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  1. Things aren’t looking too good here, I hope I at least make it to 600 :’)
  2. Nearly at 500 with no signs of falling any time soon, still haven’t lost anything other than that Red within the first 20 rounds, and the occasional GoN death.
  3. Turns out the GoNs ARE killable!
  4. Round 311 and going strong! The Soulpeace hasn't done much in this setup, but I still like having it there just in case.
  5. So is the GoN killable? I know it comes and goes, and that the zombies will attack it, but has anyone seen it killed?
  6. 121 and still strong, only loss was a Red in front of the middle Magma that was lost around round 20 or so.
  7. They finally fell at 141. One survived, though! Leveled up enough for the trios, let's see how this goes.
  8. My Soulpeaces are trying so hard :')
  9. My new highest at 125, though it doesn't look like I have long to go :') Started with full row of reds, then full row of greens, then Green-Green-White-Purple-White-Green-Green, and the two Soulpeaces at the back.
  10. My max so far is level 102, when I only had up to Shallow Water available.
  11. I quite like male Kovos with female Pipio! https://dragcave.net/lineage/dkNp7
  12. I've caught one of the otherworldly eggs from Volcano. An all-biomes release that wanders?
  13. You can see it pretty clearly on the sprite from the Halloween '17 event.
  14. Has it really almost been 10 years for me (joined shortly before Halloween '09)? Maa-aa-aan, how time flies... Anyway, really looking forward to the adult infinities! I have high hopes for the lil alpine ladies, but they're all gorgeous so far!
  15. Bred about 15 Golden Wyverns into the AP, some g2, some messy.
  16. one hour til first adult! i'm guessing the drab egg will be 'aqua' or some variation thereof?
  17. oooh, i'm looking forward to what the coast babies will look like grown up! always love more easternssss
  18. ahhhh damn it i missed the end of the halloween wall while i was flying!
  19. i still wish that i could get one of those black sweetlings, ugh
  20. My final fort! Thank you so much for the event TJ and spriters ❤️
  21. oh yay! oh, they're the original snow wars decorations!
  22. And with that, my fort is done! Not the fanciest, but I like it nonetheless!
  23. Are you right clicking them before placing them?
  24. Everyone has such elaborate forts while mine is pretty simple!
  25. Missed a CB Gold because I'd forgotten to dump an egg I picked up from the AP that I didn't want, so I was egglocked.