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  1. 4k views and not a crack in sight. Bad eggs. dry.gif


    *is impatient for the new hatchies and descriptions*


    You are not behaving!


    *goes hunting for the hammer*

    *Hopes your kidding about the hammer part* 3:

  2. nuuuuuuuuuuuuur Dx

    im locked

    for the first time in DAYS




    this is gonna be EPIC biggrin.gif

    I feel your pain.. xd.png I had to abandon a purple wit ha huge hole in it but I'm still scroll locked. dry.gif

  3. Your birthday is on April Fool's Day? Your birth was a joke! sad.gif


    Jk, happy birthday.


    24 hours until I'm unlocked, hopefully. I've still been getting rebellion hatchlings that don't grow at 4d dry.gif

    same for me. ohmy.gif

  4. I dunno if I want to influence somethings yet...unfortunately I don't know what the different genders would look like. My photographic memory has failed me *-*


    *doesn't have a photographic memory*


  5. Have to agree about the sunset dragon. It's abnormally shinny. I love the pose, but the coloring seems strange.


    Well, hoping to catch an egg. Tomorrow. Sleeping for now.

    I should be sleeping too. dry.gif It's 1:35a.m.

  6. Yes I noticed that too! I like the electric male, though not as much as the female. The sunrise is pretty, but personally I don't like the sunset as much dry.gif

    I'm like the way opposite xd.png

  7. YAY!!


    Good thing I am scroll locked. With my slow server I would be really frustrated try to get any of the new eggs this close to their release.


    I'll just settle back, wait for my eggs to hatch or hatchlings mature and then try my luck.


    The eggs sure are pretty. Can't wait to see the sprites.

    biggrin.gif *Invites you to the scroll locked party*

  8. The first drop happened almost an hour ago. That's when we caught ours. The next drop will start in roughly 7 minutes. And, if it holds true to other Releases, will be gone in 5 minutes, 10 tops.


    Put your running boots on. wink.gif

    me=horrible luck. I'm hatchling LOCKED. dry.gif



    I'm about to kill my rares xd.png JK