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  1. Trying to adopt out the rather unremarkable breeings this week. Also, you can do anything you want with these guys.

    24G Hellhorse that's right... 24G. ohmy.gif

    4G Red Copper

    19G Green Stripe messy

    8G Ember from Bronze Tinsel & Ember stairstep

    3G Sunstone from beginnings of a Ribbon Dancer & Sunstone stairstep

    2G Undine from Ice


    And some hatchlings:

    4G Seasonal (Spring) hatchling; evengen, different seasons] gone to a good home

    9G Ember from Bronze Tinsel

    4G Soulpeace evengen gone to a good home with ladyinpink

    4G Avatar of Destruction gone to a good home

    I took your copper, it could be a really cool patterned stairstep. wink.gif Thank you!