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  1. I've been playing this game for a long time now, and some other games with rare rewards and drops too. For this game, I never even considered a Neglected possible. I was around when prize dragons were new and rare enough that I was able to trade my way into some cb metallics, and I think I actually have caught a few - purely by luck. But otherwise? Yea it honestly is best to sort of give up on a goal like this if it's impeding your fun. I really would recommend against hunting for cb metallics exclusively. I've definitely only caught mine when I was hunting for something else like a tan ridgewing. I would also wait until you have multiple egg slots. Once you grab something where the eggs aren't moving fast, reload immediately to see what replaces it. That's how I usually catch rares, because then I'm in control of the timing of a new drop. Sometimes when I had a wide open scroll and no plans I would just go to the cave and grab things at random to get the eggs moving and see what comes up. Find a reason to collect some commons, start a lineage project. Anything that gets you egg hunting and moving eggs yourself without just endlessly refreshing and waiting for a lucky break. And yea, maybe you'll never get it. No big deal. I'll probably never have a Neglected but that doesn't mean I can't be happy with my collection
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    Prize Central

    Have a 2nd gen bronze shimmer from starsinger, first success from this dragon. Correctly influenced hatchie now. Hoping to trade for my first neglected or other 2nd gen prizes. might accept 2 cb silvers. Trade Link :)
  3. I'm guessing Faberge maybe because they're so ornate
  4. I have no idea where to post this and don't want to start a topic. I can never seem to settle on a way to sort my dragons. I'd be happy with one of the auto sorts for breed or colour but I want to have ~20 featured dragons always featured at the top. Is there any way to have a partial manual-custom-sort with one of the automatic ones?
  5. I'd like a banner please! Eggs: Leetle Tree sprites? Is it possible? I feel like I've seen it already, but I can't find it anywhere. Starting Color: Valentines, ending on Halloween maybe? Another suggestion if I can: Eggs: in addition to the Yellow/Orange, a Brown to Beige gradient. So I guess tan ridgewing, ochre, some coppers, bronze metallics, spitfire, maybe even salt - anything else that suits the gradient Starling Color: you pick! Gah I'd like to come back again when I pick out a list of personal favourite egg sprites..I hope it's not too much! I've been looking for exactly this kind of banner all today and I just happened to see it in someone's siggy after I gave up searching haha :3 Beautiful work!
  6. Your post did have a slight air of "telling off" to me but it's always hard to tell. I'm just throwing in my theory that people aren't really doing it for any purpose other than to watch it happen. I mean, I suppose I could've made a few people angry enough to target me in the past, but at this point it'd have to be a 2 year grudge causing someone to viewbomb me. So it's just interesting. to Raindear - i'm happy to see so many responses on the poll. i was afraid this thread would only be seen by people who go looking for it but I'd say given the number of "nos" the thread is definitely warning people of the possiblity. And probably alerting other interested viewbombers that a thing is starting and they should hop on the bandwagon But hey, you take the good with the bad. I've just watched this same thing happen to other websites that were virtually unmarred by the asses that reside in the rest of the web, it's happening right now on Goodreads.
  7. Dude i'm just musing, i posted about having the exact same problem a few pages back. Of course the thread should exist, I just think people don't need to put too much thought into the whys of who is getting targetted. This is just the rest of the tools on the internet coming to DC and I think we should all batten down some hatches because I don't doubt that we'll see steadily more of this in months to come.
  8. Yeah this thread must be golden for any interested viewbombers. Really all we're doing is making it easier for us all to be trolled by them. Because tht's the thing, DC doesn't have to deal with trolls very much. This might actually be the start of a new era on DC where the rest of the internet finally catches up. I think we do the trolls to much or too little credit by assuming they're jealous of us or targetting for specific reasons. I'm guessing that, at least the bulk of it, is just to watch the ensuing chaos - some ofwhich is happening right here.
  9. hey, yeah I don't actually have my scroll name visible on dragon pages. And when I mentioned it on IRC (yes I did do that, but didn't show it) I was under an unknown alias. So in order for someone to find that gold they'd have to have know my scroll name or be targeting me through the forums. And in neither case would it be because of what I said in IRC. I guess the most likely avenue is the trade threads. Anyway I certainly am more cautious now just in that I check them regularly and fog before bed but that's a pretty terrible thing to have to do on a game. Vigiliance is great and all, but it shouldn't be the only solution.
  10. I've noticed this being an issue lately for my scroll as well. Seems to be happening to a lot of people this month.
  11. I was recently view bombed, a shimmer and a cb gold. I caught the cb gold in time the next morning and fogged it with about 500 views (caught it right before bed, showed NO ONE, put it nowhere) And someone viewbombed a shimmer I was holding and hatched it before I had the chance to gender it -.- Nothing died, but that shimmer did gender wrong and when your shimmer collection is as meager as mine it's a big deal Anyway, yea. I didn't put much thought into it, but it's the first time I can remember that happening to me.
  12. Well my lineaged dragons' last names are to indicate which dragons they are to me when I'm breeding them so I don't have to memorize 500+ names Plus it's a practical mock-up of my naming idea I'm using in a novel =D
  13. JUST developing this one actually. First, all my CB dragons have only a first name. Now matter how hard I have to try to get a normal name with no prefix or suffix or number or ideally no mispelling, this will be the only way I name cbs. Any dragons with unattractive lineages (unintentional) will be relegated to the back section of my scroll if not abandoned, or otherwise grouped with their BSA clusters (i have a lot of ugly purples etc) These will have random funny names. Otherwise any nicely lineaged dragon will be named a first name with a last name built out of its lineage. This last name will come from a chart I've thrown together attributing a single appropriate word to each dragon breed. Ex. Tan Ridgewings = Lace Pink Sweetling = Powder So the offspring of a tan and sweet will be something like "Lolita Powderlace" The order of the words in the last name goes father then mother. This will allow me to know the dragons better by their name and my scroll is already sorted by cb, second gens, third gens, etc. I'm also going to make a prefix for staircases and any purebred dragons just get the second word "Pure" so a pb tan ridge, instead of being "Lacelace" will be "Purelace" I know it's convoluted, but it's only for my benefit (though I do plan to draw up the chart in googledocs and link it in my profile lol) and I wanted something unique that would be guarenteed to sound good in any combo. Plus I have a lot of downtime at work. And I have a bit of a thing for listing/organizing things...
