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  1. ΟΜG new release! i was like "" when i joined IRC and i was told about the new eggs! Fortunately i got 3 new eggs(on the 5min drop) and i'm locked i'm so happy
  2. oh lol so we just wait?
  3. oh thnx u helped me a lot there will be a new bsa? :S
  4. funofmetalmusic


    i've read it....just AWESOME! in Greece there are publiced only the 3books...
  5. i cannot breed my magi *what will i do* ? *cries*
  6. Wow new dragons! i'm eager to see em
  7. hey can u make me a banner and an avatar too? i have draw some boys and i want you to make it bnners can u? if yes pm me thnx
  8. i need a fellfire *cries*
  9. Τhe baskets are still on our scrolls ....why?
  10. if someone collect em all he/she gets something as award?
  11. i have only 2 nebulas..... :'(
  12. oh i thought my pc had a problem