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"Don't ask me why I do what I do. Just understand that I do it with a smile" - Zeth, my OClynn_stardragon.pngDragCaveDetective1.jpgfdfemale.gifbannerdevilrfunz9agv8.gifjetaime is a GOD. Now Get On Your Knees And Worship Zer!

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    See something on my scroll you like? Want me to breed it/them for you? Just ask! Depending on what you want, I could even do it for free. Otherwise, consult my Wish-list, as I'll usually ask for something from that.
    Wish-list, for my sanity:

    1) NEGLECTEDS <- At least one each of the 3 genders. Failing that, 1 male to name Vexen (For SCIENCE!)
    2) CB Metals
    3) CBs of the newer dragons, for breeding projects. [1]
    4) CB Stripes, for lineages.
    5) BSA dragons, for breeding. Priority on CB Purples.
    6) CB/even-gen things for breeding.
    7) Pretty/unusual lineages for breeding gifts.
    8) Offspring of Spriter colored dragons, to stare at their ancestors/for breeding.
    9) Leetle Trees. (More of a reminder to me.)
    10) Tinsels, all colors, that would otherwise go without love, to shelter or re-gift to the needy. (@_@ I WAS GLOMPED! ALL COLORS! THEY HELD ME AT CUTE POINT AND GAVE ME THEIR BABIES! . . . Must. . . breed. . Tin. . . Soldiers. . . *Lineage Idea GET!*).
    11) Blacks (CBs/any lineages, as mates, and to play the Alt lotto).
    12) Vines (CBs/any lineages, as mates, and to play the Alt lotto).
    13) CBs of some of the not as new commons/uncommons, to finish out stock for breeding projects. [2]
    14) Metallics no one else wants, so I can breed them.

    [1] All Non-holiday breeds (plus Val '14s) released in the last year+.
    [2] All Pygmies (other than the originals), Golden Wyverns, TAN Ridgewings, Night Glory (M), Nebulas (Purple and reds, but all colors welcome). Never turn down extra SunSongs, but I do have my minimum CB quota. Same with CB MoonStones, Pillows, Royal Blues and possibly Swallowtails.
    If I don't need CBs of it, or I don't put specifics in a trade post, I'm good with anything, any lineage, as long as it's not an Albino. I'm an inbred/messy shelter. If you need someone to dump unloved eggs/hatchlings on, that's me.

    And if that's not me, odds are I can find someone who would like to be.
    I'm not a fan of freezing. So I'd sooner grow a dragon and release it than freeze or kill it.

    Also, because I'm not likely to ever kill anything, I'm okay with never having a Zombie. They're cute but go against my play-style.