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  1. 16 so far and all very lovely eggs! Love the Air Force one I just got!
  2. Love it! Happy Easter DC!
  3. This is going to be great! Thank you TJ!
  4. Very Beautiful additions!! Well done spriters and thank you TJ for another great release!
  5. The hatchlings are cute I am very excited to see these adults the blue one might make a good mate for the day glory.
  6. Beautiful Eggs! Thank You for the release im egg locked
  7. This would be an awesome addition to the site.. maybe one day! Happy April Fool's Day!
  8. These adults are lovely thank you birdz and infinis you did an amazing job! Thank You TJ and event spriters for another Great DC V-day!!!
  9. Only a few more hours until we see some adults!!! Thank You to all who have sent me flowers my garden is slowly sending them back
  10. So far I have sent 34 flowers and cards! This event is fun thank you TJ and Spriters! Happy 15th DC!
  11. I got an orange dragon-breath seed!
  12. Its been almost 6 hours and im still waiting for my flowers to grow.. at this rate it is going to take me until the 21st to send flowers to all the wonderful people I want to.
  13. Wait I take that back I got a lovely pink one!! Thank You to whoever sent that!
  14. Agreed I will be sending a flower your way when my next one grows up!
  15. I have yet to receive a single flower but I have sent out 13 already its fun though!
  16. My moms plants already have flowers on them and I got mine before she did... how do they gain views?
  17. Thank You TJ and Spriters and Happy V-Day DC!!! Have 2 plants in the ground already
  18. Thank You for giving us the heads up!
  19. I figured but he didn't write it as such so I thought I would ask..
  20. That's so funny I just threw that out lol Im glad you like it. Now in the Christmas thread TJ mentioned that the new release breed was still limited to 2 so im guessing that's the same for the Valentine new release?
  21. I missed one of your kids..I cried... Congratz to who ever got them though that's an awesome catch!
  22. Im collecting as many sweetlings as I can I love that I can have more alts!
  23. Caught a few more sweetlings now that I see they are all going alt I want as many as I can get!
  24. I like it! Caught one more '09 and now im really going to bed (I know I said that five minutes ago..) night all. Edit: ^^ I have been watching figure skating and trying to catch eggs all night lol 2 Golds and 2 Bronze for the U.S.A yay!
  25. and my last 2 sense before bed, I agree with you ^^ A 7 egg limit and 21 over-all sucks because I cant ever breed half the stuff I need to or want to because im always locked. I mean if you have been here for over 5 years he should give us a raise to like 10 eggs atleast... ok off to bed now.