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    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    About time. Been looking forward to this.
  2. Killing hatchies with no rewards is incredibly sad. No zombies... Sniff sniff.
  3. Thank you rubyshoes. Good luck everyone! I'm off to work. I expect you all to have full baskets when i get back.
  4. Muhahahaha!!!!! 92 treats!!!! It is completed! Done! Finished! Mission Accomplished! Goal Achieved! Ect, ect!
  5. Finally I'm at 90 treats!!!! 1-2 to go! just in time for work too.
  6. I'm up to 70 treats. its been a long night.
  7. My Pumpkin looks a little different. I wonder why?
  8. I just saw this eg in the grave yard http://dragcave.net/view/XD What the heck is it?
  9. It looks like a smores to me.
  10. It is a cute one. Cant wait to get it.
  11. If your talking about what i think your talking about, it may be a plague doctors mask. I'm not 100% on that but its my guess.
  12. i haven't seen them being released, but i know they got a new look for the week. Ive been at the cave for a while and i have not seen anything out of the ordinary.
  13. Any one got the witches hat?
  14. Is it too early to try for Zombie Dragons. Or should I wait till Halloween day...night...whatever?
  15. I haven't had the same treat show up twice.
  16. Ah. Well, that's cool. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the correction.
  17. How many treats do you have to get before your badge changes??? I saw one person had a blue pumpkin badge.
  18. Ive had the fangs for a while. I cant wait to get the mask with the candy corn horns.
  19. There is a rabbit holding a candy cane with a four leaf clover by his foot. I don't think it has to make sense. It's Halloween. Nothing has to make sense on Halloween.