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  1. So Birdz could this mean they have some kind of breeding color change like luminas or change in some way like limestones...?? Just a little hint??
  2. Traded for some more new hatchies!! My mom miss-clicked a CB Silver!!
  3. What Syp said..riots! Must have More!!!
  4. OMG so they might have some type of color changing thing like limestones and luminas?? Awesome!
  5. Wow these are fantastic!!! I know which ones im going to attempt to hoard.. ALL of them!!!
  6. Oh My Goodness they are STUNNING!!! All of them! But Im in love with Desert, and Jungle the best so far. Wow Congrats Birdz and thank you!!
  7. Holy Crap on a cracker those oranges are even more stunning than I could have hoped for!!!!! Thank You Birdz!
  8. And I missed a Jungle and a Gold... It is not my night. Adults you had better be awesome! Edit: the adults are stunning!!
  9. haha well when the spriter is this excited for the adults I know they are going to be beyond awesome!!! I am in love with the desert one and have big plans for that color if they can breed with other dragons.
  10. Same one im hunting for.. I saw one..and then I missed it. Edit: Saw another one... and I missed it..
  11. Mine has been lagging at the 5 min mark for this release, but with the high demand eggs im not suprised. After a few days it normally speeds back up once the demand calms down. On my desktop however it is super slow all the time so I do all my catching with my laptop which is much faster.
  12. So close! *pokes my hatchies* come on gender.
  13. After a night of hunting im and locked again with new eggs! What a task.. lol my clicker finger is broken and my vamps are tired from biting all my miss-clicks
  14. On a random note, if I remember correctly these are not the first "leg-less worm-body" dragons we have had. The Sunsongs hatched the same way with a worm body and no legs they however have wings when they were born, where these do not but I still wonder if they might be in the Amphiptere family since the sunsongs are the only kind like that we have yet if im not mistaken... Love the hatchie colors though, I can not wait for adults and yet another breeding project I can see myself starting.
  15. I have been here since 2009 my first Dragon was a very inbred Frill which is in a special place on my scroll since they are also retired now. I still find the game enjoyable and have 5000+ dragons.
  16. I am loving the color of the desert the best (im a magi fan though) so I think I will be collecting more of those if I can catch them
  17. The eggs are beautiful! I hope these grow up to be some sort of big fancy, lots of wing type of dragon, that will be lovely to breed and make lineages with! Congratz Birdz I am very excited to see them.
  18. majors

    Glomp Gifting

    Majors--->>andygoat 3rd Gen Gold shimmer! Accepted!!
  19. Got this beauty today!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/KLuo3
  20. Finally after months of fails I bred some shimmers!!!!! https://dragcave.net/user/majors
  21. I am very excited for these adults, I love pygmies! Now to go hunt down some chocolate so I can stay awake.
  22. Finally egg locked! Thank You TJ for opening the flood gates!!
  23. Well I missed this release, now to play catch up. Happy Birthday DC!!