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  1. Oh yay! ...Glad I stayed up till 3 am....
  2. I came to DC BECAUSE of the date. TJ, you are best troll now. Unless this is real... Seems a bit big for a prank. Maybe the prank is that it's real and it's April Fool's? Probably not.
  3. YEYESYES!!! SO PREETY! ...Now back to egg-nabbing
  4. Oh the insanity.... Like Abbot and Costello in math class, the art teacher calling us "flunkies", and balls getting caught in the gym net. And MR. Z. ALWAYS MR. Z. And a field trip that showed us pictures of rotting albatross skeletons filled with Coke caps to make us feel guilty on the last day of it. Fun. *Insert sarcasm here*
  5. Tara... For me it's blue-green with some sandy brown. Really interesting... I don't know if I've posted on this thread before. I probably have. Whatever. My name (Sasha) is red like tomato paste with the same texture. I usually find tht colors of names are based on the first letter, but sometimes it changes.
  6. American candy: Sour Patch Kids. But really.... RUSSIAN CANDY IS THE BEST!!! Especially Shipuchka. It is SO GOOD. I actually am eating one right now... It's hard candy filled with sour powder, and if you suck on it long enough the powder fizzes out from the sides. It's really sour, but the candy's sweetness counteracts it. Also: Cardboard houses filled with candy at new year. Best thing ever.
  7. Messy, and the walls are covered with art and junk. Books piled EVERYWHERE.
  8. I love tea. Coffee disgusts me... There's a tea shop in my area, so I get all my *high quality* tea there. Either that or trader joe's. I actually once spent a hundred bucks on tea. Yep... I like green and oolong. Also Lapsang Souchong.
  9. I just gotz a tinsel... Dropping good eggs = profit! I can't wait to see what the new ones look like... the egg's so nice.
  10. THE EGGSIES ARE SOOOO PWETTY! Both on my first try!!!
  11. YELLOW SUBMARINE. The Beatles. 'Nuff said.
  12. Update: Art. I have skill now, somewhat. I am changing the name.
  13. omahgawsh so CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! I was literally SQUEALING.
  14. I got 2 crazy-swirls. A pygmy. A hellfire. And a random BBW. And now I'm locked. Well... I'll just wait 6 frickin' hours. But YAY!
  15. HIIII! Sorry that I haven't been on... Wonderful I have some art here to PROVE I can use my tablet. I don't know how skilled I am, that's up to you... but I like the iguana personally. Enjoy! Please... I need some requests. The iguana is frowning. But he gives his love.
  16. Weird... Grawlix? ~The eggplant was known as the mad apple and was thought to cause madness. ~The three REAL primary colors are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. ~Tae Kwon Do Means "The Art of Kicking and Punching." Karate means "Empty Handed." ~The universe is thought to have expanded faster than the speed of light in the big bang.
  17. Have: Treenessiness B'Loony B'Ouncy Rocket Age Queenlynx Want: Sitting on a Cornflake (I would appreciate Queenlynx for that? If you don't like that look at my scroll and find a name that you like and I don't mind giving up. The ones listed are the top of this post are Names of Least Concern.) Kingsley (NEED THAT!) Birds of Paradise Also, Hibini, your banner's ready!
  18. I read the post, I just forgot. Thanks and sorry.
  19. Hi, Reah!I would like to request a snake (when you get back). Type: The sharp-winged one (batwing). Base: Lemon Yellow Stripes: Alternating hot pink and bright orange Reference, since it's my favorite scheme and I had this on my computer. thanks! Also, do you have any advice on tail tips? I have no idea how to make them look right. Thanks again!
  20. FINALLY!!!!!! Here is your banner, Hibini. Tell me if you want it with a different font, please specify if yes. Code: [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=110452][IMG=http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/154/1/7/banner_for_hibini_name_traders_by_milkymoon101-d3hzpny.jpg][/URL] Sorry I took SOOO dead long.
  21. N: 2/10 uncap w/ numbers. I know I have numbers *hypocrite face* but still Sorry. Too short. S: 7/10 organized and yet random. Nice. A: 3/10 Ummm....? Please explain ratings.
  22. I am pretty much done with your banner, Hibini. But I can't post till at least tomorrow, since my computer's hard drive is kaput and won't be fixed till tomorrow. Sorry. Currently on my mom's computer, saying that to avoid confusion. EDIT: Also, Athy, Corel was not lagging whatsoever. Does it have to do with pc/mac differances? Or am I an idiot?