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  1. It also doesn't help if you want to freeze unbreedables like chickens. Or rares, where you might have to breed for months just to be able to get 'lucky' and grab an infertile egg. And also, it brings up the problem of- what do you do when you get the infertile egg you want to keep, but then get more? Do you just have to boot them straight to the graveyard, or do they stay stuck on your scroll forever? Not to mention the fact that it would be adding another chance of failure to breeding. (Can you imagine the amount of infertile eggs you'd get after a mass breed?)
  2. Oh god no, please don't add eggs to the hatchie freezing limit. Restraint is all well and good but the main thing I have left to complete my sets are hatchlings, which means I often end up sitting around and twiddling my thumbs waiting while my slots come back, which is REALLY fun. If eggs got added to the total freeze slots it'll just be more of 'play for a few days, then go sit in the corner and wait till you can play again!' (and yes, I try and pass the time by collecting odds and ends, but that bores me to tears within a day. Being able to tick off sets is where the fun is for me!)
  3. Yes, I'd love an option to collect eggs. And please, no limits on how many we can collect! If I want to collect and army of Albino eggs, or Batuta eggs, or whatever eggs I like, then I would very much like to do that. If people want limits, then just do what has been suggested- must hold the egg for x number of hours, and have a set number of slots per week. Simple!
  4. Only really skimmed the topic, but I would absolutely support this 100%. I play a LOT on my phone, and its a pain typing on it- I'd much, much prefer the option to just click the BSA and go. If I screw up and use the wrong BSA on the wrong thing, then hey, that's on me.
  5. An idea for those who are concerned about potentially not being able to catch anything if there were no limits- slightly tweak the proposal. So: Year 1 - Release year, everyone can only collect 2 or 4, depending on limits. Year 2 - Year after release, everyone can collect ANOTHER 2 or 4, but it is still limited. Possibly add to marketplace as well? Year 3 - Second year after release, no limits and everyone can go wild. Also possibly add to marketplace? That way, you have two whole years where everyone is on a level playing field and you have a very good chance at getting the eggs you need. And no one can then complain that they can't catch eggs if they miss two years of releases; two years of a chance is plenty of time (and I say that as someone who HAS missed two years of events before!) I really like the idea of a constant biome as well. If you had a constant biome, with marketplace purchases, then I can't see how anyone could miss getting CB's without just not coming on the site at all.
  6. Heartseeker Wall 2: Revenge of the Hatchlings
  7. Now to spend another day waiting for the Sakahuna wall to slowly creep by xD
  8. Honestly, I'd be happy with anything that increases chances at this point. I'd love to be able to get more than one or two zombies a year, even when I'm killing a whole dang cave's worth of dragons to get those one or two.
  9. This was working for a short period, and it was lovely staying logged in on my phone and home computer. Now it has sadly stopped letting me stay logged in. I'd love if there was a 'trusted devices' list so I can have my phone, my work computer, and my home computer logged in just for the convenience of not having to log in all the time. (And as an aside for the 'safety' arguments; honestly, if someones getting onto my devices I'm going to be more worried about my bank account than my pixel dragons!)
  10. Absolutely this- I actually find low gens and clean lineages pretty boring, and since the vast majority of the eggs in the AP at the moment are either 2nd gen this or that, or some sort of 'step' lineage, I've just been hatching and releasing. I love walking back through long, messy lineages, there's so much history there! I loved the messy breeding this year, it was an excellent trick/treat, just a shame to see sour grapes about it- oh well. More cuties for me! xD
  11. I will absolutely be breeding my trollomens next year so they are even messier, and I'm sure others who caught them will as well- hoprfully there's a chance to grab more next year!
  12. I'm not seeing many Omens anymore, but there is the odd Arcana going past, so you might be able to grab one! The messy Omens have ended up taking over my scroll, and now I'm scouring through the AP to get a collection of messy, messy halloween dragons with spriters alt's in their lineages (somewhere). Got one of the shadow walkers and the pumpkin, so it's off to a good start!
  13. I think it's because so many eggs are just *sitting* for hours at a time. And right now, no one wants any more Shadow Walkers, or Black Marrows, or Cave Lurkers...everyone just wants the newer releases to finish their collections. So even though there's ~80 people sitting in the AP, it's 78 searching for a specific breed, and 2 just grabbing the odd egg to hatch. So you have lots of eggs sit and time down, which impacts every other egg behind the wall, which ends up with lots of eggs going critical orz
  14. Look at it this way- you now have some unique, beautiful dragons with rich histories, and you can always grab more CB eggs next halloween! Also, got my final messy omen and it's from the spicy hotdog, I'm so happy <333 https://dragcave.net/lineage/RbYiP Gonna put this pride of place on my scroll, the world needs to see these wonderful creatures
  15. I would honestly laugh if it was. This poor thing getting thrown back because it's not ugly enough lmao
  16. Grabbed another Omen...but it was a pb second gen. Back to the AP with you 😠 Messies only on this scroll 😠
  17. Threw out a bunch of my cb eggs that I caught, foolishly thinking I had no more need for free egg slots, and in the time it took me to boot those useless freeloaders to the curb all the beautiful messies were adopted ;.; why.exe (but seriously thank you for breeding these beautiful babies, this was fun as heck <3)
  18. https://dragcave.net/lineage/9JCdu IT'S GONNA BE BEAUTIFUL I need to find my ugliest inbred dragon for this beautiful baby. Make a lineage so tangled it takes an army of geanologists a lifetime trying to decode it
  19. I'm crying from the memes and from the fact that I've used all up my freezing slots so I can't freeze any messy omens I grab I'll just have to let it grow up and then breed it even messier next year >:3c
  20. I don't think it's quite hit all the 31st eggs yet; all the eggs I bred late on the 31st haven't hit the AP yet, but they should be (hopefully) hitting in two hours). So there may be more Omens on the way!
  21. I'm desperately rummaging through all the AP eggs to try and find any remaining Omen eggs, but I don't hold much hope at this point xD Oh well, at least I completed my adult set for them. Next year will be hatchies!
  22. Supporting all of this. I collect two adults, two S2 hatchlings and an S1 hatchling, so if I want to complete my zombie collection I am going to be stabbing a LOT of dragons. Frankly, the thought of spending literal years churning through masses of dragons, jumping multiple hoops of dodging and having to choose the PERFECT time to revive just is frustrating as hell. Honestly, if there was a 'bite' BSA that zombie dragons had that only turned up on Halloween or something, or you had better odds with the more zombies you kill, I'd be over the moon. I mean, better odds would make sense in-game as well- if you are practising necromancy practically every month, than it makes sense that you'd get better at raising zombies instead of disintegrating your dragons. Just, ANYTHING that I could actively work towards, to help improve my chances, rather than just hoping RNG doesn't kick me while I'm down. (And from this halloween- 1 zombie out of 6 attempts, so now I'll have to grab yet more fodder.)
  23. One out of five, but my one was a pygmy eastern so it could have been worse.
  24. Anyone else getting errors when they try and go to the caves? EDIT: Pfft, second I post that everything goes back to normal xD
  25. Joined 2008 and have been playing on and off since then. I'm still bummed out that I missed the 2017 Valentines and Halloween events, just because I wish I could have collected all the badges >.> Still chipping away at the collection, though. One day, I'll have it finished!