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  1. Argh, those people are the worst. And they don't have to be running Ubers. I've encountered plenty of perfectly good players who just aren't willing to lose



    Discharge is great in Doubles and Triples, just like Earthquake and Surf. And yeah, I use Discharge over Thunderbolt wherever possible

    It can be great, but you need either protect or pokemon that are resistant to it (and pokemon who aren't resistant to it are simply just wasting a turn using protect.


    I also hate those types of people. At least it actually gives them a loss in this generation (I dont think it did in gen 5).

  2. If it had Thunder then that would have been worth a shot, Thunderbolt can't be relied on for Paralysis (Unless you'll lose if it Paralyzes you, then it's a near guarantee)


    I'm excited that my team is almost complete. Eeeeeeeeee...

    That's why I like the move discharge. Its got a 30% para rate which is worth going down 15 power in my opinion. It sucks in double or triple battles though >_>

  3. What the hell...?


    I just got wonder traded a male combee in a master ball. A masterball.


    It's also legit seemingly since it has the blue polygon.


    I think I'm going to keep it just for the lulz.

  4. Why not use the battle chatau? I mean you have to pay a good amount to get them into their 45-80 levels but when they throw in a few audino trainers in there it can be worth it IMO. I just use the almulet coin to comphiscate for the money loss. :B


    Back in the day I seriously wished I could haves rl manaphy.. I thought it was so cute especially in the movie. q_q I still hae my manaphy plushie here somewhere actually.


    Am tempted to buy the older games again since I practically lost all of them, but they are rather expensive now. Urghhh.

  5. Anyone know if there is any way to evolve a level 100 unevolved pokemon? I think I've been trolled in the gts >_>


    (Also just got a boufallant named EVIL COW. tongue.gif)

  6. What is that thing o_o when you first posted that picture I seriously thought you were joking. Oh god that thing is... Beautiful indeed.

    I'm not into cloning either. I'm actually surprised at how many people are doing it. Eh.


    Ranger thank you very very much! biggrin.gif my trainer name is Eliana, I know I have adde you but what is yours again?

  7. Ugh I HATE it when people have like 3-4 legendaries on their teams. Pisses me off to no end. I can't wait to get my computer back so I can game sync to do restricted battles.


    Pie ilu QwQ I still need the houndoomite and the heracite. (No idea if a mega heracross actually exists but tongue.gif)

  8. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone here have their pokedex completed? Sadly, I can't get every pokemon since I lost most of my games ages ago, but I still want to complete it legit this time.... (Dat shiney charm)

  9. Oh that's new to me.


    Always thought it mean that the were hacked in rolleyes.gif it is level 51 so I guess it most likely came from firered. (When I first had that game I accidentally ko'd mine sleep.gif)

    Thank you!



    EDIT: "Seems to have traveled across both space in time in order to reach the Kalos region from the Johto region." Interestingggg.



    I just got a zapdos on wonder trade \o/


    No blue pentagon which means it isn't legit but still. It has awesome stats! wub.gif