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  1. Your Forum name: Ninetails

    Your Scroll name:oninetailo

    The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): COTTf

    Egg type: Canopy CB

    Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): Around 8:57:35 pm DC Time (EST)

    Time of Death: 9:01:05 pm

    Amount of current V/UV/Clicks:1/1/1

  2. I see people here using "HM" a lot, I think it means CB Hybrid, but I'd like to know what it stands for, because all I can read it as is Hidden Machine.

    I believe it stands for honorable mention. ^^

    Still, when I read it, the first thing I think of also is hidden machines lol

    Back when the old raffles were still a thing, there was a "4th place", or, honorable mentions. These people basically got to pick any breed they wanted and have it caveborn, hybrids included.

  3. it's one of the mega stones thats only going to be released via online distribution :\

    Oh wow, seriously? That's so sad... Q_Q I kind of thought the mega stone feature was awesome, so I don't really understand why it's not really a thing in sun and moon.

  4. This sounds like an exciting idea. For clarification, though: it seems two ideas have sprung up here. One is a private "notes" for personal plans/reference/whatever, and the other is a public 'description' to describe the group/what unifies it. Both sound useful, but for different reasons.


    I have a number of groups set up as regions (i.e. Nworset City - full of dragons described as living in Nworset) so I would enjoy being able to introduce viewers to the group by describing the city in general. I also have a few groups based on lineage projects I'm working on, so I can see the value of a 'note to self: breed X and Y'- style comment.


    Is this thread trying to cover one and/or both ideas? Perhaps there could be two buttons when you make a note: "submit (public)" and "save (private)".

    I was thinking more along the lines of making a description to show off publically. I do, however, see how private notes would be useful. I do not think that both being implemented would be realistic though sadly. One could just make private notes on your laptop or a spreadsheet. I guess that would be less convenient though.

    If anyone wants to suggest private description notes go right ahead. ^^

  5. Finally got this game! Wanted to get it a lot sooner but college is consuming all of my extra funds. If anyone is looking for nearly pefect IV'd mareanies, shoot me a pm.

    Also, does anyone know how to get a Gardivoirite in pokemon sun? I thought it would be at the battle tree, but it didn't see it there.