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  1. Mother Lagie i think you can Get rid of the Immortal Blood Family Now.. I think it's all gone now =P
  2. Can you reserve a Kira player for me please ( I love Death note ) thank you Mistress Fortune, Ear =)
  3. Avatar: 6/10 Name: 7/10 Siggy: 5/10 I am of the BLACK Sg , Nice cinaqule tho
  4. hello Aru, could you make one for me please? All eevee elvo basted =p Username: Black_hearted_angel Pokémon 1: Flareon Pokémon 2: Leafeon Pokémon 3: (optional) and Jolteon Any shinies?: Yes please Flareon
  5. Of couse , I love Red vs Blue and hell both teams are as good as each other in both their epicness
  6. Username: Black_hearted_Angel Side I chose: Blue, come on Sarge may be cool but I love to wind up the blues instead My special feature: Im the AI replacement from Church lol, No Ok AI robot that only specks in Al Bhed. Other: (Nothing at the time being)
  7. *walks in with out making a sound opens a tin of biskits and leaves for readers and starts waving 'Come on you can do et Kanaye! You can Do et Alanna' flags.*
  8. hey Fortune, could you tell me went your Rp hell heaven may be allowing new players please (if it is)
  9. That image of Angel Is alesome =D, (might post up Request =P)
  10. Hey Dd, I love these drawing and i can't to see them all are you going to draw everyone from the story?
  11. At the time being Runescape. and the forum Rp's =D
  12. Erm I realy don't have a favorite, but if I had to say, it would be Rock and it's other Sub genre's to go with it.
  13. post them up, =D not many things scary me anymore. Thanks Fortune, Laura-Lana, ill bear that im mind for the next Form i make =D
  14. Username: Black_hearted_angel. Name: Daniel Race: Vampire Gender: Male Age: 19 (age of being Sired) (real age 24) Looks: Pale Skin, dark brown hair nearing black, about 6 foot tall, Wears Long Black Coats, Black Jeans and Dragon Shirts. He has a large number of scars hidden on his Chest, back and arms. Hidden Mark of Khorne on the back of his left shoulder. Personality: Daniel’s personality can change in a matter of seconds, normally happy, cheerful, and like to be up to no good, but hates anything Chaotic, demonic or plane out evil. Weapons: Two magic Dagger about 6 in long, a 24in kanatra, and his Blood Rose (Pistol) Powers: Vampire Skills and Abilities. (Also able to walk in day light if he Covers most of his skin and Hides his eye’s behide his Sunglasses Other: Expert Demon Hunter, Chosen of Khorne and is a Vampire. sorry i cont'nt find images for My char, (one reason i find Rp hard is creating the Char with Images =P)
  15. i think these are me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oac8SsvdMg4 and more to come =D
  16. i love Evanescense, All songs there Great My Immortal, Haunted, Bring me to life, Imaginary, My last breath.. ect ect lol