four odd years, I finally managed to catch my first holly. I gave it away to a 2008 player who didn't have one. (I did have a holly promise from last year that didn't breed in time, and I had no idea if it was happening this year.) I still don't have any 2nd gen tinsels. Maybe someday. It takes work. I really do hope that this is the last giveaway TJ does. However, it's sure to be drama over something else. But you have to admit, it makes the boards interesting while waiting for stuff to hatch and grow up. I do admit I would be outraged if someone won twice. But you know what? Boohoo, too bad. Life isn't fair. Sure, a player has a right to be upset over something like that. Just like no one can tell you how you should feel. Feel the emotion, deal with it, and move on. Here's to more new releases and a new year.
  8. Any word on when the Gingerbread house decorating will end?
  9. Arggh this lag is killing me. The browser is just grinding away. Frozen
  10. Wooohooo! After four years, I finally caught a holly. Thank you Shalarean
  11. While the addition of a rooster would be neat, it doesn't matter to me one way or another. However, I do find great amusement in the arguments against one. (And all other things that aren't dragon.) "This is dragon cave, not rooster cave." Etc. If you look at nature, there isn't just one species to a cave. There are all sorts of creatures, large and small in occupancy. And to replies with "This is dragon cave" well, then why not just dump all the sprites that aren't a dragon? And not allow anything else from now on? And especially that leetle tree. The horror! Get RID of that leetle tree! Sorry. I just had to, because I keep seeing the same arguments for against over and over and over again. If you don't like something, don't collect it.
  12. Okay, what am I doing wrong? Three Halloweens and only one zombie from last year. Everything else crumbled and disintegrated. How is it that people get to play with more than five kills? I guess it's three years of bad luck.
  13. Aggghh.. lol My first! My very first. But it died. I also read somewhere that I can't find now that Spitfires can not be turned. It just may be old information that has not been updated.
  14. Bred 3 Terps One no interest, other two got Terp eggs Marrow x Terp Green Nebula x Terp And here I thought they would be difficult to breed with other dragons like in TJ's description.
  15. hahaha yeah... you're killin' me TJ Quick hatchies, slow growers. wanna see wanna see Because I want to name these little guys.
  16. Eggies! Why do you hatch so fast and grow so slow! Yes, I can't wait to test the theories.... it just suggests the other dragons don't like the stink. I'm going to try to breed one with a CB green Nebula.
  17. http://dragcave.net/teleport/0b231188029ab...aeac15bcdf12dd7
  18. This. What is the point of this wait time? If someone was going to spam the forums, do you think a minute wait would make any difference? Nope. I would also like to see it reduced or even done away with. It makes it very difficult when trading, especially if you have a hodge podge you're working with: CBs, regulars/normals, rares, or metallics. It's just a big pain. P.S. Yeah, the searches are even worse! Why is there a wait time on searches?
  19. Heh... mini pumpkin from Halloween (still solid) empty pepsi bottle hair tie chapstick 2 model drawing heads receipt from oil change lunch plate 7 thumb drives green unicorn statue
  20. You know I would think this entire thing would be automated. It closed at the stroke of midnight, and usually we'd be let in on the joke then. Oh well, I guess we're going to have to wait another day or two and hear it through second and third person on the forums. As usual.
  21. sooo..... a question I pose to the oldies. Is Dinocave real or is it Memorex?
  22. I say we rally the dragons on our scrolls to storm TJ's pixel house in IRC if we don't get Dino cave badges
  23. I've refreshed dinocave.net and it's still there.