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  1. On 6/26/2021 at 4:23 AM, Kelkelen said:

    I've found some pretty babies over the last month or two -- let me see if I can round them up!  Thanks to all of you generous breeders.  😉

    @Ninetails -- from away back in January, this lovely Equinox from Yulebuck.  I think I'm addicted to Equinoxes, now, by the way!

    I'm glad you like it! :D This combo happens to be one of my favorites!

  2. 11 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    We have 12 drakes

    1. Glaucus Drake
    2. Greater Spotted Drake
    3. Honey Drake
    4. Howler Drake
    5. Moonglow Drake
    6. Morphodrake
    7. Ochredrake
    8. Pseudo-wyvern Drake
    9. Sunbeam Drake
    10. Tarantula Hawk Drake
    11. Tatterdrake
    12. Vremya Drake

    with which one can make some lovely lineages.


    A whole 12 things people who MIND so much can't add in with regular dragons.


    We also have papers (which I would LOVE to breed) and some pygmies would look good with minds...


    IRL there are species which can't interbreed. I can't see any reason to take the drakes out of their own breed group. There are people like me who LOVE breeding lineages with them.

    Considering that this website has been going on for 15 years, I actually feel like that isn't a lot of diversity.  I personally don't mind the 'lack of distinctive qualities' by themselves, but their breeding group doesn't really provide a lot of options.