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  1. Hopefully I can word this right on here, because google can't find the answer for me.


    I'm currently doing my bibliography for my research paper. I'm trying to arrange it in alphabetical order, but one of my titled sources starts with a number. Would that source go in the beginning, end, or would the number be be completely ignored?


    Here is the cited source.

    "2015 Intern and Resident Salaries." (n.d.). Retrieved March 14, 2017, from http://www.aavmc.org/Public-Data/2015-Inte...t-Salaries.aspx

  2. This exchange: "I don't wanna be a chicken

    I don't wanna be a duck

    So I shake my butt

    Na Na Na Na"



    I was surprised I got that series of names, to be honest. biggrin.gif





    This is my cloud - no touching

    Actually that cloud is better


    The female's cloud does look more comfortable.