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  1. I just checked and two of mine are sick too - it's so useful to have the new BSA around!

    Isn't it? I wish you would ward the same dragon once again but perhaps TJ will implement that later. smile.gif




      I suggest those of us still awake tramp to IRC for a click exchange tongue.gif


    I'm hanging in there now willing to help! tongue.gif

  2. My suggestion is to implement a group description under the group title.

    Sure, we can elaborate in our group titles, but certain punctuation isn't allowed.

    Basically, it would be quite similar to giving descriptions to your dragons, but to the whole group overall instead. Some people have a lore behind why they have grouped certain dragons together, and it would be interesting to know why.


    The review process for the group description could be similar as to that of the dragon descriptions.


    Or, maybe we could skip that part altogether as long as there is a report button next to the description of the group. It would create slightly more work for the mods, but not as much as another approval service.

  3. OH!! Well thank you xd.png I feel ridiculous now. I think I missed seeing that in the announcement somewhere? The font itself for the thing is kinda small >< but yeah, THANK YOU!

    No problem! laugh.gif I literally did the same thing too; I asked about it in Tiny Little Questions. I think that it's because there was so many big announcements that we were bound to miss the little ones.

  4. Not..sure if this has already been suggested but, a sort of custom sorting within a group would be nice :/


    I like my FROZEN hatchlings at the top...and then after that, would like to proceed to have my adults listed per the date I obtained them. However, no matter how I set my group - I can't do this..and it's infuriating.


    To any who might suggest such - I know I can choose to have the sort be "eggs - hatchlings - adults" within the group. That's only -part- of the specific I want, so, please don't suggest this to me. I already know...


    Basically I am wanting the sort to be.

    1. Eggs/Hatchings/Adult (first option)

    2. Date (oldest > newest)(second option, w/o it interfering with the first)

    3. The option of a "custom sort" like in the account settings, where I can put the frozen hatchies at the top myself. If this is already an option in the GROUPS setting, I'm unaware of it ><

    TJ said in his first line that he would eventually add custom sort. smile.gif Since it was the first line, I kind of forgot about it too.

  5. To everyone: Please don't rely on the new White BSA. As far as I can tell, it doesn't actually do anything to stop the sickness, and the egg can just die off 6 hours later. I only really see it being useful if an ER gets sick but you don't want to fog it before it hatches.


    On a related note, anyone know if Ward can be used more than once on the same egg or on hatchies? I haven't tested it yet.

    I tried to do it twice on an egg because I had the exact problem you mentioned, but sadly it didn't work.

  6. Quick question unrelated to the update, how do people make cycling banners/avatars that change the picture every time you refresh the page??

    I don't know about the others, but I use randimg. smile.gif