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  1. The adults are beautifull! Thank you, @birdzgoboom for yet another great release! And congrats /one caught, 5 more to go
  2. Ah, I only thought to check the release news today! Hopefully I can catch a batch of these this weekend still. If not, I'll be hunting for them in the future I"m curious about the bred egg nad will read up about it later
  3. I love these new dragons! Something to hoard in the future
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! I just caught my two new Christmas eggs Now back to my Christmas preperations
  5. Happy holiday, everyone! May you 2020 bring you lots of joy, laughter, luck and love and may it make at least one of your wishes come true!
  6. Happy Halloween & Happy hunting everyone!
  7. Darn, I check every day and yesterday I forgot! Oh, well, I'll try to catch my fill today ETA: So, what happens when you're not paying close enough attention? You grab 7 of the glistening shimmering ones, because you think the one coarse one you grabbed was already in the cave I guess I'll trade three of the glistening/shimmering ones for coarse ones
  8. I'm egg locked but I've got 5 pygmies and 3 of the other one. If someone wants to trade one pygmy from me for one of the other ones from you, let me know. Still five hours to go, but if you like, we can swap I'm looking forward to the adults! I always like pygmies and the description of the bright one sounds like fun as well
  9. Yay! Today I remembered to check in here : ) Now on to the hunt for these new eggs :D
  10. Oh, I totally missed this! I hope they'll still be available relatiely easy
  11. Congrats, TJ and everyone else with the 13th birthday of DC! I love it!
  12. Nice! I got all the eggs I wanted, influenced, incubated and fogged. Tomorrow afternoon is plenty of time to unfog them and put them in hatcheries
  13. I agree, you really have to be very lucky. And that within just a few hours after the release. I wonder if it means they're rare.....
  14. Yay for the new release! And WOW these eggs are going fast! I only managed to grab one Sea so far.
  15. Happy Easter, everyone! May your egg hunting be successfull!
  16. you mean if this new release is limited like the Valentine's release? No. This is a normal release, which means you will find this dragon from now normally in the cave, of course depending on its rarity. I'm not sure about the limit. It's been a very long time since I was there.
  17. Nice! I aleady managed to grab 3 of the "drab" egg and one of the other. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a few more of the other one today It's Sunday and all I've got to do is dragon hunting, writing and world building so I should be golden ETA: Oh, normal eggs are starting to filter in already! I just got a Scimitar
  18. Someone has to attack it for you. I don't know if it'll remain enraged once the event is over.
  19. Oh, I had no idea! Thanks for the tip!
  20. Just a quick reference check: after the event our forts will have no damage anymore, right? cause I've got two walls and icings I can't repair cause my home base is blocking them and I don't have room anymore to move my homebase. I love it that we have a few more days and that we've gotten even more new things to choose from. Now wondering if I'm going to sacrifice a few gifts for a few statues
  21. I like it, just like that our forts will remain undamaged, if I interpret TJ correctlly
  22. I've tried the search function on this topic and looked in the help forum, but couldn't seem to find an answer. I vaguely remember reading something about a grace period before the end the event so that we can all repair our forts. When does the grace period begin? I think that question has been asked before, but like I said, I couldn't find the anwer. Also, not sure to ask it here or in the help forum since it's a more general even question than a specific problem I have. Does anyone happen to know when the grace period starts?
  23. You need to pick up all those snow piles. If yoy click on them, you'll get th option to destroy them which gives yoy resources. ninja-ed by @DragonLady86
  24. Ah, Thanks! I hadn't thought to check there yet (not fully awake yet :D)