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  1. I quite like male Kovos with female Pipio! https://dragcave.net/lineage/dkNp7
  2. I've caught one of the otherworldly eggs from Volcano. An all-biomes release that wanders?
  3. You can see it pretty clearly on the sprite from the Halloween '17 event.
  4. Has it really almost been 10 years for me (joined shortly before Halloween '09)? Maa-aa-aan, how time flies... Anyway, really looking forward to the adult infinities! I have high hopes for the lil alpine ladies, but they're all gorgeous so far!
  5. Bred about 15 Golden Wyverns into the AP, some g2, some messy.
  6. one hour til first adult! i'm guessing the drab egg will be 'aqua' or some variation thereof?
  7. oooh, i'm looking forward to what the coast babies will look like grown up! always love more easternssss
  8. ahhhh damn it i missed the end of the halloween wall while i was flying!
  9. i still wish that i could get one of those black sweetlings, ugh
  10. My final fort! Thank you so much for the event TJ and spriters ❤️
  11. oh yay! oh, they're the original snow wars decorations!
  12. And with that, my fort is done! Not the fanciest, but I like it nonetheless!
  13. Are you right clicking them before placing them?
  14. Everyone has such elaborate forts while mine is pretty simple!
  15. Missed a CB Gold because I'd forgotten to dump an egg I picked up from the AP that I didn't want, so I was egglocked.
  16. Mine is custom sort, on a rainbow 'base' of sorts. I have my eggs and hatchlings at the top, followed by leetle/zombies/holidays/special dragons (GoN, Avatars, Sino), then vaguely rainbow order with new releases placed where I think they fit best, and a few other adjustments to the order, and finally Vampires and non-dragons at the bottom.
  17. October 2009. I wasn't really sure how to play for a while, since all my eggs kept dying from only having 4-5 views. I was present around the time of Halloween but never picked up any Pumpkins, since I tended to frequent the AP and picked up the prettiest eggs I saw (plus, I remember the 5-hour cooldown for Cave eggs annoyed me if I picked up one I thought was 'ugly', so I doubt I would've seen the Pumpkins anyway).
  18. Just a quick question about the raffle; do you get a DC notification if you win?
  19. I've got my first 4 so far, and 9 hours until my last eggs hatch so I can catch the second 4.
  20. man oh man i need to stop grabbing every grave i see
  21. did i just pick up that blob monster from inside
  22. Yep, I knew I recognised both of these guys! Very happy to see the Aethers released finally (and properly).
  23. I wouldn’t say unlimited, but I feel that 2 CB per year keeps it fair - people will reach their fill, and it’ll get easier later in the week.
  24. Not technically accurate; some of the more stubborn eggs like zyus and prizes can get sick while ER before they hatch.