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  1. (I assume we're in whiterun? Sorry I just got back from a 10 day trip to Germany yesterday. Can't say that I wanted to leave!)
  2. Thrall sighed as he counted out his coin from the last job, leaning back against the wall of his room at the Bannered Mare. He dropped his bag of septims next to him and reached up to rub his eyes with his rough, battle-worn hands. It's been a long day, he thought to himself. I thought it was going to be a simple enough bandit clearing but those mages gave me trouble. He looked over at his armor and weapons sitting in the corner, the fairly new dried blood a dark red to contrast his Orcish armor, yet it seemed to fit. Well, I guess it's about that time, He thought to himself as he stood up and put his armor on. He walked out of the door, his helmet under his arm as he quietly closed and locked up his room. His sword clanked on his hip a bit as he sauntered into the main room and sat down at the bar for a tankard of mead. [Jetlagged..I officially hate planes with a passion.]
  3. Well here it is, I figured your group was lacking a tank so I made one up quick. Username: Sovless Name: Thrall Age: 26 Gender: Male Clothing or Armor: Full set of Orcish Armor, including the shield. Weapons: An orcish sword, orcish dagger Dragonborn?: Nope Race: Orc Member of?: None; He's a traveling mercenary. Appearance: Normal light green orc skin color, with a dark brown ponytail that goes down to his neck and an ugly scar running down his right cheek. He's about 6'2, broad shoulders and a muscular build. Werewolf Appearance: None Personality: He does not usually talk to other unless he needs to, and tends to keep to himself. Although he appears rough and unsociable, once you get to know him he is quite the companion and can come in handy in more than a few situations. He does not feel pleasure in killing others but does so for his honor, and of course for coin. A little loot on the side always helps too. History: Would you want to ask an orc mercenary about his past? Other:
  4. Sweet, give me 15-20 minutes and I'll have a character ready. I love skyrim and haven't roleplayed in a long time so this should be fun.
  5. When the super mutants started to attack the convoy, Sylvia went to stand up but sat back down when Victor leaned over her. She tried to take cover from the fire, and when Victor ran she jumped up and hit behind one of the hummers. She leaned around the corner slowly, drawing her pistol and giving off a couple of well aimed shots but she didn't look long enough to see if they hit anything. She hid behind the hummer for more cover, leaning against it for a bit before looking around the corner again to let off a few more shots. This time she stayed where she was, and watched as a super mutant who was charging towards them with a super sledge quickly drop to the ground. Pat was zoning out when the first bullets were starting to be fired at them but was quickly brought back into focus when he saw Victor lean over Sylvia. He watched Victor for a second, and then when he decided that Sylvia was safe he jumped off the convoy and quickly pulled out his assault rifle. He let off a couple shots each at two different super mutants, watching as the bullets tore through their flesh before leaning against part of the ruins. He peeked out again, but quickly hid when three of the mini-gun bullets slammed against his metal armor. He let out a scream, and then shouldered his rifle again to give the mutant some well deserved payback. (Sorry guys, been extremely busy.))
  6. "Hmm, sounds good enough. I might try it out one day if I like what we do at the vault." She said, taking the canteen and sipping the water out quickly. She drank for a bit and then lowered the canteen, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. "Thanks for the drink by the way, we've been low on water for the past couple of days. And who, Pat? You could say that." She said, looking over at him for a bit and then out towards the wastes, getting lost in her own thoughts as the caravan started on it's way. She listened to what Connor yelled to them and nodded her head while looking back to Victor. "I can't wait until nightfall, I could really use a good night's sleep."
  7. Sylvia laughed at Victor's response, but listened intently to what he had to say. She did ask him a question, so she didn't want to offend him by not listening to what he told her. "No, not at all. That's interesting, I always wondered about the old world and what went on before the war and all of...well...this." She said, looking out across the desolate wastes. She looked back at him when she told her his name and smiled again. "Nice to meet you Victor, my name's Sylvia. So what's it like being part of this?" She motioned towards all of the BoS soldiers, the caravan, and the base itself. (Short post, just trying to keep this alive. We should get this show on the road soon)
  8. Both Pat and Sylvia got onto the hummer, waiting for the caravan to start on the journey. They were both hot and tired so finally being able to sit down was amazing, but what they really needed was sleep. Hopefully there would be enough time on the trip to sleep for a bit, but they were more worried about getting caps than relaxing. With a sigh, Pat took off his metal helmet and inspected it for any needed repairs. He always made sure his armor and weapons were in at least some kind of good condition, since there wasn't always a way to repair them on the road. He rubbed at some ash marks, and noticed there were a few new dents and scratches. Sylvia looked around at the other people in the caravan and slowly started to swing her legs off the edge of the hummer. She was obviously bored and with nothing to do, she decided to see what the others were doing. She watched Victor as he reloaded his guns and then read the book about citadels. She leaned over and tried to look at the page, but couldn't get a good view of it. "Whatcha reading?" She asked, smiling over at him.
