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  1. That's supposed to concern ME?!? THE most diabolical Darth in the universe!!!! Waiter, there is a dead mans face in my soup!!
  2. dragoon1234


    *suspends animation and walks up to cookies and eats* *drinks milk*
  3. Before any of the food reaches DarthDragoon an anti-gravitational ray hits all the food going towards him. The food disappears then reappears as a huge pile above Path and slams onto him. "Can I eat my hot dog and hamburger in peace?"
  4. i love salads. Can't get enough. There's also a lot of other foods that i love , but it all depends on the day, month, etc etc. I also have my cravings too.
  5. It's getting warmer. Still coldish. The weather guy said it's supposed to be 40 but I'm skeptical.
  6. A bowl of apple jacks, banana, OJ, hash browns and coffee
  7. dragoon1234


    ((You did)) *grabs brownies and cookies and makes a glass of milk appear*
  8. Path Light is trying to regenerate dinosaurs using fly nasties and elmers glue.
  9. um dusty? you missed U... ulysses victoria
  10. Banned because it's been awhile since I been on.
  11. ((TY Lagie.)) I could use a banana. Oh wait! I have one.