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  1. Woohoo! I caught myself a shiney tauros today! Named it deuce, don't judge my horrible naming skills hehe.


    Was wondering if the chances of catching a shiny reset after getting one?



    I've love one masterweavile! Both of those actually, though m teams sucks right now sleep.gif

  2. Just to let you guys know, I might not have the ability to update for a while.. sleep.gif


    I will try my best, but it really is nearly impossible to edit such long posts on phones.


    I shall do my very best though wub.gif

  3. A bit random.. But does anyone else here find the Mr. Bonding pi*p really creepy? Every time you see him he's in his bedroom saying "ITS BONDING TIME!!!" ...And then the screen blanks out... >_>


    I'm always afraid to enter hotels now..


    Are the op powers any good btw?

  4. Route 7 is also a pretty good place to chain. I mean the flower patch near the daycare is an ok place but I'm talking about the grass that is near the connecting cave. It's very spacious

  5. If we are allowed to put (grown) dragon links in descriptions, then yes.

    But it's very inconvenient now; if I want to mention a dragon's "adoptive parents" I can't refer a link directly to them.

    I'm kind of more or less popping into this conversation, but couldn't you simply put the parents' code in parentheses or something? I've never tried it, but I'm sure it would be fine with the person approving the description.


  6. Oh, wow. xd.png How in the did I manage that? Well at least it wasn't because I broke a rule (kinda haha). tongue.gif


    And also enigmatron thank you so much for your kindness, I Absolutley positively love it! <3

  7. Alright c:

    Have I registered you yet? I don't remember :V

    Eh, I haven't even registered yet. xd.png I'll edit this post when I finish setting up.





    Well that was quick! My code is 122077646920


    Loving your mii! xd.png

  8. You're welcome.


    So, odd complaint, but anybody else bothered by the day-night cycle in X&Y? It's like stuck on permanent summer solstice, with is quite awkward when it's the dead of winter.

    It might be because I'm in Maine, but mine doesn't get dark until like 8:00 which is really weird considering it got dark like four hours before that.

  9. @Dragon_Arbock Ah, alright I'll go check that out then thanks!



    @Weavile I missed out on all of the events but I got very lucky and bought a used black and it had victini in its last save @__@

  10. Am I the only one who thinks it's super cheap to use legendaries? I think it's practically cheating to use one in Player verses Player and I wish I could set a rule against them when battling others. I try to make it a point not to use mega-evolutions either, but I wouldn't ban it. It makes me feel all the more awesome when I shoot down opposing megas.

    God no. I HATE it when people do that, though I'm still in the stage where I'm a sucker for Megas. tongue.gif There is just so many out there! I don't battle often though anyways, mostly because I think I'm no good and I have way more other important thigs to complete.





    Also, I'm still a n00b with this game, :'D where in the world do you register friend codes? I have many fellow players I want to add but I'm not exactly sure how ^^'