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  1. Oh boo, I kinda wanted a fat toad tongue.gif oh well I'm sure I'll grow to like poliwrath. Plus I'm glad I didn't get a defense hindering nature. Thanks!


    Athkore I'm hatching a bunch of noibats right now but my internet is out sleep.gif

  2. I have a few I think. Does nature and stuff matter? Before I get your hopes up I will need to check my PC....


    If not I'm willing to breed you noibats that you yourself can hatch and nickname smile.gif

  3. I just catched a shiny money baby.


    Aka a whishcash .q. I don't really know what to do with it except ponder on silly nicknames tongue.gif


    She's a female. A manly female. I think I'll name it Charlie or Pablo.

  4. Hooooly cow.


    I just had this 20 minute long battle with this dude name chase.


    I want his shuckle.


    I WANT IT BAAAAD. (Bide+shell smash+ rest+power swap =WIN.)


    I still somehow won though, but dayum. o.O wish he'd show up on passerby.



    EDIT: oh, and it looks like I don't have my gen 5 games either anymore. V.V I have horrible luck with losing pokemon games guys. Hoping I left them in Maine but even THAT would be inconvenient.

  5. Oh by the way sorry about rejecting your battle earlier Master Weavile. xd.png I was past half asleep so if I accepted I wouldn't have ever come to my senses for it. :B you could challenge me now of you wish.

  6. Okay will PM you now. Just checked and Chimchar is still sitting there.

    How badly do you want a turtwig? I have one I could give you but I don't think its nature is any good.

  7. Woop woop! Caught myself a shiney clamperl! (Gorbyss here I come!)


    Would anyone mind trading it and then trading it back so I can evolve it?




    Oooooo congrats giga! Bisharp is one of my favourite Pokémon never mind it being shiny! Men I really need to fill my Pokédex one of these days..



    Edit: one more thing, I have a ton of klutz switcheroo bunearys to give out so if you're interested let me know! smile.gif

  8. Oh, I meant in competative battles. I highly doubt I need Will-O-Wisp to counter level 20s :3


    I don't search routes my first time through, usually due to not bothering to have any HM slaves, so I only grab TMs and items when I need them

    That would drive me INSANE. I really hate even not going into places that need to use cut because I'm curious of what's in there tongue.gif

  9. Somehow I had also missed a completely whole section of route 21. I realized that today, and now I finally have the solar beam tm tongue.gif


    Oh, if anyone wants any bunearys let me know! I've hatched tons! Have both runaway and klutz ability if you have a preference, and all are jolly :3

  10. So my brain just exploded.


    Did any one else know that simipour and panpour have their eyes open the whole time? Like their eyes have no pupils and are white just like the eyelids.. Didn't notice it until it blinked in Amie >_>


    Learn new things EVERY DAY! (Like when I thought hitmonchan was a female)

  11. You have to "catch" every single Pokemon in the Pokedex (I think you can skip event Pokemon) .


    @Ninetails: Congrats! Great find! ♥


    EDIT: OOPS. I don't know why I keep calling it an Amulet. x'D Ninja'd anyway!


    Anyone need an Armaldo? I accidentally acquired a second one I don't really need.

    Me, since I don't seem to have one yet please!


    And thank you I've already maxed it out in Amie tongue.gif

  12. Lol I think he has a few speed evs from shiny hunting but that's it. xd.png And he's modest and all of his moves are hms, but hey he was surprisingly useful! I might not wonder trade him after all....


    Yeah I had to laugh at that eggy name. (I think the weirdest name I have is Fabio on a stunfisk :cool.gif

  13. I didn't know what I was doing at all... xd.png heck I even had my hm slave on my team and completely forgot about it until I accepted your request!


    I guess luck was on my side more or less (and skill on yours haha).. Since when could poison types take away toxic spikes anyways? 0.e


    Fun battle! And seriously I couldn't stop laughing when he critical hit you. Thanks for the invite! biggrin.gif



    Also ranger and dragonico thank you! I guess I'll need to start breeding my alakazam.

  14. That's what was happening I gave up and went with MM'ing

    It took a bit of persistence, but one finally came up with a quirky nature. Pretty nice ivs too.


    Anyone know anything about the chaining with synchronize ability? I still don't really understand it.

  15. God this is going to be SO fun filling this out on my phone sleep.gif


    Trainer name: Eliana

    Friend Code: 122077646920

    Game version: Pokèmon X


    Pokemon I can offer: Modern Vivillion version exclusives blablablabla. Will have much more if this poke transfer app ever comes out.

    Pokemon I need: Things to complete my pokedex. So basically everything. xd.png

    My Vivillon pattern is: Modern? Whatever the red wings are.

    My Friend Safari type is: Grass

    My Friend Safari Pokemon are: Ivysaur, Quilladin, and Pansage (?).


    Trades only, or trades and gift giving?: Both.

    Times I am/am not available to log on: After 11:38 pm eastern time zone.

    Accepting battle challenges?: Sure why not. Still experimenting with teams though.


    Recent events and changes to my lists: probably will have more to add when I get off mobile.

  16. Urghhhh.


    Trying to catch myself a shiny pampour. Or however you spell it.


    I've chained around 40 and haven't seen a single shiny patch yet. sleep.gif and I've refreshed like 30 times I'm pretty sure at this point..


    Frustrating. Wonder if I somehow broke the chain without noticing..