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  1. If I remember right, there was no lineage view back in the first few years that the site was made, so nobody really cared about who they bred what with. I'm kind of a compulsive freezer, so seeing messy lineages usually makes it much easier for my conscience to deal with. In a way though I feel like messy lines are way more interesting. You get to see a lot of old and unique dragons. And I've never understood what was so bad about inbreds either. Here's my messiest. I love its code <3
  2. 10 EG Bronze Tinsel With Mud in the code. Claim Gone to somebody!
  3. They are all so perfect! I can't decide on which one I want to use. One of the two in the middle, maybe. Thank you again! <3 She does look pretentious, but in the best way possible, I would say. lol EDIT: Actually, since I can't decide on anything, I'll use both. randimg here I come!
  4. ooooo, I love it! You've got some good stuff going on there! You've given them personality! Since you are taking requests, could you possibly draw the Ninetales dragon that is in my signature? It's my favorite work ever done for me.... Wait... just realized you were only looking to do dragon sketches. Sorry about that! Can't wait to see what you come up with though!
  5. Do hatchlings still occasionally follow you back once you've tried abandoning them?
  6. Pookie, I just ate almost two packs of ramen noodles, and I am quite ashamed. Have any tips? What should I do?
  7. YESSSSS. IT'S SO FAB. THANK YOU. It's also my new desktop background! I'd also love to make it my avatar pic at some point. I'll need to buy a few revives, actually.
  8. C-could you draw a derpy ninetales? I'd love to see it... I died when I saw your arcanine...
  9. Dark Lumnia Hatchling Claim Glad it went to a good home, coo!
  10. FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMEEE ICCCEEEEEEEEE I just imagined them screaming that whenever they roar