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  1. I saw the AP times were getting a bit high, thanks Firefury! Hopefully this pushes things back down!
  2. Lady luck smiled on me today and gave me 2/5 turns! And both were rare subtypes as well- a pygmy seawyrm and an eastern two-headed!! Super pleased with these two, will have to breed some more to build up my stocks again https://dragcave.net/view/S3mNP https://dragcave.net/view/sYNxP
  3. Wonderful! Thanks Kiramaru! Thats a weight off my mind
  4. Does anyone know how much longer is left? Only got twenty and hoping to finish them off today!
  5. Got incredibly lucky this time, and 2 of my 6 turned! Got a drake and an amphitere ❤️
  6. I'll join in too and throw in my little lot of Reds for the holiday
  7. I've gotta disagree with them loosing their 'special' factor if they got easier to make. The 'special' factor for Neglected's hasn't dropped since people figured out how to turn eggs, the 'special' factor of prizes hasn't dropped despite anything past 3rd gen being fairly easy to get now, the 'special' factor of CB holidays hasn't vanished despite people now having the opportunity to catch CB's each year in the holiday biome. Zombies won't suddenly become worthless because they are more attainable, and frankly I'll still love my undead dragons just as much as I do now even if I could whip up a bunch easier. Zombies are already 'special' in that they can't be traded, can't be bred, and can't be acquired without you killing dragons for it. Giving zombies the ability to make more by biting would INCREASE their appeal imo. They go from 'god I'm going to have to smother another three sets of hatchlings just to get this last dang variant' to 'oh boy, one of my zombies is ready to bite again! I'm going to find the perfect candidate!' And going 'oh it's easy now because we just have to bite on the 31st!' is a cop out. That's 7 chances A YEAR, in which you need to be reviving at night, for a slightly increased chance. God forbid you have a job, or live in an awkward timezone and struggle to get online in those hours. And if you weren't able to plan out 3 weeks in advance to have a scroll full of dead hatchlings and 10 dead adults, then congrats! You get 5 chances. Enjoy getting mad when they all disintegrate, and you have to wait for the next 31st.
  8. Late, but just saw this and figured it couldn't hurt to add some extras in Got out 63 eggs of different breeds, some 2gs and messies in there for those hunting that!
  9. Have: curled black alt S1 Want: sitting black alt S1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/a23c86f2e6e8a645a64965506cb01022
  10. Have: curled black alt S1 Want: sitting black alt S1 https://dragcave.net/teleport/a23c86f2e6e8a645a64965506cb01022
  11. I still think the best solution is to fix the main reasons behind (seemingly) some/most of the walls (wonky ratios) instead of just slapping a bandaid on the problem and calling it done. Besides, the solutions proposed have a good chance of not fixing walls anyway; change it so that you only see one line of eggs per breeder, and now instead of having to breed enough Celestials or Blacktips or Canopies or whatever to fill the whole AP, you just need to breed enough to fill one line of the AP. Convince a few friends to join in and also breed enough to just fill one line, and ta da, you now have a walled AP from 5 breeders instead of 1. And instead of needing to collect a thousand dragons to wall, you only need to collect a hundred or so. Honestly, all I can see happening is instead of a wall of one or two breeders, we get walls of multiple breeds that people aren't super interested in; so a line of celestials, a line of blacktips, a line of nocturnes, etc. Then people come back and complain about the AP still being walled, because the reasons walls were being made in the first place are still there. Personally, I'd try and get ratios fixed, and THEN see if walls are still a huge problem. If they aren't, great! If they are, then absolutely we come back and see how to fix it. (I really really like option 9 for adding incentives to raise eggs.You could even look at stuff like 'hatch 1000 AP eggs for a random prize dragon' or something- probably already discussed during the previous threads as well)
  12. I agree with cyradis. If you want walls to be (mostly) stopped, then solve the root problem instead of just getting rid of the symptoms. And I can say for #3- as someone who has been motivated to 'spite breed' before, I got maybe 10 dragons in before going 'why am I wasting my time with this? I can be doing literally anything else right now' and closing the tab. Even if you just solve the ratio problems, you'll knock a good chunk of massbreeders out. I also really like the suggestion to kick caveblockers to the AP as well- I know it has been suggested before in different ways (I still miss the mossy eggs suggestion....) and I still think it's a great idea. Not many people want a CB canopy at 7 days, but a CB canopy at 4 days or less is suddenly a lot more attractive!
