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    My wishlist mainly consists of 1 egg: a neglected. I'm not even particular about lineage. I just want at least one because I don't have any. I would also like low gen or CB golds and silvers (not tinsel) for breeding purposes because the metallics I have are messy in lineage.


    I do accept breeding requests. Just PM me; however, do not request eggs if you are scroll-locked. I prefer not to hold eggs for people, so in other words - do your own raising. If you trade, kill, or drop anything I breed for you, don't bother requesting from me again. I get kind of cranky about that sort of stuff.


    I'm always willing to take red and purple eggs or hatchies off your hands because they help with my breeding projects. I'm also fond of nebulas and anything silver - I just think they're pretty. I don't kill or trade gifts, and I always name them.


    My IOUs:
    Alasse - 2nd gen pumpkin not PB (FILLED!)