  9. Patrick frowned at the sarcastic tone, and simply watched as Connor studied the both of them. He looked from Connor to Victor, then back at the city walls before finally smiling again. "Well as much as I'd love to sit around, nothing would get done except spend caps and get headaches. But NCR?" He asked, laughing softly. "You could say that. So how would I get to come along anyway? I can handle myself in a fight and my friend here knows a thing or two about security. That is, how to get around it." He chuckled to himself again and then reached around for his bag. He took it off and opened it up to rummage through it for valuables. "And if this is a trading caravan, who do I trade with?" As Patrick talked with the BoS soldiers, Sylvia walked over to James to see about getting a recommendation. She approached him cautiously, staring at the BoS soldiers in their armor with their weapons. "Umm hello, are you James? The veteran guard?" She gave him a shy smile and then looked down at his dog. She backed up instinctively when the dog looked at her and she shied away. "Connor said that I could talk to you about coming along on your trip to the vault? I have helpful skills and something useful in my bag, I'm sure."
  10. They both listened intently as Connor spoke, and then Sylvia stepped up to take the paper map with a smile. "Thank you so much! Are you sure you don't want it?" She looked down at the map and opened it, quickly scanning over it. "Wait, did you say something about a Vault? I've always wanted to see one of them." Patrick stepped up and looked down at the map, then over at Connor. (Just trying to speed things up and I'm busy at the moment...)
  11. As Victor says that and holds out his hand expectantly, Patrick gives him a slightly confused look. "Documents for inspection? Nah man, I don't have any useless papers. I only carry around useful stuff." Sylvia looked back at him and flashed him a serious look, along with an elbow to the ribs. She then looked towards Victor and smiled, blushing slightly. "I'm sorry, what he meant to say is that we don't have any special papers or anything. I'm sorry sir. What were you looking for anyway?" She looked from Victor to the other BoS soldiers, and then the Enclave prisoners. She thought they looked strange, but of course she was from a completely different group of people so she didn't judge. The armor did look kind of cool though. "And you're going to search us? Can't we just go in? We've been walking for weeks now, I just want to sell some of this salvage and finally get some sleep." ((Really short, but I just got done working a 12 hour day. I'm beat. ))
  12. As they walked quietly down the even quieter street, Pat and Sylvia watched the caravan of BoS soldiers and their Enclave prisoners. Of course, being out in the wastes meant they were exposed to both of these groups, but being born and raised by the NCR meant that they weren't the most trusting. The huge suits of metal armor and the guns they had didn't help much either, but Pat wasn't worried. He knew that they would be friendly, and even if they weren't he had gotten in enough of his own fights that he could hold his own. Now he wasn't looking for a fight, just a cold drink of water and a nice, comfy bed. That was something he hadn't had in a long time, too long actually. He was getting tired of sleeping on the bedrolls they carried around and placed on the ground at night. He longed to be able to take his boots off, kick back, and just relax for a bit. What else could a man ask for? "Syl, once we get into town I think we should sell what we've found and just relax for a bit. You know, rent a room somewhere and catch up on some long lost sleep. Maybe find something to do for fun other than killing." He smiled, knowing that the younger girl didn't find as much amusement as he did in the taking of other people's lives. Maybe that's why he had joined up with that band of raiders, but that was all in the past. Right now all that mattered was the girl behind him and the town in front of him. As they finally reached Steel-Rise's walls and the BoS caravan, Sylvia took the lead. She gently pushed her way in front of Patrick, knowing he wasn't the most diplomatic of people. "Hello, would you gentlemen be able to tell me where the nearest store is? Or maybe somewhere to stay?" She asked, flipping some hair out of her face and batting her eyelashes a bit. Yeah, she definitely knew how to get her way.
  13. Pat sighed as he walked down the dusty old road, kicking a nearby piece of trash into a rusted old car. He was hot, tired, and his armor was starting to make his skin itch. They had been walking for a week now, following old road maps and signs that might not have even been accurate. The only thing that he did rely on was his compass, pointing him in the general direction of Steel-Rise. He had never been there but he had heard that they were hiring mercenaries and he needed the money. "What's wrong?" Sylvia asked him, knowing exactly what that tired sigh meant. She knew that he must be exhausted because he was carrying the majority of their stuff. He had a large pack on his back, which held all of their food, ammunition, and basic possessions. She, on the other hand, had a smaller pack filled with their lighter equipment. While she always objected to him carrying so much, he would never let her take any more than she already had. "Nothing, it's just that we've been walking for a week now with no sign of life, let alone Steel-Rise. I'm starting to think that those directions were wrong." He picked up his pace a little, hoping to get to their destination a little quicker. As they continued down the road there were sounds of gun fire in the distance over the next hill. He looked over at Sylvia, back up the road, and then started to run. As he crested the hill he turned around with a wide smile, his hand up in the thumbs up motion. "Well it's about time!" He yelled down to the girl, waving his hand for her to follow him. She did just that, running up the hill and looking down towards the military base.