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  1. That's what I was afraid of.. 😞  I didn't realize it would look like multi scrolling playing with your family, but now that you say it, you have a point we do trade amongst ourselves a bit such as monthly releases we swap so I guess that makes sense. I just hope my collection isn't gone for good. Thank you for your help I will contact a mod if there is anything they can do.

  2. My scroll has been working fine all day and I went back to check if my new eggs had hatched and it says error

    • That account has been disabled.?

     I tried it on my Mom's computer and the same thing happens, but her and my sisters scrolls work I think, I will have them check to make sure. There are 4 of us in my house that play this game and we trade with each other sometimes and two of us are on the forums, but I have seen others with family members that play so that can't be the problem can it?  I haven't done anything wrong I don't think, can someone help me? I have been playing this game since 2009 and now my collection is just gone. I don't know what to do.. My user name is Majors

  3. So far these adults.. WOW!!! I am in love with the Kingcrowns!! Amazing! And the vibrant color of the green is stunning! Also I feel like the times dragons might have a bsa..possibly.. fantastic job Spriters!

  4. No one has been able to answer this question for me...How do you communicate with PERL? She asks a question and I can't go any further. I can't answer her

    After she asks a question push the enter or space key and it continues the conversation. Hope that helps. biggrin.gif

  5. I am a touch confused Perl keeps telling me to check out the trees and I have walked around the whole lot but she just keeps saying that. Am I missing something im supposed to be doing? So excited to breed my Mistletoes this year. smile.gif