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  1. That's what I was afraid of.. 😞 I didn't realize it would look like multi scrolling playing with your family, but now that you say it, you have a point we do trade amongst ourselves a bit such as monthly releases we swap so I guess that makes sense. I just hope my collection isn't gone for good. Thank you for your help I will contact a mod if there is anything they can do.
  2. My scroll has been working fine all day and I went back to check if my new eggs had hatched and it says error That account has been disabled.? I tried it on my Mom's computer and the same thing happens, but her and my sisters scrolls work I think, I will have them check to make sure. There are 4 of us in my house that play this game and we trade with each other sometimes and two of us are on the forums, but I have seen others with family members that play so that can't be the problem can it? I haven't done anything wrong I don't think, can someone help me? I have been playing this game since 2009 and now my collection is just gone. I don't know what to do.. My user name is Majors
  3. Its been a long time since I have tasted broccoli!! Yum!! 😝🥦😜 Good luck everyone!! ❤️
  4. So far these adults.. WOW!!! I am in love with the Kingcrowns!! Amazing! And the vibrant color of the green is stunning! Also I feel like the times dragons might have a bsa..possibly.. fantastic job Spriters!
  5. Bred 7 Prizes in a row today, best breeding luck I have had in almost 6 months!
  6. Also I love the artwork on the new Biome backgrounds, they add so much life to the place! Well done artists!
  7. Happy Birthday DC. Thank You so much for the return of the Frills and Pinks! Now I can complete my collection after all these years!
  8. Happy Easter DC!! Thank you TJ and Spriters for putting together another great Festival of Eggs!
  9. I am so happy I decided to check here before I went to bed! Very happy about the new release thank you TJ and spriters!
  10. Happy VDay DC! Love the color of the eggs, so pretty! Got my Items from day 1 and now im off to bed.
  11. So what did we have to do for the final day?
  12. Did anyone else get an Indiana Jones vibe from the mirror mazes today? I am so proud of myself for figuring it all out and completing the day without checking the forum for hints lol
  13. Love these guys they are stunning!! Cant wait to hear all the info on them. Great Job Spriters thank you for another amazing Christmas dragon! And Thank you TJ for this event!
  14. I love the colors of these guys and I cant wait t see the adults!
  15. These eggs are stunning! I cant wait to see what they turn out to be! Merry Christmas DC!!
  16. Does anyone else really want to see inside the Mine? I want to know if there are more dragons or eggs down there.
  17. Day 3 Complete! So proud of myself for figuring that whole day out without having to check for hints lol
  18. Day 2 Complete! Love the cats, 2 of them tried to trip me.. its just like my house.
  19. Well I got the day complete message so does that mean this episode is complete or is there more stuff to collect? This game is cute!
  20. Thank You! I was trying to figure that out for 20 min lol
  21. On a side note how do you actually cut down a tree? Perl keeps telling me to "Check out these trees!" And I cant seem to get any farther in the game? Whats the next step?
  22. After she asks a question push the enter or space key and it continues the conversation. Hope that helps.
  23. I am a touch confused Perl keeps telling me to check out the trees and I have walked around the whole lot but she just keeps saying that. Am I missing something im supposed to be doing? So excited to breed my Mistletoes this year.
  24. So glad I was able to grab my load of eggs before it ended, I almost forgot.