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  1. Tallied up my eggs bred previously! Reds: 27 Pinks: 16 Oranges: 6 Aeons: 2 Bolts: 6 Rares: 2 Copper, 2 Gold Florets, 5 Zyus, 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Xenos. I'll have to start collecting more Aeons to try and have a decent pool for a mass breed next time!
  2. It might not help you, but it's definitely helping the people that find them in the AP 😋 Bred all my prizes yesterday and unfortunately got very little; I'll breed my BSA's and my metals today to join in with the mass breed EDIT: Bred my lot and got a bundle of eggs! Will count later. Also managed to get another gold and two silvers out of my metals and off to the AP to be extra-exciting for whoever finds them among all the BSA's!
  3. I'd love a reminder too; I've only got a handful of messy SAltkin and thuweds, but better than nothing!
  4. Thank you for the reminder! Got 4 prizes out of my handful (2 Shims and 2 Tins), and also dropped off 2 Silvers and 4 Avatars. Excited to see how many prizes we can get out into the world this time!
  5. After about ten dodges, all five of my potential zombies disintegrated Gotta love that zombie hunting pain!
  6. I just track my completion list on my spreadsheet; colour-coded because I track things much easier that way xD https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sTnWVaxFCSe1qAvpPvGJD5JCCrGoVpiCEwemn48AIpU/edit?usp=sharing It certainly helps me keep track of where I am up too!
  7. I'd love to join again as well, and would love a reminder!
  8. You can also make checklists on Google Sheets to keep track of your dragons; that's how I keep track of where I am up to with my collection! Its free and easy to use 😁
  9. I'd say leave the limit at one, but 90% of that is because I still don't have a leetle and can't catch one for the life of me orz Saying that, if they were to be tradeable if the limit lifted, then I would be for a raised limit/ no limit. That way people like me who cant catch them can at least trade for one.
  10. I did a mini mass-breed as well of my albinos, and (as far as I can tell) they all went through in one go and have been picked up. So not sure if it's 'fixed', or is something that only affects very large volumes of eggs bred.
  11. Stuffed my pockets full, excited to see what these guys look like!
  12. Just in time to push the AP back to the 4 day mark! Can't wait to be able to catch instahatchable eggs again
  13. Yeah, scaling costs sounds like a good idea; 10k is an insane amount. I'd argue against only allowing one change or putting time limits on it; the price will be enough of a balance. Plus it would suck if you chose a name and then quickly realised you wanted something else, but then have to wait 6-12 months for no reason. Theres no need to punish people for wanting to change names!
  14. Got another Wyvern zombie for anyone that needs it! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Rhor0
  15. Finally got another turn! 4 disintegrations, and a whole bunch of dodges :V https://dragcave.net/view/Rhor0
  16. I did a breed of all my Albino's- probably not enough to wall, but there should be some nice dragons in there for people!
  17. Sure, seems like a good idea and a good fit for Cassares! Support!
  18. I'm working on a Pipio x Mariner lineage- all the birb dragons!! Still just collecting CB's right now but excited to start on the 2nd gens 😀
  19. Multi! Clutch! Multi! Clutch! Multi! Clutch! I actually forgot multicultching had been removed, but I miss it. Let me multiclutch my albinos
  20. Alt. Sweetling x Black Marrow. So beautiful, but only a handful of people could actually do it ; . ;
  21. Support the ability to change name and heavily disagree with the 'just start over!!!' argument. I've spent the better part of a decade building my scroll, I'm not going to dump it (also, if I'm not mistaken that in itself could be seen as multiscrolling, which is against the rules!). I would, however, love to be able to change my scroll name as I chose it a loooooooong time ago and haven't used that UN anywhere for nearly as long. And for the 'scamming' argument; if a scammer is that interested in being a turd, they aren't going to have second thoughts about multiscrolling and cheating. Tracking names isn't going to help out much when the other party just jumps to another scroll.... Ideas for changing names could be: purchasable on the market for a large amount (idk, something like 10k shards) so that people can't change names every other day, or name changes could be purchased via Real Money in the same way ad blocking is. An idea for tracking name changes that could fit in lore- when someone has changed their name, the line ' You pick up the scroll labeled “x,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them' could have an extra line after saying something like 'You notice the previous crossed out names for this scroll', with the bolded section being a link to a small note of their previous names, if tracking name changes is that important!)
  22. Absolutely this! I have been locked at 24/24 eggs for a good few weeks now from all the instahatchable eggs going through the AP, and am only now starting to have slots free because AP time is going back up again. Low-time messy AP eggs are perfect for zombie attempts!
  23. Dang, nevermind then. And yeah, I feel it would be a decent option just to cover any future 'limits have been raised but we want them to be raised again' scenarios.
  24. Wonderful! Now I can talk about dragons on two channels! xD
  25. Apologies if this has already been suggested, but: What if you changed the limit to 2 CB's per year rather than 2 CB's total? That way you still ensure that newbies can catch the holiday eggs they want, while allowing players to catch as many CB's as they like- just over a couple years instead of in one season.