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  1. The Pink Silver Rose. She was my very first silver and therefore has a big place in my heart. smile.gif

    This one is probably my favorite lineage I have. I love how it's purebred, but still not perfect by any means. Plus, the names in the lineage are awesome alone, though it used to have more.

    I like this one as well.

    Though checkers can be cool, I actually find their repetitiveness kinda boring. Putting multiple dragons in lineages with colors that compliment each other is much more interesting wub.gif

  2. It seems like I suddenly lost the outer-background with portal 2 on my dragons page? It appears everywhere else. I've tried restarting chrome and my computer. Any suggestions?

  3. This male hatchling's personality could be described as overbearing. For unknown reasons, this male hatchling likes to refer to himself as Dices. He is convinced that his need to gamble runs in his genetic makeup. Nonetheless, the adult dragons in the pack do not approve of his, "habit". The hatchlings, however, love him. Because of his imperiousness, he loves to explain and play board games with the hatchlings; of which he created himself. When Dices stole his owner's wood crafted board games, she decided that freezing Dices would be the best option to ensure his gambling habit would not get worse towards adulthood.


    For reference, Here's the dragon :P.


    I couldn't think of a good way to describe his personality, so I decided on overbearing. He does like to teach others who listen, however, and he is very crafty.


    I know this could use some work, but I wrote this on one hour of sleep so you guys can crit away <3 I know my wording is awkward in many places, so fell free to change it up a little. ;)

  4. Where'd you see? I don't think this has happened in years. It's possible someone went inactive during the time this was happening and just now came back.

    I second guessed myself for a second, but at least now I know I'm not insane (in the inactivity section). It does, however, say it was last updated in 2012, so I guess TJ just hasn't updated the terms in a while.

    So it was just a low-key change? He never announced it, right?

    EDIT: Ah yeah, sorry, just noticed I wasn't very clear. :P

  5. Dang it, Yellow Ranger! Show up already!


    If I remember your name, will you come? (She's the only one from the original's series whose name I can't remember.)



    Bless her heart. sad.gif


    Yeah, they're the only one I don't have a set of yet. Not too worried since they don't have dimorphism though.