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  1. I made my xeno sparkle lol!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/yg7eT And my Copper did this! https://dragcave.net/lineage/OkqNM And I want to keep my Plushie!!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/eG7cj
  2. Bred a gold tinsel first time in a loong while! And caught another CB Xeno finally!!
  3. Caught mine now im off to bed. Good Luck everyone!
  4. I do hope for silvers tonight as well so I can get back to my breeding. My friend had her summons available and she could not resist trying it, what do you know she summoned her 3rd and final egg! She is not hoping for a release now that her last egg slot it full lol
  5. I think I am going to hang out just incase, better to be safe than miss catching them later.
  6. All my Blue eggs hatched and I was able to snag another pair.
  7. Mine are almost ready to hatch, 3 more hours.
  8. I have been looking forward to the blue ones so much!!! I cant wait to start breeding them!
  9. Caught 3 already!!! I was waiting for this color!!!! Thank You TJ for the flood, can it stick around for a while so the rest of our eggs can hatch?
  10. Oh I hope not!! Those are my fave of the 4 colors!!
  11. It was a big help having a flood since I was working and could not catch anything on my phone!! Love the avatar by the way! Im looking forward to blue the most.
  12. Yes and Yes, blue is my favorite color and the thought of not being able to catch one was making me more and more depressed lol So hopefully TJ has put an end to all our suffering, for now anyway..
  13. Well if that is the case im sure glad he did because, by the time we get to Blue or Silver (not sure which one will be last) they would be ultra rare and impossible to catch.. Good luck everyone, this should keep the dragon cave community happy for a bit (me included), until the next color comes out anyway..
  14. Thank You TJ for the flood!!
  15. After more hours of hunting I finally have my 2nd bronze..
  16. Wow after 10 hours of hunting today and 8hrs of hunting last night I finally caught 1 bronze..
  17. Man these are getting snapped up fast, if I can get even one then im going to call it a night my eyes are getting heavy and I think my refresher finger has developed carpel tunnel lol
  18. Mine are taking there sweet time to hatch since I was late to the party, I am a few hours behind the first drop. *pokes eggs* come on.
  19. Mine hatched!! Only 10 more hours!
  20. Pretty eggs! I locked myself with half and half so we will see if there is anything differant about these 2.
  21. Egg locked and loving the hatchlings so far!
  22. So pretty!!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/IuNOL
  23. All of mine gendered! I think I will wait a while for the craziness to die down before I try to hunt for anymore. I want mine bred with Magis and im still working out the rest.
  24. Spoiler territory. No matter what way I answer, it's a spoiler so I'm not going to answer. Sorry! Well I had to try lol