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  1. I love the new Kohraki Dragons! The female is my favorite sprite between those two, both spriters did an amazing job on them!
  2. Just got 1 Zombie 1 revived, 3 disintegrations and 1 turn
  3. Happy Halloween! Got all 8 eggs, now let's wait until we see the adult.
  4. Have: 2G SAlkin (Sakuhana x Black Marrow) Want: 2 CB Male Arcana Hatchies and a mix of CB Black Marrow and or Pumpkin Make your offer here please no PM's: https://dragcave.net/teleport/177d28d35a4d1e879e5cf2b25c659a78
  5. I love both of them! That was a great release and I can't wait to collect more from both.
  6. I love our new adults! Great work artists!
  7. Got my 8 new eggs, can't wait to see the new Dragons!
  8. We don't know if the request is closed forever for TJ's dragons, he might need a break from them, who knows?
  9. It is great to finally see that change in the raffle and I hope more people will have luck! I never thought I would have luck in a raffle mysef, then I won. Don't loose hope, you will win one day too and now the chance is even higher!
  10. Still can't believe it but I won a bronze Shimmer. I wish all of you good luck with the next raffle, now more people have a chance to win a prize. 😊
  11. I made two big head sprites for the two I helped to sprite (you can use them as Forum Avatar): Kovos Pygmie (Sketch from SkyWolf25 ) Geminae Dragon (Sketch from Shiny Hazard Sign)
  12. It is a Yellow egg " This shiny egg gives you a headache when you get close." you can find it in the Desert.
  13. Both might be Yellow/Gold but I thought you would see that 😂:
  14. Party! Happy Birthday dc!!!
  15. Just love that noodle!
  16. Really love the new breeds!
  17. Really love the new backgrounds, I can't even decide which one is my favorite.
  18. Finally got all the eggs, I thought I would miss some this year... now I really need my bed, just too tired.
  19. I have the same problem, I am not sure if I can finish my collection this year... it would be the first year I wasn't able to finish my collection... really sad but just too less time and too many eggs.
  20. I just love it! Amazing art, can i put it in my sig?
  21. I just love your art would love to see my alt in your stile 😂 But I know you have much to do so I just enjoy to watch the ones you draw and wanted to let you know your art is amazing! ❤️