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watari.png 517k12.gif25k56cl.gif 2iroket.gif6Kd6SUv.gifhpKPIBK.pngXPZQFpQ.pngCurrently looking for a CB egg with either "sky" or some form of "pacific" in its code.Request breeding is indefinitely on hold.

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    The Land of A Thousand M00fins
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    -Shimmer with EG, NOT stairstep lineage
    -CB Silver or male hatchie
    -CB Gold
    -CB Horses
    -CB Hooktalons
    -CB Anagallis
    -Neglected (which is never gonna happen)
    -2nd gen Holly (which is also never gonna happen)
    -A whole buttload of Sunrises
    -A low gen silver or bronze Shimmerscale
    -Silly coded eggs/hatchies
    -Ridonkulously long lineage-d eggs

    I often give rare and uncommon eggs to the Giving Tree when I find suitable owners for them. As of March 13, I am now a breeder for Breeding, Gifting (link in signature). PLEASE follow their rules and requesting guidelines.
    If you are interested in my even-gen project or my Blusang x Gold Wyvern lineage, feel free to PM me. I will not give to users with too many unnamed dragons.

    As of June 7 2013, I will now take a small number of breeding requests for those who ask nicely. For now I'm going to keep the list for the following metallics at 2 spots each since I don't know when my breeding luck will run out:

    Gold (non-Tinsel)

    Silver (non-Tinsel)

    Gold Shimmer (from Geumseol Menoth)

    Gold Shimmer (from Lung Ying Jassith)

    Silver Shimmer (from Echoes in the Deep)

    Bronze Shimmer (from Aquila's Unbelievable Filly)

    Number of successfully completed requests: 3
    Number of pending requests: 0

    PLEASE DO NOT ASK ABOUT HOLLY BREEDING FOR 2015. I have not yet decided how I want to gift the eggs. Please note that I won't accept offers for them.

    -I am only taking requests AFTER June 7. If you PM'd me before then, your previous request will not be honored, and you must request again.
    -You may request any non-holiday species (with the exception of Zombie, Neglected, and CB only species of course) that I have.
    -IF YOU ARE RUDE, I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO IGNORE YOUR REQUEST. I absolutely hate people who don't say please or thank you.
    -I do not have a limit on how many of a kind of species you can have to be on a list, but I will only breed you a maximum of 3 eggs of a rare species and 5 of an uncommon species. You can request as many eggs of a common species as you want.
    -You can only request one egg of a species at a time, but you can request multiple species at the same time (e.g. you can't request 3 Silver dragons at once, but you can request 1 Silver, 1 Black, and 1 Horse)
    -You will be given 24 hours to collect your egg once it is bred, otherwise the egg will be donated or given to the next person in line
    -Once given an egg you can do whatever you want with it (zombie/neglected attempt, vampire bite, etc.) just DON'T RELEASE IT INTO THE WILD WHEN IT'S AN ADULT, I really hate that
    -WHEN REQUESTING please specify:

    Special lineage requested?
    Is inbreeding acceptable?
    If you don't answer whether inbreeding is acceptable or not, I am going to assume it is.

    Other things to keep in mind:
    -I work 2-10PM cave time except Mondays and Tuesdays so please be patient
    -Though I try my best, some of my rarer dragons are inbred, so please be sure to specify whether inbreeding is acceptable or not if you don't want an inbred dragon
    -If I go on hiatus, I will make note on here and breeding will be closed temporarily
    -I only have so many Magi dragons so my breeding list will be small for now

    You can also find me on MagiStream under the same username.