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  1. I don't really see the point in unfreezing the non-caveborns. Most people only freeze messies anyways. To me, it's only the cb ones that count (to continue stairsteps and such). Otherwise I doubt that this suggestion would even go through. Unless someone froze something that was bred from a spriter's alt (which I doubt would ever happen) I would see no reason why anyone would regret freezing a lineaged one. Did this make any sense? No? Okay. ._.

  2. I'm no too sure because there's hardly any holiday egg in the AP that stays longer than one second and there are still so many cave blockers

    This. But I guess it's better than a wall... I guess. >_>


    I'd prefer we still have a limit (just a much larger one than 2) but I'm the only one out there thay seems to think this.