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  1. I have 35 items! If there really are 37 someone tell us where to find the others if you have them I re-cllicked everything :/
  2. LOVE IT! It is such a unique feature Love both sprites. I'll probably swap between angry and passive sprite a lot come Halloween zombie time!
  3. Toss up for me. I would not say no to a new release but I have tons of Val breeding to do.... *eyes wall of Radiant angels without mates........*
  4. Just Bred a 2nd Gen Shimmer for Infinis and did not realize I was egg locked.....I want to die x.x!!! I will breed whoever finds it a replacement egg with a mate of their choice for it's safe return ;o;!!!!
  5. Omg!!!! LOVE the new dragons! Bonus is they are made by my two favorite spriters!!!!! Congrats Odeen and Birdz! I am dying to see the adults!
  6. Yay got my six! Off to influence and incubate. Now hopefully I can trade for two more later to get my even set ^^!
  7. Crossing my fingers that I can manage to get all the treats. Wish I didn't have work tomorrow !
  8. I am somehow alive...just got here though. So much to do D: I have to work tomorrow so I probably won't finish in time but oh well
  9. Reidragon

    Flight Rising

    It also depends on the person too :3 I personally am not a fan of crystal. Even if a crystal dragon was given to me I'd likely exalt it :x Just not a fan at all. I like facet though
  10. Reidragon

    Flight Rising

    That's okay! I am willing to give you a discount on her. I know what it's like when you're new. Send me a crossroads and you can have her for 15k :3! (My username is Elysia friend me anyone who would like to ) Ah I see you just updated. Nevermind she is still available to anyone interested :3
  11. Reidragon

    Flight Rising

    Are you interested in her? I just sold her brother the ice/sky male. I'm just holding him till the person is able to clear out lair space :3 I might have my double shadow mirror sold too. Yay! I love when we get fresh users. Exhalting such pretty dragons always makes me sad.
  12. Reidragon

    Flight Rising

    Not at all I accepted <3 See you around FR! Also P.S I have some dergs for sale if anyone is interested. They are all 2nd gen as well if that matters to anyone. I will give big discounts to newbies otherwise all are in the auction house. As you can see I love me some simple pretty dergs. Mine are not too jazzed
  13. Reidragon

    Flight Rising

    Hi all new FR players :3! I am Elysia on FR. Feel free to send me a friend request if you like.
  14. Got the last egg I needed and it was the nautilus shell egg. Whoever made it thank you so much. I work in an aquarium and I love our nautilus. Cute little cephlapods
  15. Omg I got an enderman egg.. My net life is complete....*hugs it* Thanks TJ. Whoever made the enderegg has my undying devotion.
  16. My gems hatched out all red time to load up on more. I want a blue so bad!
  17. I care. I wanted to start an alternating prize color line and I now realize that I can't because of this feature. Total support for egg color to be random. Not the same color every time. D: My project will be impossible without alternating color as most of the parents for the project will be trades and as such non replaceable should they throw the wrong color egg x.x
  18. Rarity is a user influenced beast. So if the masses think it's rare, they will make it rare. I've been around enough years to see it happen time and time again That being said I'm just gonna enjoy these pretties while they are around ^^
  19. Sorry you lost two eggs in that experiment ! At least we have a pretty strong case for random coloration now though! Ugh....I may just not waste influences on these guys and use the gender swap thread instead Getting multiples of each gender from each color is gonna be a paaaaaain. And oh the horror of lineages! I can see it now. 'NOOOOOO you were supposed to be a blue MALE not a blue female!' 'OMG not another RED male why can you not be BLUE' -dies- Oh the horror ! (I love it) Gonna start calling Gems lineage trolls.... 'you mad bro?'
  20. Oh my! Did you catch them at the same time? If so then that's a good bet that they are random !
  21. Not that complicated. You could always go with Morning, Noon, Night for the colors. Green for morning hours, Red for noon hours, and Blue for night hours. I'd almost prefer that over the random now because of all the points you highlighted. If it was time based we could easily figure out when to catch and breed for the desired color, especially with the added clock to the new homepage !
  22. Very true! I never thought of that. I'm going with random or time dependent then
  23. Nope. I just got done manually sorting all my eggs and a few dragons. I use goggle chrome. Loads pretty fast for me.
  24. I'm betting Gem color depends on what time you pick them up But that's just a guess. >> If all mine turn out the same color then I'll bet it's either that, scroll coded, or like the stripes breed only. -pokes the eggs- I'm kinda hoping for just random coloration like nebs personally. Even if it is annoying to try and get the right color sometimes. Time dependent would be cool in my opinion. That way you could just catch and breed depending on color need.
  25. I'm gonna laugh when jemstone color is based on what time we pick them up or something like that and all us first hour or so catchers have all the same color