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    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    got all three pretty easily :3 edit: answered my own question *face palm*
  2. right??? it even has an attitude just like my friend alex by the way forgot to add, I would love for u to update this on ur other projects!! that's what this thread if for of course!! u know we love u too much to let u go that easily **hugs**
  3. THIS IS AN EPIC WIN!!!!! ROON IVE BEEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY SRUDYING ABROAD THIS SUMMER SO I Havent been able get Internet acceesss bit I just found AN Internet cafe and I saw this and I LOVE IT!!!!! when I can I'll put it on my siggy!!!! I'm so sorry for all the drama!! u do amazing work and no one doubts that!! u have my support No matter what happens!!!! ps ur awesome and I love my gaurdian!!! I shall name him alex because my best friend alex says 'sup foo' to me all the time lol
  4. oooh wwwooWW!!!! my puppy gives me that SAME expression!!!! its so cute!!! hooray!! cant wait!!!
  5. aaggrreeeeddd!!!!! thats soooo ccuuttee!!!! love the expressioN!
  6. thank you! im glad u liked it!!! **hug hug hug!* it just came together! i wanted to tell u i was making it before, but i wanted to surprise yu! :3 thank you too Rpuppyluvr0203 ur too sweet :3 aaww really?? :] really really? thats so nice of yoouU!! i would like the Guardian dragon since it was the first one i ever got here on DC :3 got a lil soft spot for the sprite link to image: http://i689.photobucket.com/albums/vv251/b...es/guardian.png Species name: Guardian dragon Speech bubble: "Sup Foo!" Optional: Size of image in pixels: however ud like it doesnt matter when you get it done :]
  7. Roon! I made a present for you! its more like a thank you for all the doodles uve been doing, for free *which still blows my mind* i asked which dragon was ur favorite, and since im retarded when it comes to drawing dragons, (im only really good at faces, girls, and pin up styles, etc) i drew you a Magma dragon in the form of a girl might be a bit... liberal, but oh well, its part of the aesthetic! hope you like it http://biana117.deviantart.com/art/Maganda-163777064
  8. hahaha yyyesss i thought that as well after i posted it up meh, oh well its there, at least im being honest hahaha
  9. aahhh! oohh hahaha well im just saying, i know how u feel, sometimes you loose the 'want' to do these things, and u need a while before u get into the right mood to do them again :3 but ur welcome nevertheless! :>
  10. dont even trip dude!! if u do tire of making these, im sure everyone will understand, even if they dont have one! u dont have to make anything for everyone lol and ur doing this purely because you love doing it :3 and that is something i respect. (not to sound weird) i still want one but yea.
  11. not if i get it first!! *tee hee** it really has become a game
  12. i read that it was EPIC and very popular got a sweater of the marvel zombies. I dont think its an ugly tattoo at all! not that i would do it lol but im saving up for my Dia De Los Muertos Candy Skull Tattoos. designed them and eerrythah'g. ;D wwooooo yes.
  13. so if i requested one, would it be okay since i borrowed the bluna from the first post and it wasnt made specifically for me? lol
  14. aaww well gatta do what ya gatta do! also Roon quick question if I may bug your for a minute, if you had to pick your favorite dragon from DC, which would you choose?
  15. llamas for everyone! lol so glad to see DA people on here :3
  16. nebula is an epic win!! how cute!!
  17. i have a bronze trophy... if i hit the 200, will i get a 2nd (silver) trophy, or will it just be replaced and the bronze will disappear? hmmmm i wonder? awesome Idea tho, will keep the players entertained for something other than collecting eggs i wonder what other kinds of things well be able to get there :3
  18. i believe i shall stalk you as well. oh and the thread too, thats important. what ur doing is awesome man, i can see why your work is so popular! by the way, was the bluna made for anyone specific? or is it up for whomever wants to add it to their sig? because i luuf it!! so cute!
  19. I will join!! no breeding blacks but i will take one out the AP now and then to freeze probably
  20. a few pages back, the url is [IMG=http://http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a376/sweetlilbitgirl/Dragon%20Cave/Easter%20Event/EGGSINABASKET.gif] can someone tell me who it was by again?? im sorry cant find the post, and Id hate to not give credit to the person who made it!
  21. hmmmm... i get the feeling they arent just gonna stay there on the top of our scrolls... maybe just put down with our dragons like the leetle trees? either way, had fun hunting Oh JEBUS YES.
  22. wwooo all done!! lol thank you spriters!! U guys are some troopers! night all!
  23. finally got the avatar one!!! now if only i can find the black goose/swan one before going to bed...