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  1. Wow, idk know why I didn't expect this! Love the look of the eggs!
  2. Well, I never did band, but I did color guard once. All I can say is mad respect for all you band heads, y'all put in a lot of hours and dedication. I could barely wave a flag around, I can't imagine how hard it is to both move around and play an instrument at the same time!
  3. Ninetails Rainy weather, when I'm not driving!
  4. Not sure if anyone knows this but.... If one releases a Guardian of Nature, does the summon option appear once again?
  5. Oh, so that's why I got confused. I thought I mixed the time up on an egg because it said it had an hour left to live instead of 0. Thanks for the clarification!
  6. My egg just turned to 1 day 4 hours. Does that mean it has 28 hours to die or 28:59 hours?
  7. Holy cow. This is so cool... Just to see how a red dragon would look compared to a human in real life... just wow. I can see why people in Valkemare see them as intimidating! Nice job!
  8. Your Forum name: Ninetails Your Scroll name:oninetailo The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): COTTf Egg type: Canopy CB Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): Around 8:57:35 pm DC Time (EST) Time of Death: 9:01:05 pm Amount of current V/UV/Clicks:1/1/1
  9. Woaaaah. This would be too cool. I support!
  10. aahahaha do I wish death upon myself? I think not.
  11. Since the new forum update, many users have changed their forum usernames. Such a feature is absolutely great, but I'm having a hard time remembering who is who! So basically, this thread is here to report name changes if you wish.
  12. Just caught this little scandalous guy last night
  13. I believe it stands for honorable mention. ^^ Still, when I read it, the first thing I think of also is hidden machines lol Back when the old raffles were still a thing, there was a "4th place", or, honorable mentions. These people basically got to pick any breed they wanted and have it caveborn, hybrids included.
  14. Oh wow, seriously? That's so sad... Q_Q I kind of thought the mega stone feature was awesome, so I don't really understand why it's not really a thing in sun and moon.
  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, it's adorable! What a silly little guy. That shading is on fleek too! Thank you very much!
  16. Entered! Also just realized I made a goof and didn't thank the donors for my gifts last time. Thank you guys <3
  17. Ahh, that's actually a great idea! And then there could a report button for the public ones. Good thinking, ab. I'll add that idea to the first post.
  18. I was thinking more along the lines of making a description to show off publically. I do, however, see how private notes would be useful. I do not think that both being implemented would be realistic though sadly. One could just make private notes on your laptop or a spreadsheet. I guess that would be less convenient though. If anyone wants to suggest private description notes go right ahead. ^^