  13. Absolutely supporting this. I'm not huge into breeding projects, so once I had picked up the dragons I needed from last year to finish collections, I basically just...stopped playing until the holidays were over and I could grab non-holiday eggs again.
  14. Agree hard with this. And want to add on as well that it gets harder and harder to remember what egg is which as we get more dragons in the game; there is a limit to how much we can remember! Also seconding the idea of 'we are already recording things'- it always struck me as strange that we take meticulous notes on the hatchlings, the adults, and sometimes their diet, behavior, appearance etc etc but straight up forget to write what the egg looks like.
  15. I'm still all for 2 CB's per year, but honestly I think even if they went unlimited people would still be able to catch eggs, even with slow connections. I have fairly crappy rural internet (in australia, no less!) and I don't have too much trouble catch new releases, even on Halloween- though I do also have the advantage of being online during DC's dead times. While I have missed drops in the past (even limited CB drops, like the original sweetlings) the cave has changed so much now that catching on the holidays is fairly doable. And we do also now have the actual problem of the holiday biome getting clogged up on limited events because no one can pick up another '09 Val, regardless of if they want to or not.
  16. Loving the new update for grabbing AP eggs on mobile, its so great! Will have to grab the new eggs later, I've got AP hunting to do xD
  17. AP biomes does sound like a decent idea- heck, if you can't split by biome, you could incorporate some of the filtering ideas posted here and have the AP split between CB/ bred eggs. Not sure how it would work with lore, but eh. That way, if the bred biome is blocked, people can hop over to the CB biome and have a browse. I do like the idea of basing what biome AP an egg would be in though by where CB versions of that egg are found. No to pagination because that's just letting people cherry pick, and while I really would not like limiting eggs by breeder viewed, if it HAD to be that it would be tolerable if it could be a whole row or two per breeder. That would absolutely impact gameplay for Thuwed, SAlts and prize mass breeds though- you'd just have to figure out where the line of breeder specific eggs is and then bingo, you only have to look at three eggs or one row for those eggs instead of the whole page. If that would be a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not sure.
  18. Honestly, I'd still love it to be a mechanic similar to summoning GoN's; the more you have, the easier it is. Mostly by the reasoning of, the more you practice raising the dead, the better you get at it! If this was bolstered by much, MUCH more improved odds for zombies on Halloween, making zombies would end up being an actual goal you can work towards instead of a 'kill dozens of dragons for the slim hope of getting a zombie'. But I would 100% support no dodging on Halloween, or just no dodging in general. It's such a bad mechanic that really doesn't add to gameplay at all.
  19. Tallied up my eggs bred previously! Reds: 27 Pinks: 16 Oranges: 6 Aeons: 2 Bolts: 6 Rares: 2 Copper, 2 Gold Florets, 5 Zyus, 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Xenos. I'll have to start collecting more Aeons to try and have a decent pool for a mass breed next time!
  20. It might not help you, but it's definitely helping the people that find them in the AP 😋 Bred all my prizes yesterday and unfortunately got very little; I'll breed my BSA's and my metals today to join in with the mass breed EDIT: Bred my lot and got a bundle of eggs! Will count later. Also managed to get another gold and two silvers out of my metals and off to the AP to be extra-exciting for whoever finds them among all the BSA's!
  21. I'd love a reminder too; I've only got a handful of messy SAltkin and thuweds, but better than nothing!
  22. Thank you for the reminder! Got 4 prizes out of my handful (2 Shims and 2 Tins), and also dropped off 2 Silvers and 4 Avatars. Excited to see how many prizes we can get out into the world this time!
  23. After about ten dodges, all five of my potential zombies disintegrated Gotta love that zombie hunting pain!
  24. I just track my completion list on my spreadsheet; colour-coded because I track things much easier that way xD https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sTnWVaxFCSe1qAvpPvGJD5JCCrGoVpiCEwemn48AIpU/edit?usp=sharing It certainly helps me keep track of where I am up too!
  25. I'd love to join again as well, and would love a reminder!