  14. i had no internet until a couple days ago so i have a tiny selection to work with http://dragcave.net/wreath/twistedutopia but I like mine so far. :3
  15. All I've seen are marrows that have been bred to 6th or 7th gen ugly partners.
  16. NUUU my ridgies! My lineage projects! *sob* all my plans and trades and pending ious... *plots to determine tj's favourite thing and take it from him*
  17. I'm a tinsel because I'm extremely popular even though I have no personality Actually ^ that started as a joke but often i intentionally give people no reason to want to be around me and yet they still do. Okay anyway in descending order of likelihood: Night Glory - based on looks alone though I do have very good night vision and I like to blend in a lot even though I also like bright colours. Ribbon Dancer - again just looks though I AM cheerful at christmas which is the only thing said about this dragon haha. Spitfire - Because I like creating and I'm extremely private about my space so I can see that translating into territoriality lol. Thunder - I'm so fascinated by thunder storms, my entire life I've wanted to be up in the clouds when they're happening. Tan Ridgewing - Mountains are my ideal home and I'm quite fond of flowers and games. Ultimately I'm a weird amalgamation of all of them but due to colours and daintyness and locale I'll probably be a Ridgewing.
  18. gah! kingsdaughter613 If you're not going to go by the "spoilers in white" rule at least type the title to which you're referring first so someone can scan on by I hadn't had anything else spoiled for me in this entire thread. I mean I know I can't reasonably complain about spoilers on a thread like this but I didn't have that problem with anyone else's post. Not that I really enjoyed the Narnia books but I've been enjoying the movies :/ Anyway lots of jaw droppers in Harry Potter, LOTS. Mockingjay as well. I was SHOCKED at the big twist in City of Bones, but I wasn't too shocked at how that turned out in the end. I was surprised about lots of other stuff there though. I had a rather different kind of shock at the end of Brisignr too because I STILL didn't know he decided to write a 4th book. I was also very surprised at many things in the Gemma Doyle trilogy, most of all the ending. John Dies at the End is another good book for plot twists. In fact every other page contains one and the book is so messed up that I honestly can't remember if the title is telling the truth Oo
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    The saddest books

    Mockingjay is indeed a very grim book. I did cry when I read Where the Red Fern Grows. I did not find Hush Hush to be particularly sad at all though. I know there were plenty of horse and kitty and probably more dog stories when I was little - but I don't remember specifics. Tuck Everlasting really depressed me in grade 6. Another is called Incantation by Alice Hoffman and that was very moving to me. It's about a jewish girl living in a catholic town during the Spanish Inquisition. It's a quick read and really quite lovely, you should pick it up. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan is quite grim. I didn't like it a whole lot to be honest but it was certainly one of the saddest books I've read. La Princetta (The Princess and the Captain) by Anne-Laure Bondoux has quite a depressing final third and it came out of nowhere. I probably felt most sad at the end of this one. Gone (series) by Michael Grant is quite upsetting to read, even though I'm 23 he makes it very easy to sympathize with a city full of kids aged 14 and younger after everyone older disappears. It's a pretty weak premise but the way he writes about a 5 year old who just wants his mommy is heart wrenching. But I'm surprised no one else has mentioned how sad Harry Potter can get at times. The first time he had a proper birthday (simply by receiving 3 birthday cards) he was so happy I almost cried at how pathetic it was. And so many chapters from the 7th book like Godric's Hollow or The Prince's Tale, and The Forest Again... I'll be honest, when I opened the 7th book for the first time the dedication made me cry, but still those chapters are stuffed with raw emotion. Anyway, exempting a couple books by Lurlene MacDanial that my friends forced on me ages ago (I remember nothing) that's about as sad as I tend to read myself.
  20. I'm so sorry if i'm repeating anyone, I just don't have time right now to poke through the whole thread... I LOVE this idea and would like to repeat others in saying as long as it can be reversed if you choose. Maybe I don't perma mate many of my cb dragons, but when I have a special lineage and go through weeks (or more) of trying to find its perfect mate of COURSE they're perma mated. But what I'd like to add is that on the dragon's info Page it should include "Permanently Mated to: _____" right above the "view children" link. or something cuter like "Hopelessly in Love with: ______"
  21. waaaahoooo *scurries off to plan gorgeous and infuriating rare/rare lineages*
  22. me toooo lovely colours and little bitty sprite :3
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    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    I actually had a nebula egg disappear but then I got an ice egg from a pair that had been stingy before the data loss. So that works. I also lost a trade that I had kinda regretted anyway ... now the dragon has grown up so no time be indecisive either
  24. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cameo_%28carving%29 It's defined as a relief image (in which the forground is actually standing out from the background) carved in a single colour with a contrasting backdrop. Most commonly seen as a white profile of a woman's face with a green, red, blue or black backdrop. Anyway, on topic. Anon's egg is my favourite. That was even before I saw the fishy. It's so simple I love it! I hope the mysterious spriter knows their egg is loved..