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  1. OP, your story was very spoopy. I would cry in that situation.

    I like to think that ghost are real because it is fun. It seems like a strange reason, but I honestly want to believe that at least something we can't really explain exists in this word. Apparently when I was younger, I used to talk to a little girl in a white dress near the entrance of my attic. My mom and her friends were super creeped out, as they should have been. I don't have any real recollection of it though which is honestly very scary in itslelf since I was at the age where I could remember stuff.

    As for aliens, I am 90% sure that they exist. It just seems that since space is infinite, the probability that they are real is too large.

  2. It seems the further they get, the more complex animations got added.

    Indeed. I still have many favorites from the other years (Kila's squid anyone?) but I think the first will always be the most special since no one expected it. wink.gif

  3. Yes, if you burn through them all, you can do it in say 14 hours if they appear every 15 minutes. I had eggs appearing every 5-10. We still have 28 more hours to go. Just pace yourself and you'll be done in no time.

    Oh! Well that's good to know, since I kind of technically missed a day. smile.gif Thank you very much!