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  1. Very, um, unique dragon. My first impression was that I had no clue what I was looking at. I know where the face is because of the horns, but honestly, the dragon is too busy for my tastes. The long..whatever that is..extending from the side of the body...no clue what that's supposed to be. Also, and I know it's probably just me, the dragon looks like it's in the process of giving birth to some kind of weird, evil caterpillar... O_O
  2. Everything is back for me now, and works.
  3. Ah, glad someone started this conversation...none of the pirate and mummy items are working for me. I can't even see them, all I have are naked hatchlings in the squares with nothing on at all.. ALL of the outfits that did show up on my dragon and on the page, don't show up now and are blank on the page.
  4. Can someone please tell me when Halloween dragons will be breedable? Thanks.
  5. I'm getting the same thing and just came here to ask about it.
  6. Everything on my page is now on the left. My badges are in a straight line, one under the other, on the left. When I look at a dragon lineage, the dragons in the lineage are also one on top of the other in a line on the left. All the biomes are stacked on top of each other on the left side of the page. When I click on a dragon, it's on the left side of the page instead of in the middle, and so is all it's information. Am I the only one dealing with this? What's going on?
  7. Quick question.. I bred one of my Aegis and got two eggs, one of which I kept. The other egg, since it was abandoned, seems to have...disappeared? Died? I checked on the egg, but from the get go, since it was abandoned, I've been getting the same message... 'The dragon you are looking for cannot be found'. Ok. What happened to it? I'm just curious. Thanks for any help.
  8. I wasn't sure where to ask about this, so I'll ask it here.. I just bred a Fell dragon with a Monarch. I noticed that half of the Fell dragon's face is cut out of the lineage, the entire snout.. Can this be tweaked? If not, no biggie, I'll have to live with it, but it just doesn't look right.. Thanks, MM
  9. Awesome release! Thanks. The Ancient dragon is my favorite, hands down. Very, very unique and cool. Thanks much to the artist!
  10. I've completed the mini game a couple of times now and got rid of all the viruses. Nothing happened after that. The counter was at zero and the game just sat there. I wasn't given the choice for good or ill. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. Awesome release! Thank you to all involved. The diamond egg is definitely the winner for beauty, but the 'monarch' hatchling is definitely the more beautiful baby, imo. I love the colors/markings on it. I hope the adults retain it. I can't decide if the diamond baby is red or a very intense pink...
  12. Are the new backgrounds in the biomes already? I can't see them. Anyone else having this issue?
  13. I'm getting a white screen as well when I try to see my dragons.
  14. I love these new dragons, they're very beautiful and wicked as all get out. "Being naughty with an Aegis nearby is never a good thing, because that will set one off into a rage that's hard to quell" By that description, the names of my new boys seems very appropriate...Krampus and Nutcracker. ha ha Excellent release, thank you artists.
  15. What happens if you miss a day? Can the game still be completed? I was really busy and missed yesterday. Now I'm a little lost.
  16. Sometimes my dreams become my reality. Long story short, I took care of my mom for a long time. She had Alzheimers. It was brutal. Enough said. I'm prone to very intense, vivid dreams now and again. I also sleep walk and sleep talk, so that might be related, who knows. About a year and a half before my mom died, I had a nightmare. In the nightmare, I was at this house, but everything was dark, pitch black, but somehow, and I have no clue how, I could still see everything around me. I remember wondering why everything was so dark and feeling uneasy and slightly alarmed. The house was a wreck, an unholy mess. There were empty boxes, trash, all kinds of debris all over the place. My mom was draped across my back with her arms over my shoulders in front. I was holding her arms to keep her secure. My back was bent over trying to hold her up. In the dream it was like she was sleeping and I was carrying her. I remember that I was just standing there, holding my mom up, looking around and having no idea what was going on or why the house was in this dark, ominous state. At that point, I looked across the room and our old neighbor, a good friend of my mom, was standing there watching me. I called her name, but she didn't respond. She turned to her right and disappeared through a side door. At that point, I began picking my way carefully around all this mess, watching where I stepped, trying to avoid busting my ass. I get to the door and stand in the doorway but don't go in. In there, it was pitch black and I couldn't see anything beyond it. I again called our neighbor's name. At that point, a creature, human like but in no way human, rotting, putrid, vile, was suddenly in my face. The vibe coming off that thing let me know I was in trouble. It said, very clearly "Give me your soul". I immediately replied "Never", and it vanished. At that point I woke up. A year and a half later, that scenario, the dark house, the mess, became my reality. No electricity, no lights, no running water, darkness, and brutal cold in the middle of winter. It was the scenario in my dream come to life. That is my reality no longer, thank God. Literally. I have had one or two other dreams like that in my life, where I know they're trying to tell me something and I must listen, but they're extremely rare and not the norm. I find dreams fascinating.
