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  1. I gave my e-mail to dino cave only in the hopes that it will give me a badge on my Dragcave scroll once April Fool's is over.
  2. Got my eggs, yay! And sending cards to those who want them- will gladly accept them as well! EDIT: Scroll name is Flowerlark, not LeeC.
  3. Is it just me or are the holiday events in Dragon Cave getting more and more awesome? Looking through my scroll and seeing all the festive sprites was such a delight!
  4. Wow! I got 5 more in this drop! That makes six and my scroll is happily locked!
  5. Holiday drops are usually on the hour, kinchee. I agree about the biomes making this insane. I managed to grab one, but it looks like catching will be extra tricky this year. But then halloween is supposed to be tricky, no? *badum cha* Bah, 4 kills and no zombie. I afraid to use the fifth. I'll just have to be content with my zombie from last year.
  6. Yes! Got 40/40 now! Thanks to people posting hints. I was stuck on the green 'dog' dragon and the chicken.
  7. I got the badge but I'm still missing two objects.. including this chicken I keep hearing about. Must play again later...
  8. These all sound great! I'm super excited about teleport- no more lost trades!
  9. *blinks* Whoa, seeing double!
  10. People who can't catch!!!! disable your javascript, it really speeds up the cave. someone else posted that earlier but I can't remember who. It's how I got my 3 with an old slow computer, plus 3 for other people too.
  11. Dang, tried to be a catcher but only got 3 eggs for others. Laaaaaame. Stupid old computer.
  12. Whoever suggested turning off javascript, THANK YOU! Even with the lag and an old computer I managed to snag 2 more new eggs, making 3 total. And a zombie and two pumpkins... not a bad Halloween haul! *is very happy*
  13. Got one new halloweenie egg and a zombie! Took 4 kills, but I got her!
  14. They grew up, yay! I like the turquoise ones. :3
  15. The terraes are by far my favourite- very beautiful!
  16. Hahah, I just realised that the code of one of my dusk/dawn eggs is 'beep.' (caps messed) Loving the hatchling sprites, I can't wait to see the adults!
  17. I have a similar method. I like collecting rares most of all, but I'm not really that competitive. I don't have any armies, I just collect enough to try and have 1 or 2 of every breed. I enjoy trading and gifting, especially to those who have trouble getting a certain breed. My goal in the game is to have at least one of everything, so the only reason I care about lineages is for trading purposes, because long lineages can't be traded for a rare I might be missing.
  18. That's too bad, but I respect the wishes of their artist. Also, very pretty new skin, I look forward to seeing it in action!
  19. Okay, weird, my friend has a gold trophie and she has less than a dozen dragons. O_o
  20. I have a bronze... over 50 dragons. I like to have only one or two of each kind on my scroll, so I'm not surprised that I didn't score higher.
  21. LeeC

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I think all the new sprites are amazing, I can't wait 'til mine grow up and I can get more! Awesome job to the spriter(s) who did these!
  22. 28/38... just 10 more to go!
  23. I only have 13, hoping to get more throughout the day! Is there a reward for collecting so many, or is it just for the fun of collecting them?