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Don't visit here often, but I'll respond to all PM'sAvatar by xFlame990|Banner by Eavesdropping (AKA Leany)Contact me here, here or here! 2v3gcv5.jpg9uluut.gifbrownies3.gifFazzle_CPA_BAnner_by_DragonArtist13.png

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    Wishlist (more to be added) (not fussy about lineages) : Golds, Silvers
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    Because I value my life, I have to say something. Kanaye is awesome.
    No, seriously though, she is. If you do anything wrong to her,or Lagie, or AotI, or Danny, or freddyness, or Spirit, or even ANY of the CPAers, You'll have me to deal with. I have teeming hordes of spiders under my command so if you're arachnophobic, like most of the world, then you're stuffed! >:]

    Have a nice day!