  17. This is crazy. I can't get the page to load at all on the 5 minute drops. As soon as the drop starts the page freezes and stays frozen till the eggs are gone. Last 5 minute drop I couldn't get the page to refresh even once. That is highly unusual for me. I have a great, almost new computer and super fast internet, but tonight the thing might as well be 20 years old and on dial up. I can't get it to move. Obviously, not everyone is having this issue.
  18. This release, for me anyway, is the worst since the Marrows came out. It's like getting a release and seeing blockers mix in within 5 minutes of it. Imo, these new colored eggs shouldn't have blockers mixing in at all at this point at all. Very frustrating. The lag at the top of the hour is bad enough, and I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but the site lags for just a couple seconds for me at each 5 minute drop, which isn't helping. Lag Blockers Misclicks Very few new eggs = Frustrated, angry user base. Yay. The moon phase concept is interesting, but I hope this type of release never happens again.
  19. Amazing dragons. There's nothing I don't love about them. The white dragon is my favorite. The wings on the adults are breathtaking. The shine on them is fabulous. I hope they're rare as hell. lol Based on their description, I'm going to assume that all the other colored eggs can only be had through breeding. It doesn't sound to me like the other colors will be available as CBs. At least, that's how I interpret it. I could be wrong. It would be nice to have CBs of the other colors, but I'm fine with it if they're alts. I'm glad I have 14 of these so far. This is a dragon I'll definitely be hoarding, IF they can still be found later on. If they go the way of so many other dragons, enjoy what you've got because you'll be seeing nothing but blockers from now on. The artist said that she would give us more information on them. I'm looking forward to hearing from her. I'd definitely appreciate knowing whether or not the other colors are breed only, or if CBs will be available as well. Good luck hunting everyone.
  20. Did anyone notice the artist's post? She said that once we have adults, or once TJ has adults, I don't remember, she would give us much more information about the dragons. I would assume that included at least some info on how to get the other colors and when. As soon as I saw her post I quit thinking about it. Everyone will know what's up soon enough so I see no need to sweat bullets over it. *shrug* That being said, all my new babies now have names. All of their names mean 'gold' in other languages. I've got 5 more eggs and two unfortunate misclicks that I'll dump later. I love these. They're very beautiful and the wings are so delicate and pretty. I love how shiny they look too. They remind me of Egypt for some reason. I'm hoping they'll be rares. We haven't had a true rare in years. Happy hunting!
  21. Why don't the Golden and Blue dragons have a frozen hatchling? Does it mean something?
  22. Thanks so much, TJ and the awesome artist(s)that created these beauties! I'm locked with 7 now. These are very interesting. It'll be fun to find out how to get the other 3 colors. I'm hoping these will be rares...I associate 'metallic' with rares...hopefully, that holds true here. We haven't had a true rare in a long, loooong time. If they're not, well, like others have said, there will be a whole lot of misclicks in everyone's future. The baby is adorable, like someone mentioned, it looks like a little dog giving himself a good scratch. lol That EXTRA EGG SLOT you asked us about 20 years ago sure would come in REALLY handy right about now, TJ. And in case you missed it, why YES, we WOULD like and appreciate it! Good luck hunting, everyone!
  23. Just curious...I have a hatchling that will die if it doesn't grow up in 3 days, 9 hours...but it never gendered. Anyone else ever had that happen? It's a first for me.