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  1. Thank You TJ!!!!! I have been waiting for this all year!!! Got 6 Treats already!
  2. Thanks For the News TJ. Now how bout those Pumpkins...
  3. majors

    10 on 10-10-10

    They are Beautiful!! I Love The Harvest Dragons and will be filling my page up with them! And as for the Ember's WOW!!!! They are amazing!! Thank You for these new wonderful dragons Spriters and TJ!!!
  4. majors

    10 on 10-10-10

    Thank You TJ and Spriters for the new beautiful dragons! Caught two of each so far! Can wait to see the adults!!
  5. So if I were to kill one say at 1:30EST it would have less chance of becoming a Zombie instead of on the hour mark? Oh and if I kill a frozen Hatchie and it comes back a Zombie will it stay frozen or grow up? I have quite a few imbred Blacks in mind for this. And one more question I have an imbred Black Adult that I want to try this on he was one of the first dragons I got when I started does it matter how much time they have been on your scroll for? Or could it still work?
  6. I Finally got my Badge!!! I had 157 Splashes! Im jumping up and down right now!!!
  7. I would Like to Sign up please I have started the day out by catching 2 blacks thrown out to the AP if not Alt. I will be freezing them. And I missed 2 CB Blacks in the last week. So they are still out there (jumps up and down)
  8. Thanks TJ for the news! Congrats new Mods!! You will do a great job!!
  9. majors

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Thankl You TJ and Spriters you have done an amazing job with these dragons! Thank You very much!
  10. Is there anyway to get a firecracker yet? I missed it yesterday. Thank You for the eggs TJ.
  11. Whatever you did TJ I love it I have been trying for a month to catch a magma and now I caught 2 in 1 day. I like the new change and I hope it stays thank you!
  12. Thank You TJ and egg creating!!!!!! I cant wait to go and catch them!!!!
  13. YAY!!!! I got them all!!!!! 38/38 Thank You TJ and Spriters for all your Amazing work!!!!!!!!! (snuggles basket)
  14. majors

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    I now have all the new ones!!! Thank You TJ and spriters for taking the time to make us these Beautiful Dragons I absolutely LOVE them!!!!!
  15. Yes just caught another one! so 36/38!!!
  16. 34/38!!! so 4 more to go!!! Thank You TJ this is awesome!
  17. Yay only 8 more to go!!! so 30/38
  18. DC just went down but its back so im good... (breath in breath out)
  19. 27/38 almost there! YAY!!! only 11 more to go. they are so beautiful!!!!
  20. Wait so we don't get to keep them?? (grabs basket...No I wants them all. )
  21. Yay!!! I only have 28 more to go!!! I Love them thank you SO much spriters and TJ for all your awesome work!!!!! (snuggles basket) Wants to keep them all. Going back to hunt some more. Thanx again
  22. I've clicked on them but they won't go into my basket. How do you catch these?
  23. majors

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Thank you YJ for all the new eggs they are Beautiful! Im am going to grab some as we speak!! Thank You TJ and Mods for all your hard work.
  24. Thanx for the news TJ. And thank you for the new BSA!